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2023-08-09 09:50:36

🔵 How To Make Perfect Waffles

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Hi , everyone .

Welcome back to TV .

Today we're making the quintessential North American Waffle House waffle .

And what makes these different than other waffles that you could make .

Like the ones we made last time is that we treat the eggs separately , we separate the yolks from the whites and we're going to beat the whites to stiff peaks and then incorporate that at the end into the batter .

This makes a really light and delicate waffle .

So the first thing we're going to do is turn on our waffle iron waffle batter is pretty easy .

You don't have to be terribly delicate with it .

You just start off , we're going to start off with two cups of flour .

And if you're watching this on Lo Gourmet TV , click the link below the video and the recipe will open up the side .

If you're watching this on one of the other web channels , come on over to look Gourmet dot TV .

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The recipe is there , next is some baking powder and you want to make sure that there's no lumps in your baking powder really fine if you need to run it through a sifter , a little bit of salt four egg yolks and we've got 1.5 cups of milk .

This is just 2% milk .

And again , you don't have to be delicate with it .

Everything just goes into the bowl and with a whisk , we just kind of whip it up and get it incorporated .

So that's the first part of the batter .

Really simple .

Nothing to it .

Now , we take our egg whites .

I'm gonna , uh , go over here and use the stand mixer .

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Stand mixer makes really quick work of , uh , of whipping egg whites .

So a lot of people get freaked out by this step .

You don't really have to be all that delicate .

You're going to take the 1st 3rd of the egg whites and you're not going to be delicate at all .

You're just gonna whip these right into the batter and then you're going to get rid of the wire whisk .

Then you're gonna take the next third of the egg whites and you're gently gonna fold the egg whites into the batter just using a folding motion and you need to be delicate , but you still need to get them incorporated .

So don't , don't be overly aggressive , but don't be worried that you're being too aggressive .

You're really not going to break them down now , all that much .

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And then the last third , same deal , same motion just fold them into the batter and that's it .

Melt the waffle irons hot , just open it up .

So we label that in and making sure that you get the batter everywhere on the plates .

You want it evenly distributed .

We close the lid , turn it over and fill the other side , close the lid , start the timer and now we wait .

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So the timer is up .

Perfect .

Just the way I like them so very carefully because you don't want to scratch the Teflon plates .

Pollute your waffle .

And that's it .

Pretty simple .

Very quick , Really easy .

Absolutely fantastic .

I hope you enjoy them .

Thanks for stopping by .


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