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2023-08-06 15:51:57

Perfect Waffle Recipe - Crispy & Fluffy - Lockdown Kitchen!

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Wao .

Wao .

Hey , everyone .

Welcome to Pie's kitchen .

Still on lockdown .

Yes , we're going on week eight as of this filming .

So I hope everyone's doing ok .

I hope my videos have been helpful in keeping you busy and distracted and give you some enjoyment .

A few weeks ago , I shared with you the recipe for the best pancakes I have ever had .

And wow , did I ever get so many success reports ?

So I thought ok , if you are into the pancakes , then I have got to show you also the recipe for the best waffles I have ever had .

Yes .

This waffle recipe I've been making for eight years now .

And when I made it the first time I remember this so clearly because I had it and I was like , ok , search is over .

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I am done .

This , is it my waffle recipe right here and like my pancake recipe .

I also have it pinned permanently to my refrigerator because we make it that much .

So here you go .

And over the years I have made a few variations which I can talk about a little bit .

But today I'm gonna show you the classic um version that I make and it's , you know what , even easier than the pancake recipe .

But before we start , I wanna tell you that this video is sponsored by Skillshare and stay tuned to the end to find out how my subscribers can get a free two month access to thousands of online classes , including cooking classes .

All right , let's get started .

Super easy .

You got a bowl with dry ingredients and a bowl with wet ingredients and then you mix them together and that kitchen scale is so handy .

So I'm gonna put in some all purpose flour .

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It's interesting when I first started this recipe , I actually started with ounce , but I moved to Canada and I'm like , you know what , I'm switching to grams and then here's the secret right here .

I'm also going to add some corn starch and this is the key .

Why these waffles are so light and crispy .

Yes .

Did I mention the why this is so good is crispy on the outside , moist in the inside and just tender and delicious .

And the key is I cut some of the regular flour with corn starch and corn starch is a gluten free starch .

So that means it'll help absorb the water , but it's not gonna create any toughness .

It's sort of like making this whole recipe with cake bake flour except that we don't have to get any specialty flour .

OK ?

Some salt .

This is so important .

It's not gonna be good without salt some leavening .

I've got some baking powder .

So as you saw in my pancake recipe , I use this paper to straighten out .

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Um and baking powder can get clumpy , especially once it's old .

And when I can't find my tiny sieve , I use this tea strainer as my little baking tiny little baking powder sifter .

How cute is that ?

Same goes for baking soda .

If you've got a box that looks like this and when you open it , you're careful enough , you have a straight edge right here .

And so when you measure , you can just use this paper to level it out .

How convenient is that this baking soda is fresh .

So it doesn't have any clumps , but just to be safe , I'm gonna just pass it through anyway .

And I'm gonna just whisk all this together and I don't find that I need to sift everything together .

Ok ?

I'm gonna set that aside .

I forgot to prep my wet ingredients .

So here we go .

So with the wet ingredients , I have a little bit of a trick to share with you .

You wanna measure things in this exact order .

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I need three quarters of a cup of uh neutral flavored oil .

I'm using avocado oil because it's neutral flavored and it is healthy .

I only need three quarters of a cup , but I'm gonna use my one cup measure and here's why .

And I'm just eyeballing it mixing bowl and now I'm going to measure one cup of yogurt right in this measuring cup that had the oil and you know it , you know why ?

This is genius , by the way , like my pancake recipe , the original called for uh buttermilk .

But again , I never really have buttermilk sitting around , but I always have yogurt sitting around .

So I modified it to call for yogurt .

Now watch this whoop .

And this is why we measured the oil in this cup , just some regular milk , whatever milk you're drinking as long as it's not skim , I drink lactose free 2% .

So that's what I use .

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And you can do like soy milk , oat milk , whatever , non dairy milk as well .

It's not super important .

There we go .

Two eggs and in my , oh , I didn't crack that very well .

In my pancake recipe , I whipped the egg whites separately .

But with waffles , I really find that it's not necessary because it's confined by the waffle iron , right ?

So things can only rise so much .

Two teaspoons of vanilla .

Yes , I do two teaspoons of vanilla this time .

Three tablespoons of sugar .

This is a key right here .

I find that most Waffle recipes that I'm not super happy with , they don't add enough sugar .

And when there's not enough sweetness in the batter itself , you rely so much on the sweetness of all the toppings that you put in .

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If you've got a good level of base sweetness in the batter itself , then just the whole the overall experience comes better and then you rely less on all the things that you have to put on afterwards .

Actually , this one's so good that sometimes I just eat it plain , you know , only three tablespoons of sugar .

But it's just sweet enough that I can , like , walk around with a chasing baby around the house and just eat it on its own .

Anyway , I'm just gonna whisk this together .

What I should have done was whisk the eggs , put the eggs in the bowl first and whisk them first .

Another thing I like about this recipe is one tool .

You need one whisk and that's it always wet into dry .

I mentioned this in my pancake recipe and somebody asked me , but why wet into dry ?

And it's because if you drop dry ingredients into wet , you get a lot of like dry clumps that are harder to work out .

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Because if you can imagine the um the wet ingredients just kind of envelopes the clumps of flour .

In other words , it's a lot faster to mix when you pour wet into dry and a few more whisks and I am done .

Now , you don't wanna overmix it .

Little , little lumps are OK .

What you don't want is just big clumps of dry flour .

But if you've got tiny little lumps that'll just bake away eventually .

