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Let's make chicken biryani the right way .

This was highly requested .

That is top tier .

First things .

First , we're gonna make our biryani masala .

This spice mix is composed of cinnamon stick and bay leaf .

Over here .

I have coriander seed , cloves , black peppercorns and fennel seed .

I'm gonna add black and green cardamom and then we're gonna finish with some star and now on a medium long meat , we're gonna lightly toast these for a couple minutes .

Once these spices start hitting your nose , toss them into a spice grinder and then we just wanna blitz this into a nice fine powder .

The smell in this kitchen is already incredible time for some crispy onions .

Try to get very equal but thin slices .

One for the onions .

Zero for golden balance .

A little secret for your crispy onions .

Toss your onions in a pan when it's cold and then you want to submerge them in a neutral oil and then just turn on the heat and let them cook quick tip .

You could peel your ginger with a spoon , introduce peeled cloves of heartburn to the ginger and then just mash them into a paste consistency for our chicken of choice .

I'm gonna be using some skin on drumsticks .

I feel like these are most optimal for biryani for the drums .

I'm gonna add some full fat yogurt , the garlic and ginger paste , the healthy spoon full of our biryani masala .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

A nice spoonful of Kashmiri or chili powder , some turmeric and a green chili .

And then we're gonna finish with a smooch of lemon juice .

Make sure you salt this operation very well .

And then we're just gonna mix and marinade until we lose patience for our rice .

We're gonna be using an Indian white basmati rice .

This is an extra long grain and it's naturally aged with cold water , wash it thoroughly until the water runs clear .

Then we're gonna soak the rice 15 to 30 minutes .

There's some boiling water .

I want you to add some star clove and caramel stick in some bay leaf .

I'm gonna salt this water generously and I've learned to add some biryani masala .

Now , our was best with rice is going to join the party .

We're gonna allow the rice to boil for just a couple minutes and we're going for a 60% cook .

I actually learned this tip from gully .

The rice is still parboiled .

I'm just gonna lay it out on a rack .

We're actually gonna let our rice cool down , start with a nice heap of gee .

And then we're gonna gently lay in our marinated chicken .

I'm gonna change pots .

I don't like this one .

In a half the amount of cilantro and mint .

Very nice handful of those crispy onions .

Then I want you to add half your best minty rice on top of the first layer of rice .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We're gonna add more cilantro , more mint , more crispy onions , Sprinkle on nice dollops of G and then I season this with a little bit more biryani masala hit this with a quick pinch of salt and then we're gonna add our final layer of rice .

Final layer of mint and cilantro go on more crispy onions , Sprinkle or drizzle on a little bit more .

By the way , this was just sitting in the fridge .

That's why it solidified .

Finally , one more light pinch of salt and Biryani masala .

And then we're gonna finish with some sea saffron water .

Make sure it's still nice and tight .

First layer of aluminum foil goes on , cover your pot with the lid and then we're gonna cook the slow and slow for about 30 minutes .

So to recap , yee marinated chicken and we did cilantro mint onion .

Biryani masala salt .

Repeat that process rice and then top it off one more time , but add some saffron water after about 30 minutes , I'm gonna kill the heat and just let it sit for about 15 more .

It's the moment of truth .

00 , that smells so good .

This looks gorgeous .

Just look how fluffy the rice came out .

This plate is a masterpiece .

Just look how tender and juicy that chicken is a little bit of that rice .

And as always honest to God , that is fabulous .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So I'm gonna update , I'm destroying this plate after you make this , you're gonna love me forever .


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