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2023-08-07 14:11:00

How to Tie a Tie - THE HALF WINDSOR (slow+mirrored=beginner) _ How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot (easy)

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My name is Ben and I'm going to teach you how to tie the easy , small and classy half Windsor knot , a great knot for any type pattern .

And for any occasion , the half Windsor is a step up from the foreign hand knot .

It's larger than the foreign hand knot and like the double Windsor , it's symmetrical .

Great for skinny ties but not necessarily thin ties .

Also , it's great for thick but not wide ties .

Does that make sense ?

It works with all patterns , stripes , solids , everything .

And today we're going to learn the variant of the half Windsor that's better because it's self releasing .

Ok .

My goal is for you to get this knot on your first try .

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So this video goes a little bit slower if you're looking for a quick review , check out our other video .

OK .

First step is to align and it's probably one of the most important steps of tying a tie , this tie or any tie and one tip that I have to do .

This is I take the tip of the necktie and the tip of my middle finger and I align them , I drop my arm straight down and with the other end , I adjust till the necktie is straight .

Now , with this tie , I'm going to give it a little extra length because it's a thick tie .

It has a thick inner lining and this is one of our King brother Clothiers ties , very good quality tie on our website .

Um But it does need a little extra length when you're tying and if your neck is particularly wide , you'll also want to give it a little more length as well .

Second step , cross it over easy .

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Um No need to explain this anymore .

You will notice that my hands have switched and then step number three goes around the back .

I don't even need my right hand .

Now , I'm holding the short end with my thumb .

Step number four , which is in front down and through , in front down and through .

So I take the right end , I go in front of the not down through the hole between my necktie and my neck and uh yeah .

So in front down and through at this point , we have formed the center of the knot and I like to give it a good triangle shape , tighten it up , make sure that it's going to hold its form for future steps on to step number five , which is around the front .

We're basically putting the front cover on what will be our half Windsor very soon .

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But before I go on to step number six , I wanna give you a pro tip , I take my middle finger and I just keep that front cover .

I keep the , a little bit of space in that front cover because we're going to need that space in the future .

And then I move on to step six , which is behind up and through .

So you'll notice I pushed the wide end behind up and through the hole between my neck tie and my neck .

And now on to step number seven , which is through the front piece or through the front cover .

And at this point , our knot is tied , we just have to tighten it , which is probably the most important step .

Now , I could , if I wanted to , I could just grab this white in and pull it straight down and it would end up being a semi decent knot and we would all be happy .

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But I want to give you another pro tip , pro tip , which is I put my thumb , I take my thumb and I just put it right inside .

Uh that top piece which goes down through the front cover .

And then with my left hand , I grab the wide end and as I pull the wide end down , I keep my thumb there and I kind of twist it and use my thumb to tighten that top and front piece .

See how the front piece is getting tighter as I keep my thumb there .

That's keeping the shape of the knot better by keeping my thumb there and then I just quickly shape the knot and that is the half Windsor , which is probably only half as good as the double Windsor or 1/4 as good actually .

So check out our other videos .

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Subscribe to my nice on youtube and buy a change the world .

This is Ben signing out .

Uh , something funny is , uh , uh , getting worse and worse here .

Can you see I'm gonna give this a gift last try .

Keep looking classic as you got it .


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