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2023-08-08 12:52:30

How To Tie A Tie ALEXANDER OLCH Knot Yourself

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In my many travels , I've encountered all manner of men , both refined and uncultured .

And I've learned the true measure of a man .

It is not his appearance , not his connections , but in how he meets a challenge .

I'm Alexander .

And today's challenge is the neck , follow my direction and you will never be embarrassed , beguiled or thwarted by the century old details of the first step .

Very important start with the large end at least 12 inches lower than the small end .

Step two cross the large end over the small end .

Now pay attention .

Step three , wrap the large end completely around the small end .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Step four , pull the large end through this space closest to your neck .

Step five , push the large end down through this loop .

Step six , pull the large end to tighten the knot .

You want it tight but not too tight .

And there my friends , the four in hand knot , the knot .

I design all my ties for .

I'll be honest with you , you will have to watch this film many times .

Perfection after all is only achieved with practice because I believe a man should trust himself .

Be bold , be able to tell a good story , be present in every moment and still pay attention to the details .

I know I do .


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