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2023-08-06 16:08:33

How To Touch A Woman To Turn Her On - 11 Places Most Guys Miss (But Now You Won't)

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Touch is one of the most powerful ways to connect with a woman .

In fact , without it , you can never escalate with her sexually and you'll most likely always end up in the friend zone .

The problem is most men are afraid to initiate touch , especially in this Me Too era .

And I get so many emails from guys telling me how they get anxious when it comes to touching a girl .

They don't want to be creepy , they don't wanna be offensive , they don't wanna make anybody uncomfortable and that really is a good concern to have .

I get that .

But initiating touch and escalating is so much easier than you think .

And it's not creepy and it's not wrong if done , right ?

It will create a lot of trust and a lot of attraction .

And that's why in today's video , I want to talk about the 11 places .

Women love to be touched and how to make sure that she's never uncomfortable with your touch .

So after watching this video , you will never have to be afraid to initiate touch with a woman .

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Again , there will be no doubt in your mind about what to do and what not to do and you'll find it much easier to connect with women physically and build sexual attraction .

I can't speak today .

So pay attention and take notes .

Let's dive in .

I'm Marie and from here on out , I will be your very own personal wing girl .

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So before I get into where you touch a woman , I want to give you three rules for touching a woman .

These rules will ensure that you touch women in the right way and never make her too uncomfortable .

As long as you keep these three rules in mind , I don't think you'll ever creep a woman out or push her away because of your touch .

Ok .

So here we go .

Rule number one test and improvise .

And I'm gonna give you a bunch of places and a bunch of ways to touch a woman .

When you start touching a woman in these spots in those exact ways , I want to keep a note of her comfort level .

So for example , if you touch her waist , is she ok with that , are there any signs of discomfort on her face , does she squirm or move away ?

If there's any sign of discomfort , you gotta take it down or not .

Right .

It's too much for her .

She's not ready for that level of touch yet .

So you stick to the more platonic spots to touch her , like her , like her arms or her shoulder , like those places .

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It's all about testing and improvising touch .

See how she reacts and decide whether to stick or twist .

It's very simple .

You're just adjusting your touch based on her response and women will appreciate that and more so you'll appreciate it that because you'll get to get feedback .

So rule number two , commit , do you know when a touch becomes awkward or creepy when you half ass it ?

I mean , that's true in life for anything .

If you seem unsure while touching a woman like this , she's gonna be unsure about you .

If you think that it's wrong or bad to touch her , then she's gonna assume and feel the same thing because people accept what you project .

A lack of commitment shows discomfort and nervousness .

So you need to commit , you're gonna touch touch , don't have acid if you're gonna touch her , touch her , if she's bothered by it .

Remember rule number one and improvise adjust lastly , rule number three , the three second rule when you touch a girl don't linger for too long .

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Most forms of touch should be around 1 to 3 seconds , right ?

Like that .

Of course , this doesn't really apply to the more sexual forms of physical touch , contact , like kissing and stuff .

But when things are not that serious between the two of you in the beginning , it's best to keep your touches short and simple .

1 to 3 seconds .

Not more than that , that will make sure that you're not coming on too strong and make her uncomfortable .

Ok .

That's it .

As I said before .

As long as you keep these three rules in mind , you'll be fine when touching a woman .

So lock them up there , you have nothing to worry about .

So with that out of the way , now let's get into where to touch , right ?

That's the best part .

I'm gonna give you the 11 places women love to be touched .

So take note of these .

Actually people like to be touched .

So take note of these .

Remember it the next time that you need a woman ?

Let's start number one , her hands .

This is one of the safest and easiest places to initiate touch with a woman when you first meet her for the first time , look her in the eye smile and give her a handshake , right ?

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If she says something funny or something you agree with , give her a playful high five .

If you're handing her something , let your hands brush up against each other .

If you want to tease her a little , you could compare hand sizes with her and make some joke about it .

There's a lot you can do with these hands .

If you're in conversation and joking around , you can even take your hand and do like a fake palm rade , right ?

Just make something up something absurd .

Or maybe even a little bit sexual .

It can be a great way to flirt as well as a great way to initiate touch .

You want that connection , that sizzle .

