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2023-08-06 16:05:34

How to Make and Tie a Baby Wrap! - Super cute, comfy, and stylish!

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Hey guys , welcome to my so bliss today .

I'm gonna show you how to make a baby wrap .

Now , I made this video previously a few years ago and I've gotten a lot of questions on it .

So I just wanted to remake it to clarify a few things and to make an updated one for myself .

So this wrap is going to be just like a soly baby or a Moby wrap .

Now , the only supplies that you're going to need is your fabric and I'm using a poly spandex blend that I got from a shop called Knit Pop .

I'll put the link down below for it .

It is a beautiful super , super soft fabric .

It'll be perfect for baby and me .

So and it's super lightweight .

So it's perfect for winter and summer and then you're just going to need your basic sewing supplies .

So let's get started .

I bought a piece that is 2.5 yards long and it's really wide , but I actually only need my pieces to be 24 inches wide .

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So I am gonna cut my pieces to be 24 inches wide and 2.5 yards long Now , once you have both of your pieces cut out , you're gonna take those pieces .

Here's one of mine and I'm gonna put them right sides together .

So that one and then I'm gonna lay this one on top and I'm gonna match up this shorter edge .

I'm gonna match the rot edges up and I do suggest pinning them because this is typically a slippery fabric .

So it's nicer when you sew it if you have it pinned .

So I'm gonna pin mine , match up those edges , pin it .

And then I'm gonna head over to my surger .

If you don't have a surgery , you can still use a sewing machine .

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Just make sure you're using either a zigzag stitch or a stretch stitch .

Some machines have that .

So check your manual .

This is important because when your fabric stretches , your threads need a stretch as well .

And a zigzag or a stretch stitch or a surger is gonna make sure that it stretches with your fab fabric , making sure it holds that seam .

If you did just a straight stitch , it could pop the seams when it stretches and then the fabrics would fall apart and that's really not safe for the baby .

So here I am over at my surgery ready to go and I do have a lot of pins on mine because I matched up my um lines of fabric .

So don't worry too much about that .

And now I'm just going to stitch along I'm doing about a half inch seam allowance .

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Now , once you are all done sewing that seam , you are actually all done with your wrap because this is out of a knit fabric , the edges won't fray .

So you don't have to finish off the edges .

Now , one thing that you might be questioning is why not just use a five yard piece .

Now , you definitely can use a five yard piece .

The only reason I don't use it is because it's cheaper to buy 2.5 yards than it is to buy five yards .

So if you don't want that seam in the middle and you have a five yard piece that is perfect .

You just want to be between 20 to 24 inches wide and you have a baby wrap .

Another question I've got is that is a lot of fabric .

Do I really need that much ?

Now , I know most of the baby wraps that I've seen are actually this length or longer .

So this is the typical length and amount of fabric that you would need .

Now , if you are very petite or an extra , you could probably get away with less fabric .

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I like making it longer so that I can wear it or someone else could wear it like my husband or anybody else that needs to hold my baby , they are able to with this wrap .

Now , if you're worried about it being too small , go ahead and make it longer and then you can cut off more on the ends .

Now that you are all done with your wrap , I'm gonna show you guys how do I put it on with my baby ?

So this is considered the classic car .

It's not gonna work with a newborn .

If you're carrying a newborn , you actually want to put it on a little differently and carry the newborn a little differently .

So I'm gonna show you the classic one that I carry .

And you're going to first start by finding the middle of your wrap .

And the thing that's nice with the wrap that I just made is that the center is where your seam is that I just created .

You can kind of tell with my favorite because I match those .

You can kind of see that seam .

So that seam you're gonna put right across your stomach just like this .

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So here I have my piece , put it on my stomach and then I'm gonna take the straps and wrap it around and put it over the opposite shoulder .

So I'm gonna come bring it this way .

I dropped my front piece .

So hold that in place , bring this up to the top and I like to lay it .

So it's nice and flat and kind of spread a little bit .

And then I'm gonna take the other piece , the other long strip that I have it put around my shoulder .

I'm gonna put it around the opposite shoulder again and that creates an X in the back so you can kind of adjust it a little bit , make sure it's laying nicely .

I'll adjust the straps so they're not bunched up because then I'm gonna take them and I'm gonna cross them over each other and then tuck them into where I just wrapped around my stomach .

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So , crossing and tucking under that , then I can take them and I'm gonna wrap them around as many times as it'll go .

So if I want it really tight , I'll do twice for mine .

But if I want to loosen it up , I'll probably just wrap it around to the back once and then tie it in a knot .

So try it one time and then I'll try it again .

Yeah .

Ok .

Ok .

So now I'm ready to put the baby in .

So I'll just adjust it just a tiny bit to kind of loosen it up a little bit so that it's ready for baby .

Ok , then you're going to take your baby and I'm gonna open this up a little bit more because mine's a bigger baby .

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So I'm gonna take him on my shoulder with the opposite shoulder part .

I'm gonna tuck his legs in either side and I'm gonna make sure that his legs are sitting ergonomically .

So I'm gonna make sure his legs are wide , kind of frog legged and tuck one side up and one side up .

You can leave their arms out or leave them in .

So if he was gonna go to sleep , I would probably leave him in and tuck him in like this .

Hey , then for our last step , you pull up on that middle section that was on our abdomen and we're actually just gonna put it right over the baby's legs and then pull it up to the bottom of their neck , right it out here .

And with this age , you can leave their arms in or out .

He likes to keep his arms out .

Of course , when he's awake , if he was asleep , I'd probably bring this up and kind of tuck him in .

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But you don't want the fabric covering their face or mouth at all .

You want to make sure you're being really careful when you wear a wrap and now you are all done with your baby wrap .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video .

Make sure to give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe if you want to see more pictures , tips or tricks .

Make sure to check out my Instagram at my so bliss and I will see you guys next time .

Bye .


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