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Chicken Biryani Indian Food - By VahChef @

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Hello , Namaste Salam Malik Saal .

Welcome back to another session with your was chef at wava dot com .

Today , let's learn how to make extremely popular chicken Biryani .

The name Biryani is derived from the Persian word Biryani which means yummy or roasted .

Biryani is made from a mixture of special spices and basmati rice , meat or vegetables and yogurt .

The three unique ingredients which make the Biryani taste and smell like Hyderabadi Kanhai kitchens are the basmati rice which has its own flavor .

The mint leaves , the Javi tree which is also called maize .

There are several kinds of me to biryani .

Almost as many places .

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There are manufacturers selling premade spices .

But Hyderabadi Biryani has somehow sprung to the top .

When you talk about Biryani in Hyderabad in South India .

Biryani is pretty much a tourist magnet .

Indian historians claim that earlier Nawab wore a matching turban for each variety of Biryani .

The nejame kitchens boasted of 49 kinds of Biryani .

The sind variant of Biryani is very popular in Pakistan and a Biryani is also popular in North India .

We will learn a Biryani in another session where I will show you the Biryani from Damu restaurant in Maia Sheraton in Delhi .

But we will make a simple Hyderabadi biryani for Biryani , you will need kara masala , cloves , big black II Javi tree , cinnamon sticks , bay leaf and cloves .

Oil cumin seeds .

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Try using Klara that is black cumin peppercorns , chili powder , ginger garlic paste , green chilies , mint fried onion , salt cut chicken .

Usually for Biryani chicken pieces with bones are used place the chicken in a bowl and make a marinade using yogurt and mixing it with all the other spices .

Add green chilies , mint ginger garlic paste , coriander leaves telecoms , kara , black cumin .

If you don't have black come in , you could also add regular come in seats , chili powder , little tumeric salt .

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You could use cumin powder , coriander powder and whole spices , bay leaf java three .

That is mas cinnamon gloves , green cardamom , little black caramel .

You could use fried onion , had oil add yogurt to the mixture .

Mix all the ingredients nicely .

You've seen that I mixed all the spices together .

Isn't it easy ?

You don't have to pre cook anything except you have fried onions .

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Other than that you put all the raw ingredients .

So this is the most simplest way to cook .

But the amount of moisture that goes into your biryani making is what determines how well your rice will get cooked when you mix them together .

Now , let's look at the most important thing in baking biryani .

That is your rice .

What I did is first I soaked the rice for 30 minutes .

That way your rice will expand very evenly and rice will get cooked properly .

If you do not soak rice for your Biryani , your Biryani is no good .

What do we do to the boiling water ?

All you do is add some oil .

Make sure you add the right amount of salt .

What is the right amount of salt ?

You add salt to the water and taste it .

If the water is not salty , your rice will not be good for biryani .

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If it is too much , then your Biryani will be too salty .

Just add the right amount of salt to your water .

Drain the excess water from the rice and add it to you boiling water .

You can also add whole cardamom spices to this water and that allows to infuse the flavor to the rice .

But if you cook your biryani perfectly , you don't have to add any more spices into this water .

The spices that you have added to the chicken will slowly infuse flavor into your rice .

Now let the water come to boil .

And the most important thing is how much amount you're going to cook this rice to , you're not going to cook rice to fully done , you're going to cook it half done because this is going to sit at the top layer and the chicken is at the bottom .

If you overcook the rice at this point of time , once the time the chicken cooks this rice will get mashed .

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So the best way to cook is you half cook the rice and add it over the raw chicken mixture in a biryani pan .

That way , by the time the bottom chicken gets cooked , the half cooked rice on the top will get cooked .

So the trick is you have to cook the bottom chicken to a right consistency and the top of boiled rice to a right consistency .

When the biryani is done , if you are able to cook the chicken at the bottom and the rice at the top two different layers to a right consistency .

That is where you make a perfect biryani .

Now you can see the rice boiling , I call this dancing of rice .

So you cook it to a point when it is 50% done .

So you have to be very careful , stand near the stop and check the rice .

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You can see if you take a grain of rice and press it , it gets crushed , but it's not fully cooked when it is half done , remove immediately and strain it off .

Take a dish which is deeper and then add your marinated chicken biryani is made in layers .

And what you need to do is put the marinated chicken at the bottom level , it up whatever the chicken is there , make sure , take a spatula or spoon and just knock it on the top .

So it becomes a nice level to this .

Take your half cooked rice and Sprinkle on the top on the chicken , nicely spread the rise .

You could add some coriander mint or fried onion on the top .

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You can add some saffron , um , water on top .

Ok .

Once you add the fried onions and the saffron color on top , you can put a tight lid .

So if you don't have a tight lid , like I have , what you can do is you can take a nice clean kitchen towel , put it on top and cover it up with a plate .

This way , the moisture will be retained in it and cooks .

But since I have a tight cover on top , I'm going to let it cook like this .

It is going to take around 30 minutes to cook Biryani .

Don't try to hurry it up .

Put it at a very medium heat and cook it .

If you cook it at a low temperature for a little longer time , the rice will get evenly cooked .

You will just know that the chicken biryani is ready when you smell really nice flavor coming out .

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And after around 30 minutes of cooking five minutes at a high flame and 15 minutes at a medium flame .

And next 10 minutes in it low heat , the biryani will be ready very carefully remove .

Now , see how beautiful the rice is .

Each rice grain is very , is separated and look at the chicken .

It's very nice , tenderly cooked and it's really , really hard .

So it's almost always served with yogurt accompaniment called Rata or Milka Salon , which is an Hyderabadi favorite dish .

And also it can be made with aubergines or Brinjal and called Baga Baan .

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to cook chicken biryani with me .

Remember that Wawa is all about inspiring others to cook .

So please post your recipes videos and cooking tips .

So others may benefit from your .


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