The best part is no one really minds being touched on the hands .

Ok ?

If it's out of the blue .

Yes .

But in those situations , it's great .

It's a perfect way to break the barrier for touch and build physical comfort .

All right .

Number two arms .

At first glance , the arms might not seem like a particular sexy body part , but in fact , it can seem like probably seem very platonic .

However , studies about sexual touching have turned up some very interesting results .

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In one report , researchers from Aberdeen University discovered that two thirds of women agreed to dance if a man touch her arm while asking that crazy by con men who asked without touching were only successful .

Half the time like touch is powerful .

The study also showed that women were more likely to give their number to men who touched their arm when asking , don't underestimate the power of touching her arm because obviously , it's powerful .

Women often do it to men when they're interested in and they touch their arm .

So it may be a subtle move , but it can say and do a lot in their life of ways to touch her arm as well .

Maybe if you guys are joking around , you could give her a playful nudge on the arm .

And if she's telling you a meaningful emotional story , you can touch her arm and nod , showing that you're empathizing with her , which is great .

You could even stand or sit close to her and just like let your arms touch , the opportunities are endless .

There's lots of things that you can do when you get the chance .

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Just take it like hands touching on the arm is also super platonic and socially acceptable .

So you don't need to worry about anything .

I'm trying to drill this into your head .

Don't worry .

Number three , her shoulders , this is a safe and easy spot to touch a girl , especially when things are not , that's serious .

Touching her on the shoulder , doesn't invade her private space , right ?

But it does give her a hint that you might be interested in her , touching her on the shoulders .

Could be as simple as a gentle tap to get her attention or if you're out like at a bar or a club dancing together , you can even place a hand on her shoulder .

There are lots of ways to do this .

The point is it's a nice place to touch a safe place to touch one you don't have to worry about and most women will not have a problem with it , which means it's an easy way to build physical comfort .

Number four , her back , which I'm not standing up , sitting up straight .

There's another fantastic place to touch a woman and trust me , we love it .

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But where on her back should you touch and where should you avoid touching her ?

These things are very important .

Well , if it's too high , she might think you just want to be friends because that's like a very friend , like touch to make .

If you go too low , she , she might , I don't know , she might think you're a little bit of a pervert trying to grab her ass .

Right ?

If it's too low .

So instead a great rule of thumb is to touch her around her shoulder blade area or a little bit lower .

Ok .

Yeah .

But there , that's ideal .

There's something so comforting and attractive about a guy who , when he puts his hand on a woman's back in that space , maybe you're guiding her leaning to talk to her or something like that , but it's gonna give butterflies .

It'll make her feel like you're sheltering her and being protective .

It's , it's adorable .

Number five , her legs , many guys think it's inappropriate to touch a woman's legs and yes , it can when done the wrong way .

So how do you make sure you don't do it wrong ?

Well , when things are not that serious between the two of you , avoid her inner thighs obvious the back of her knees are going too close to her crotch .

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When you're getting to know each other , it's better to stick to a few gentle touches on her upper thighs or her knees .

Right .

So here you can do this while sitting next to her as you talk to one another .

Or if you sit close to each other , you can even let your legs graze against each other .

The thing to keep in mind is rule number three of touching , the three second rule don't linger on it too long and then she's like into it , but the legs are not a platonic area .

It's a little more flirty and sexual .

So while touching her leg will give her a good sign of interest , letting it linger for too long can make her think the wrong thing unless she's showing the same things back to you .

Now , I'll move on to the spots that you can only touch when things are heating up between the two of you or when you've already started dating .

So if you don't know how to get to this point as in , you don't know how to turn off the sexual tension and escalate things with her .

I have made you a playlist of my youtube videos that show you how to do this .

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This new playlist has some of my best videos on flirting , creating sexual tension and escalating with her .

I highly recommend you check them out after this one .

If those are things that you struggle with .

OK .

So I put the link in the description below .

It's also on my main page if you want to check it out to my topic once again , just to remind you , these are places you can touch her when things are heating up between you guys and you're already dating .

Ok .

So the spot number six , her hair , which is wonderful .

It's actually so cute when a guy plays with your hair or if you just kind of brush her hair , maybe tuck it out of her face or behind her ear .

