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2023-08-06 16:00:43

How to tie a tie

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Tying your tie is one of the cornerstones of men's style .

Knowing a few essential details will noticeably improve the way you execute your tie knot .

Prince Albert .

This knot is basically a double four in hand .

If you'd like to build a somewhat richer version of the model , it also uses a bit more length , which is good if you have a longer tie cross the wide end over the right then back around the narrow end , one lap repeat wrapping the wider end another lap around the narrow end , finish the knot by tucking the wide end into the loop around the neck from below .

Then into the knot through both layers of the wrapped around tie , tighten and adjust the knot .

A necessity that applies to all tie knots is that you must tighten the knot properly when finishing it .

A sloppy finished knot that loosely droops below the shirt collar is not what you want .

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The knot is to rest snugly against the collar stand and the top button , the Windsor is a slightly bulky knot symmetric and strict tying .

It often requires a thin silk tie cross the wide end over to the right then into the loop around the neck from below and up .

Now fold it forward down on the right and loop around behind the narrow end from the left side , you wrap the tie into the loop around the neck and back out again on the left side , pulled over the front of the knot , then into the loop around the neck from below and up , finish by tucking into the knot and tight and snugly .

Don't forget that it's also imperative that the size of your tie knot harmonizes with the size of your shirt collar .

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If you only learn one tie knot , the fore end hand is the one timelessly nonchalant but always correct start by tying the wide end of the tie from the left side over and around the narrow end , a whole lap .

Finish by tucking it into the loop around your neck from below and down into the knot .

Pull the ends to tighten and shape the knot .

Always make sure to form a dimple that makes the knot come alive for a more detailed guide on how to execute your tie knot .

See the link below .


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