And that's it .

How easy is that ?

And again , if you want to make this easy on you , you can mix all the dry ingredients the night before , mix all the wet ingredients the night before and just make the waffles fresh in the morning .

All right , let's cook it now .

Waffle iron .

I have this waffle iron .

Here .

It is so old .

Like this knob here is a little loose .

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So I'm always like , oh , like when I put it at three , is it at three or is it like actually four ?

I also have this one which I think is a Norwegian style waffle maker , the heart shaped one .

This is what I use for my Thai waffle recipe .

And if you wanna check that out , definitely , I'll link to that below .

Um It's not as good for this recipe because the waffles come out super thin .

And the thing about these waffles , what makes them good is they are moist and airy and , and , and light on the inside .

So there's not enough room in these thin waffles for you to experience that airiness and the contrast between the crispy edge and the moist tender inside .

So I would say if you have this kind of waffle stick to my Thai Thai waffle recipe for one piece of waffle .

I use this ladle which is about a third of a cup .

You don't want to overfill the iron because then they'll flow out the sides .

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But you also wanna make sure that um the corners are filled .

I find that if there was gonna be like a hole , it's often the corner and now we're gonna close or you can see they're starting to bubble up already and wait for it to beep .

So , while we are waiting for the waffles to cook , let me tell you more about today's sponsor , skill share .

So , Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes for lifelong learners .

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And even I with a baby have managed to complete two classes , one of which was on how to brew an amazing cup of coffee , which was so informative .

So many things I didn't know .

Here's the best part .

The 1st 1000 of my subscribers to click the link below will get a free two month membership .

That's right .

You can take your time and try out as many classes as you want .

And then after that , an annual membership is only less than $10 a month .

Only 1000 people though .

So don't wait too long .

Ok .

The machine just beat .

Let's see .

Oh , yes .

That's perfect .

So the top side is not presentation side because it doesn't always , like , not all sides , always reach the top .

But what's gonna be pretty is the underside .

Look at that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yes .

Now here's the test right here .

See , you can even see , I like , broke the top a little bit .

That's how crispy this is .

Yes .

And that's a great color .

Now to store these , you wanna make sure you put them on a rack .

So , and by store , I mean , just like transition , you know , a place to put them before you eat .

You don't wanna put these on a plate because then it'll , the condensation will make the bottom soggy .

If you're not gonna eat these right away .

If say you wanna finish the whole batch before you eat , you can turn your oven on low whatever the lowest temperature is 1 50 something like that and then stick these in the oven .

And so they stay warm and they won't go , they won't , it stays crispy .

If these have been sitting for a while , they will not remain crispy because that's just the nature of things .

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If you got things that's tender inside and crispy outside , eventually the moisture from the inside is gonna get to the outside and will make it uh soft .

I when that happens , I stick it in the toaster quickly and the toaster crisp it nice and like perfectly .

Um which brings me to also these can be frozen .

So usually you'll just eat however many you will eat and then we'll freeze the rest to reheat your microwave .

It for just like 15 , 20 seconds .

So it's no longer frozen , stick it in the toaster almost as good as new .

Ok , let's give this a try that the rest of the batter that can wait .

Oh , these look so perfect .

I'm just gonna take this guy right here .

I wanna make sure I put some butter on the top and hey , here comes my little butter crock again .

Uh If you wanna many of you ask me about more details about this , it's called a French Butter Crock .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can just buy it on Amazon or , or any cookware store .

I just got this at a local cookware store , but the key is you have to change the water every few days and then you wanna make sure once you start using the butter and there's less and less and less of it , you need to add more water so that the butter is making full contact with water at all times because otherwise it will go bad as I found out .

So some butter on my waffles .

Oh , yes .

For maple syrup , for pancakes .

You saw that ?

I'm a dipper .

But for waffles because of these nice little pools for syrup .

I like to drizzle .

I put my maple syrup into a squeeze bottle and I drizzle and I can get an evenly distributed amount of syrup to top it off .

I like a nice refreshing tart , yogurt , regular yogurt or whatever you can do whipped cream if you've got some berries , you can pop that on .

I think I have some berries .

Let's see what I got .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I got some berries .

Bloop Pinterest .

Perfect the texture of these waffles .

Look at that .

See how airy .

So how , see how many air bubbles there are .

Right .

That's a sign that this is a really airy and tender , super tender .

You can see I can press it in and it's bouncy and moist .

That right there is the perfect waffle .

Mm .

It smells so good .

I've never had a better waffle .

Like I've been making these for like eight years now and I still , I go to restaurants .

I try waffles and I'm still like , mm , those are good but mine is better .

These are so good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you wanna do it savory and go chicken and waffles , fry some fried chicken , this will work too .

It's just the perfect light and airiness , but at the same time , moist and succulent on the inside , a really nice crispy shell on the outside , just everything you could ask for , for a waffle .

And to be honest with you , like , I have had these waffles for many days in a row now because I did a test batch just to make sure I remembered everything before we filmed this video .

Um and I'm still not sick of it .

Like every time I have it , I'm like , I've had so many waffles in these past few days and I am still loving them as much as before .

Now , the real question is , is baby going to approve these waffles ?

Huh ?

Hm .

Black waffle ?

Um .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Oh , yes .

Hello ?

I think you said Wale .

Hi .

No .

Yeah , I'm ok .

We're taking 2nd and 3rd bite .

I'm going to call that a success .


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