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2023-08-07 14:16:09

[5 Fashion Hacks] 4 Easy Ways to Tie Ribbons On Your Dresses

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Hey , everyone .

Welcome back to our channel .

In today's video .

I'm going to show you four different ways to tie a bow the right way .

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My first hack is my personal favorite way of tying a bow with extra lengths of ribbon around your waist .

First cross the ribbon as shown , insert one side around the other side and pull , make a half bow and twist as shown while holding this half bow , insert the other side of the ribbon through the knot in the center , make some minor adjustments and there you have a beautifully made bow .

Here's another way again , cross the ribbon and insert one side into the other .

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This time , fold the ribbon you've pulled out and twist as shown , fold the leftover ribbon and insert into the center knot .

You've just made , make some minor adjustments and there you have it .

Here's another different way of tying a bow .

Nice and tight .

Cross the ribbon hold the upper side twice as shown , fold the tip of the upper side diagonally , simply insert and pull the lower side around the bow .

Fold the ribbon in half and insert the leftover side through the hole you made behind the bow , make some minor adjustments and there you have it .

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The last hack might seem tricky , but it really is an easy way to make a quick and tight bow around your waist cross and tighten the ribbons .

Make a bow using the lower side of the ribbon and place the upper ribbon around and pull through the small space you just made .

You will have to use your ring finger to keep the space open and then pull the ribbon through using your index finger , make some minor adjustments and there you have it .

That was it for today .

You can stick to whichever hack is easier for you .

Thank you for watching today's video .

We hope that you found today's life hacks on tying bows the right way to be helpful .

Please stay safe and stay positive .

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We really appreciate it .

We'll see you next time .

Bye bye .


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