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2023-08-09 10:21:05

Black Chicken Curry With Jowar Roti

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Mm mm mm mm .

You know I need to make this great food dance , the dance masala chicken , the mamba , black mamba chicken , chocolate kind of color .

And with this , we're going to make java roti with this nice , elegant and beautiful gravy .

This one .

Mm hm mhm OK .

Welcome back to another session with your washer at whatever dot com .

And today I'm going to make you masala chicken , the black chicken , the mamba , black mamba chicken .

No , this is not the black mamba chicken .

This is just the black chicken .

The they make excellent black color masala called masala .

This one they use coconut and even in this recipe , I am using the similar kind of recipe and the will be very tasty for this .

We're going to use quite a number of masala .

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First coriander seeds , the coriander seeds .

You take little more .

So in this we're gonna add a peppercorn , red chili first .

These uh big ingredients including the whole masal .

I've got cinnamon , black cardamom clubs and Javi three .

The green cardamom is bay leaf and also I'm adding a little bit of this is the stoning .

We're going to slowly dry , roast them .

This is going to take around 78 minutes .

We're going to roast them till they get nice color .

Now , in this , we're going to add a little bit of .

So this has got really multiple flavors and all the , we call it all the nice aromas in this .

We're going to add a fennel , the , the poppy seeds in this , the biryani fool the sesame seeds and coconut .

This is grated dry coconut .

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This one will give a lot of flavor on a very slow flame .

You know , we're going to roast this still .

This coconut is also slightly colored .

Look at this .

This is getting darker , do it as slow as possible and make sure this will color and get a little more darker .

Now put it in a blender and make it into a fine powder and then we're going to start the chicken preparation .

So I'm going to use oil here because the masala are all there .

What more masal we'll add .

Now we are going to again darken the onions , darkening the onions is my favorite , whether it is Biryani or anywhere in this , we're gonna add the onions , add salt and we're going to brown these onions , browning the onions nice , very evenly colored .

I've got some onion paste .

I just want to use this in this .

Even the brown onions is good enough .

This onion paste will also help in giving nice gravy .

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Now you will be able to see that these onions they will slowly get dissolved and disappear and they will become a gravy in this .

We're going to add some ginger garlic paste turmeric .

Once you have this onion puy also slightly cooked the oil to come out of this , only then we're going to add this tomato pure , add the tomato puree and mix it well , the masala nicely .

Right in this , we're going to add the chicken pieces , some of the moisture will start coming out will form a nice gravy in this .

I'm going to add some water also cook well .

In this , we're going to add the chocolate masala .

You know , the chocolate masala is basically this uh masala , whatever we did look at this nice dark color .

I'm going to add some and if I think I need to add more I more later , this will slowly give this nice chocolate color to this gravy .

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See , look at this and also it gives a very silky thickness , let it simmer on a slow flame and we're going to let this cook till this chicken is nicely done for around 20 minutes .

After slowly cooking it , it got the chocolate shine , the chocolate colored , but this is not chocolate chicken .

If you want to check out the chocolate chicken , you watch my old videos , the Mexican mole that with the chocolate I made and just outstanding in the last , we're gonna add some chopped coriander to this .

After 23 minutes , I'm going to serve this , this gravy is nice , silky and just out .

And with this , we're going to make java roti .

You know , this is java is also very popular in the southern part of India Karnataka Maharashtra and , and all this area , this java , this is again called as a tropical millet and sorghum .

So this one , if the flour is fresh , if you press it like this , it has to hole in the shape .

I'm gonna add a little bit of salt .

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This doesn't have gluten content .

So this is a little bit difficult to make this road .

We use a little bit of warm water just to add some warm water and make this in there a little bit of softer mix this and now we're going to make this on a cloth .

See the reason why we do on a cloth is we put it on a cloth and then we transfer it onto a to from the cloth .

So people who are very experienced , you know , then they can do it directly just like a cha , but usually they press it with the hand and do it .

This is it .

But look at it , it doesn't have the strength , it will keep breaking .

I need to add a little more water and then we're going to do it on a cloth .

Another thing while making this road is just have some water and a wet cloth .

So this is the easiest way , you know , I'm just going to show you make the dough and you can do it directly on a floor also .

But I'm going to show you the easy method .

Look at this , these edges keep breaking , put your hands in the water and just keep making it thin .

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It will stop sticking to your hands and then this will stick to the cloth and this is very easy , make thin like this .

And after that , you know , you will be able to transfer it onto the tava directly .

When you take it on the hand , this will start breaking , not a problem , put it on the and again , here , what I am doing is an inexperienced way of doing it when this get dry .

If this has to be cooked well , on the top , they do it with a wet cloth a little bit and the rotie will come out nice and soft , cook it well on both sides and you will have a perfect java roti on a hot to may not be too good , but on both sides , see , you want this roti to be nice and well cooked even on this side , just use the cloth and make sure that this is nicely cooked .

If this slightly puffs up , it is great .

But you want to make sure that this is nicely colored .

Well , once you have this nicely colored , the sweet flavored roti along with the nice spicy chicken , it'll be very , very good .

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Look at this chicken curry .

This is all nice fuming .

Look at the color .

This is what the masala chicken curry .

There are so many other ways they do it .

But this is my favorite .

And the the chocolate colored , the gravy is all shiny , shiny and beautiful .

Even with mutton , you can do this , but this is just too good .

And the Java Roti , my relatives who live pretty much close to my house , they make Java ki roti every day when they look at the way I'm making this roti , they're going to laugh and no matter how big chef when it comes to Java , I made it the simple way so everybody can make it , put it on a wet cloth and do it .

So the other way is a little bit tough .

We use a lot of flour and then we keep hitting with the hand and making a roti .

But this one is good .

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And the Java roti whenever we make at home , the first bite we take and we see the sweetness of the flower with this nice , elegant and beautiful gravy , this one meets hm .

This gravy is not ordinary .

This gravy definitely is extraordinary , just too good and with a little bit of onion and this gravy I don't think I even need the chicken .

The gravy is so good .

Different India has amazing recipes and amazing kind of amazing kind of food .

Amazing kind of masal .

India itself means amazing food different .

You know , this country has greatest foods in the world and I want you guys to , you know , watch my videos every day .

Try as much as possible .

I would appreciate if you can make every day , whatever gravies I'm making whatever dishes I'm making .

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So your family can relish the greatness of the Indian food .

This is just too good .

And the chicken pieces .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

You know , I need to make this great food .

Dance , the dance .

I'm going to take this and some chicken curry for my father .

He will thoroughly enjoy it .

Mm .

Mhm .


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