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2023-08-06 15:50:30

Making Chick-Fil-A Waffle Fries At Home _ But Better

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Billy .

People are talking more about their waffle fries than their chicken .

It's not waffle filet .

Waffle filet .

Chick Filet .

I think we should take a second to talk about mine .

So we love what we're seeing with .

Papa Tapa .

Thank you so much .

We appreciate it .

We're about to sell out on many of our items .

So don't forget to get your own before it runs out because it's not coming back .

A link is in the description .

Love you .

OK .

So today we are making the Chick Fil A waffle fry .

Wow , we're talking about the fries that are chicken fat , fast food joint .

How does that make sense ?

This has become significantly more prominent over the years .

Waffle shaped crisscross , holy potato fry .

And when I say holy , I mean holes in it before that gets misconstrued .

So with all that being said , let's make this shall we ?

We're at Chick Fil A , I just got back from Vic's wedding .

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If you are wondering why I look raggedy .

That's why .

All right , we're at the three point system .

This place is pretty raggedy because they're performing in construction , but I get it .

So I'm gonna give them a seven out of 10 .

It's always been very organized .

Make it out an eight out of 10 .

The menu .

We know what's on the Chick Fil a menu .

I like that .

They keep it simple , but I don't like their five service is all .

I don't , I don't even need to meet the people to give the service a 10 out of 10 .

The service is always insane .

I don't know how they do it .

Can I just get two orders of fries ?

Thank you so much .

I appreciate it .

Well , we might as well do the taste test in here .

You not in the car ?

Are you nasty ?

So we got the bag chick-fil-a sauce .

We're familiar with that .

Kate loves these fries and uh we're gonna analyze it right now .

I've always wondered how the hell do you get this shape in the first place ?

Right off the bat ?

Zero salt to fry on .

It isn't as good as I thought it would be the beauty of a waffle fries .

It should be crispy , it should be undeniably glass like and full of flavor and it has all those ridges to catch salt and yet you didn't put any on it and with the clout that these have come on and I'm sure people are thinking , can you even make the shape ?

We're gonna do a whole lot more than that ?

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Ah , yet another iconic item that seems impossible to make right raw .

It's beautifully simple , but Josh , we need to know how to get that gap bang shape .

Sure .

You could just sit there and whittle your way into oblivion .

One slice at a time with a knife .

And I'm sure whatever Waffle Fryer producer has a monstrosity of a machine that can make them a quintilian at a time .

Or you can get a mandolin with a crinkle cut attachment .

Here's the trick , get yourself a rest of potato .

But this recipe only about four large ones which will easily produce enough fries for 4 to 6 people and make sure you wash them because we're not gonna be peeling them .

Set your crinkle cup mandolin to about a half inch thickness setting .

So by slicing your potato one way , like you would normally , and once you've created some nice grooves on the potato , quarter turn .

So the grooves now run against the grooves on the mandolin slice .

Once quarter turn slice again , quarter turn slice again .

See where I'm going here .

That's what's going to get you that wacky .

Holy looking waffle fr thing that tantalizes us , delights us .

I mean , look at these now repeat this process with all your tights .

Get yourself a large pot .

Fill it with about four quarts of water .

One table spoon or 14 g of vinegar , one tablespoon or 10 g of baking soda , one tablespoon or 15 g of kosher salt spring to a boil .

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Add in your tigers and cook for about 30 seconds or just until soft , do not overcook these remove and dry off .

Hunting water with a paper towel cool completely .

Place them on multiple baking sheets , whichever fits , you know , I don't know , figure it out , right ?

Special analytical skills are good and place those in the freezer overnight .

You got to wait for it .

Now you listen to me pal you better not skip this LA dip and then wind to me in the comments how it didn't work .

Oh , but Josh Man changed his entire method .

Arguably you could just freeze them and leave them in your freezer until you want waffle fries for the homies .

Now let's talk sauce .

Obviously ketchup or mayo if you're real .

But obviously we have our own chick fil a sauce .

This was a little different than the last one .

Get yourself a bowl and add one and a quarter cup or 140 g of mayo .

A third cup or 83 g of Dijon mustard , two tablespoons or 29 g of yellow mustard , one tablespoon or 12 g of ketchup , a quarter teaspoon , which is less than a gram of cayenne pepper , one teaspoon or 3 g of smoked paprika , one clove of garlic , grated a third cup or 90 g of honey salt pepper to taste two teaspoons of 28 g of lemon juice .

We'll call it together until thoroughly combined .

And well , that's actually that's it .

American sauces are real different than them .

Gat Bang French ones are just about it , literally anywhere else .

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And you know what kind of tastes good .

Now , notice , depending on the meal you add , this also benefits from a couple of tablespoons of smoky barbecue sauce , which will help give it a little bit more of a classic taste if you like .

And obviously there's a cheaper go right through the all right , hard part's over .

Now , buckle up them pants , make them tit for Papa .

And let's finish this .

Grab yourself a 78 quart heavy bottom pot filled about halfway with vegetable oil and heat the 3 50 °F drop in your potatoes directly from the freezer .

I repeat while they are frozen .

Yes .

You're frying the fries from frozen out of the freezer while they are frozen from the freezer .

They were freezing in and are still frozen .

Chili boy , fry those bad boys for 1 to 3 minutes or to your fries are beautifully crisp , stiff and lightly golden brown removed from the oil train on a wreck and immediately season a taste with salt .

Don't wait seriously , season them while they're hotter than the earth's atmosphere in today's climate .

Unfortunately , so that the salt sticks for repeat with all your frozen boys .

And guess what ?

That is just a stunning jewel of a waffle fry if I've ever seen one .

So now we're going to find our winner .

Here we go a little dib .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Wow .

The sauce is great .

But sauce a side , the crunch on the outside is great .

It's nice and fragile .

It's not too crunchy .

It's not too soft and the inside fluffy , like a fine whipped potato puree .

That's a dove to me .

But we're gonna bring Vickerman today for the taste test .

Hi , Vikram .

Hello , here is number one .

Number two .

That is it .

Second one .

Definitely the winner .

When I saw how thin they were , I didn't think they'd be fluffy .

They were very fluffy , crispy , salty all around .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Wait a minute .

So any type of fry is gonna behave differently when you cook it .

This , on the other hand , I would argue is one of the easiest to get .

Right .

So , if you're gonna take the time to make something , make this , but you wanna know what else you should make , be roll .


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