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2023-08-08 12:53:51

How to kiss and take a girl home

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Hi guys , it's Ian Miles here .

And today I'm going to be showing you some real life footage of me approaching a really gorgeous blonde girl right from the street making out with her and then eventually taking her home with me .

Guys .

At the beginning of the interaction , the girls really reluctant to even go on a date with me , let alone to go home with me .

So let's see how I tackle this during the interaction .

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Now , this is an online program which we offer to everyone across the globe .

So do check it out on our services page at karma lifestyles dot com .

But anyway , I really want to show you this footage .

So stay tuned .

I think you look really hot .

Are you from , are you from London ?

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You , you're very kind maybe like we can do something like later tonight if you're free , like we can just hang out , we can hang out have a drink .

Do you want to walk ?

Just a moment ?

Yeah .

Sure .

Yeah .

Hi , I'm Ian .

My name is Ian .

Yeah .

And I think over here , like , you cycle a lot .

Are you like a lawyer ?

Like spam ?

Why don't we later on we can go for a drink .

I don't think so .

I'm , like , really , like , now , if I don't have my wallet , I'm heading home .

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So why don't you , you get it from home and make you feel more comfortable ?

Do you want to walk for a purpose ?

I don't mind walking for a purpose .

It's just nice to talk to you .

That's , it's fun to meet you .

Sorry , I was just so much .

Is it yours ?

Go for one drink .

But I don't have a wallet so I can , I can do whatever I can with my phone .

Me back and triple .

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I don't know , like , basically because I think I'll meet my friends in a few hours and I exploring sounds bad .

But no , I like , I far away .

Went to the tree .

No .

And when you , when you , I don't see like a , oh , wow .

You know , you're so different without a bike .

You're like , you're like a different person .

Where are you from ?

Exactly .

I like , I'm from London .

I love London .

I hate you .

I hate you .

It's like , what's , what's the , what's the humor like over here ?

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Like you have comedy but sometimes it's too one second .

I scared .

So many people .

Something with the circulation .

Right .

So , we are sitting the most , but I never sat here .

So , have you ever been to London before ?

Right .

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If you come to London , I'll show you like , I feel like I'm getting whatever you're doing .

If you don't lose that , you can go along .

But I'm saying if you're really following the trend going along with everybody , it's true .

You need to find you and , yeah , and , and we're all like , we're all on this journey .

But , um , but , yeah , it's like , um , but yeah , I used to read , like , spirituality and stuff and , you know , this is like my first drink actually .

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He just came to me .

Yeah .

But that , when I'm in a bar right now , you know , like I'm just putting myself in your shoes to actually say something like that .

I thought I would say , oh , it's sho sho sho , but it's like , almost like you've got nice features .

I just gave it back .

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It's not .

Yeah .

No .

Yeah .

No .

Plastic surgery .

Yay .

Although , you know , a lot of people do that .

Oh , my God .

So , yeah , I was actually dating a girl , like before , you know , and , and after like a few months , like , I think , I think 11 morning , you know , I said to her , oh , you know , you got , um , I think you've got a good lips or nose or something and she said , yeah , you know , you realize that I had , I had an operation like what really you know , like we were really cute like I really wanted to kiss you .

I can see I want to .

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No now you like it right the first time .

But we can , I can show you like , yeah , well my friends just they message me , they said that they were out .

OK .

So what can we learn from this interaction ?

You know , if I were to extract the main , main lesson or thing from this , I would say that it's persistent and being persistent .

Now , that was the main aspect of this interaction .

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So guys , persistence is key as it's the make or break of the interaction .

Now , if I had to give up the girl at the beginning , there would have been no make out and she wouldn't have come home with me .

So you can't afford to give up and you really can't also showing her my persistence was highly attractive as it showed that I really , really liked her .

And I have to say that I did really , really like she was just stunning .

But see how at the very beginning she was so reluctant to go for a drink with me and it really was a struggle and there were even moments where I just wanted to give up .

But then I realized that it just wasn't worth giving up .

And I saw that light right at the end of the tunnel and I hung in there and then she finally accepted the drink .

So guys never ever give up and keep persisting and also believe that you will get there and even see yourself getting that gold medal .

But you also need to be careful here as you don't want to appear to be too needy .

Don't be too persistent to the point .

You're just annoying as that is really unattractive .

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So I'd recommend that you follow that classic attraction model where you take two steps back , build a bit more comfort with the girl and then take another step forward and you will eventually nail it and don't get frustrated either as this is really unattractive , just stay as relaxed as you can and see how far you can take the interaction by persisting all the way .

So that's all from me today .

But please do check out our eight week confidence course by clicking on the link in the video description below .

Now , I'm Ian Miles and I'll see you next time .


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