Amazing .

Those little things make her feel so feminine and pretty and it makes her smile on the inside and think .

Well , he really likes me and now I like him too .

Obviously , don't overdo it and be sure to gauge how she reacts .

But some women don't love when their hair gets messed up , especially if they work really hard to make it look good for you on a date .

But overall , it's an extremely cute way to touch her .

Ok .

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Number seven , her waist studies show that women on average prefer a man who's confident and assertive .

And if you watch my channel , you've heard me say this a million times , right ?

Well , what you may not know is that touching her waist is actually a great way to show assertiveness and there are so many ways that you can do this .

So if you're standing next to her , you can put your hand on her waist if you're hugging her , you can put your arms around her waist like that area .

If you're on the dance floor , you can grab her by the waist and give her a playful tug .

And of course , when you kiss her , you can put your hands on her waist .

It's like it's so powerful and it's assertive and it's so hot , it's like do it , but at the same time , it's really cute as well .

So it's like this nice mixture .

It feels her make makes her feel well protected , very feminine , which will obviously drive up her attraction for you .

Number eight , her neck because that's I'm so excited by all of these .

The neck is a highly sensitive area for women .

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Most women love to be touched or kissed on the neck .

It can send shivers down her spine .

Just don't be too aggressive .

You hold her neck , don't put it in a death grip .

Um If you're kissing the neck , don't get over enthusiastic about it .

Take it slow , be gentle and soft , it will turn her on like crazy and it can be a great tool in your foreplay , arsenal .

Number nine ear lobes .

This is my spot .

This might be a little bit of a surprise for you too .

But touching kissing , even lightly biting the ear lobes of your woman will up loveless factor for her .

These delicate soft lobes are highly sensitive and most women thoroughly love the sensation of having a man's lips on them , you can nibble around the outside uh and the rest of the ear as well .

But for Court's sea sake , don't shove your tongue in her ear .

It's kind of gross as yet another great tool for your foreplay tool box , stimulating her ear lobes will really drive her crazy and make her eager to take things to the next level .

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Number 10 , her inner thighs , touching her inner thighs without venturing into that zone will make for an excellent tease .

That is sure to get her revved up .

Ok .

Use your hands and mouth to press and kiss the inside of her thighs , getting super close to her alter pleasure spot , pulling back before going all the way .

Trust me , you will send shivers up and down her spine , making her toes curl and having her begging for more .

So finally the last one on the list number 11 , the feet there is no way to overstate the power , the seductive power of a really good foot massage .

Not only does a foot rub feel amazing .

It lets a woman know her man truly cares about her well-being .

So if you wanna do it right , grab some massage oil or some lotion and do not bring it to pay attention to her little toes , ankles and the size of her feet too .

Additionally , some women really enjoy having their toe sucked , but many others find it repulsive .

I'm OK with it .

So you can ask about that as well .

And see if she's into it .

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If she is , it could be another way to pleasure her body , which is always a win , win .

Right .

But anyways , that brings us to the end of our list now , you know , 11 great spots to touch a woman .

Some are more platonic and some are highly sexual to get to that sexual stuff .

You need to make sure she's ready to take things to that next level with you .

Ok .

So I I've made an amazing program called the F formula , which can show you how to get her to that stage almost effortlessly .

You can check it out by clicking the link in the description below .

Now , the F formula gives you a simple step by step method to turn a woman on build sexual and make her eager to date you sleep with you and even be your girlfriend .

The steps outlined in the F formula are ridiculously easy for any guy to follow and you can master it within a week or two .

Yes , a week or two .

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And what's more thousands and thousands of my clients have already used this amazing formula to attract and date and get into relationship with gorgeous , amazing women guys who didn't even have the courage to say hello to a pretty girl are now able to get numerous dates and hot sexual encounters with amazing women .

Thanks to the simple formula , there is no reason why I can't do the same thing for you .

So if you're interested , which you should be click the link in the description box below and check out the F formula .

I am sure you will love it .

But either way , thank you for watching this video today .

I hope you found it useful and I hope that you no longer worry about touching anymore because it is wanted .

As always , I will see you again next week .


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