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2023-08-08 06:51:51

How to download zoom & zoom install on Laptop - Easy & Fun

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Hello , this is Nick with Nick's computer fix dot com .

And here's a video on how to download and install Zoom on your computer or laptop .

This is for Zoom meetings .

Zoom , online classes and Zoom interviews free and easy .

Ok .

Let's go ahead and get started here .

The first thing we want to go ahead and do is open up an internet browser of your choosing .

Mine happens to be chrome that I'm gonna be opening up and go to your favorite search engine .

Mine happens to be Google and either here on the search line or up here on the URL address line .

I can go ahead and just type in Zoom .

Zoom .

Once you do that , the very first link that should come up is Zoom dot us .

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And right below here , you can see the word download and that's what we want to go ahead and click on .

So once you do that takes us to the Zoom website and the first page that comes up is the download center and the first option here which is Zoom client for meetings , which is the most popular download and this is used for any laptops or desktop computers as well as tablets .

Also .

Now keep in mind that the web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting .

And it's also available for manual download here .

And that's what we're doing .

We're gonna manually download this and install it on our laptop computer .

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But before I click on the download here , let me point out that there are other Zoom downloads available here like the Zoom plug in for Microsoft outlook , email , the Zoom plug in for IBM notes , the Zoom extensions for browsers like chrome and Firefox .

And by the way , they work great .

If you like to go ahead and add those extensions to those two browsers , there's also a Zoom plug in for Intel and of course , what good would Zoom cloud meetings be without the mobile app that will allow you to definitely do a Zoom meeting anywhere , any place at any time via your smartphone .

And you can download the mobile app from the app store or the Google Play Store and you know , use the mobile app for Zoom cloud meetings or online classes or job interviews any time any place .

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And then right below that , we have the Zoom client plug in for sharing iphone slash ipad and they work great by the way , definitely use them if they can be of some help for you .

And then we have Zoom rooms for conference rooms and touchscreen displays .

We also have controllers for Zoom rooms and you can download that from the Google Play Microsoft Store or the App Store .

And last , but not least we have the Zoom plug in for Skype , for business .

So if you're already using Skype for business , you can add the Zoom plug in to Skype and have the best of both worlds .

Really ?

Ok .

Let's go ahead and go back up top here um within the Zoom Download center .

And we want to go ahead and click on the Zoom client for meetings , download button .

And this will install the Zoom client on our laptop computer or desktop computer .

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And uh when we do it downloads the Zoom install dot exe and then chrome , you see it down on the lower left hand corner on the bottom here and I clicked on it and that's what you need to do as well .

And you know , sometimes when you do click on that exe keep in mind it is perfectly safe to install and it has no malware or viruses attached to it .

This is a legit site and sometimes you'll get this user account control prompt within windows .

Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device ?

And this um is basically windows asking you if you wanna let Zoom video communications , install the Zoom client on your computer and definitely click on .

Yes , by default is no , but you want to go ahead and click on .

Yes .

And that will allow the installation of the Zoom client on your computer or your laptop computer .

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And the installation only takes a few seconds by the way .

And once it's done installing the client on your computer , you'll get the Zoom cloud meeting prompt and we can go ahead and shrink the browser because we no longer need it open .

Now within the Zoom cloud meeting prompt here , go ahead and click on join a meeting and you get this next prompt .

This is where you would enter an ID or a personal link name .

And then right below that , you would enter your name .

In my case , I entered Nick and IC K and then I would click on join and then it would prompt me for a password .

Now , where do you get your ID or your personal link or your password ?

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And that would be most likely if you were joining a , you know , a Zoom meeting um online for a online class or an interview , um It would be sent to you via a text message or an email message .

So that's where you would get that and also your password that you would need to use to join the meeting would be enclosed or included within that text message or your email .

Now , before I end this video , I wanted to point out one or two things .

The first one is that Zoom is 100% free to use .

Does not cost you anything to join a Zoom meeting .

And two is that you do not need to have a Zoom account in order to join a Zoom meeting .

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So keep that in mind and uh you know , great to have a online Zoom meeting for um you know , online classes and interviews .

Ok .

Um That's the end of this video .

Thanks for watching .

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