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2023-08-09 10:29:27

Making Nandos Peri-Peri Chicken At Home _ But Better

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I keep hearing about this place .

Nando's , everyone wants to make it better , but we have a problem .

I've never been there and we have zero locations anywhere near us .

But then our VP Vikram told me they're popping in Chicago .

So we had to make the trip out there .

We bottled up our version of the sauces successfully made it through TS A hopped on a plane and our challenge awaited us except we haven't done any of that yet and we still have to make this , shall we ?

This is very different .

We don't have the home court advantage and more specifically , I've never been to Nando's .

I've never tasted it .

All I have to go off of is photos and maybe some review on Yelp .

I don't know .

Instead of bringing the restaurant to me , I gotta bring me to the restaurant .

Let's just pray we get this recipe right .

Let's be honest , all people care about is the peri peri sauce and the chicken .

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But we're also gonna make Perine corn with the peri peri brown butter chips fries .

But the English want to call it chips , chips fries .

Just make up your mind and garlic bread first .

The coveted sauce look , it's real simple .

Get one white or yellow onion , cut it in quarters , peel it and pop it over an open flame char on all sides .

Pop into a bowl .

Do the same thing with two red bell peppers .

Don't be afraid of the char unless you don't like flavor .

In which case , I guess , throw it right out the window , pop it into your bowl cover , let it sit for five minutes and take it out then into a blender .

Add your onions , making sure to remove the little hairy bush at the bottom .

I don't know how else to say it .

Wipe off the charred bits off your red bell pepper .

Remove the seeds , rough chop if desired , remove the stems from seven red Thai chilies .

Now hang on .

These aren't perry , perry chilies , but they're a good alternative pop in your blender .

Oh ha ha .

Funny man doesn't want to go and get in .

Followed by the zest of one lemon , the juice of one lemon .

That's the same lemon , by the way , a third cup of 73 g of white distilled vinegar .

Seven red Thai chilies , four teaspoons or 10 g of smoked paprika , three quarters of a teaspoon or half a gram of dried oregano , three quarters of a teaspoon or 3 g of ground white pepper .

It includes the garlic , rough chopped and blend until a smooth is physically possible .

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Toss it into a pot to the heat to medium , then add one tablespoon or 15 g of light brown sugar , one bay leaf and optionally 1.5 tablespoons or 18 g of a nice whiskey .

A little fancy .

Now increase your heat to medium high .

Bring it up to a boil .

Reduce to low , remove your bay leaf and let that simmer and reduce for about 20 minutes .

Now pop that back into a blender , adding lemon juice or water to loosen , add salt to taste and 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey for sweetness if you want and blend on high until as smooth as physically possible .

Yes , it can get smoother than while constantly blending , stream in half a cup or 100 g of vegetable oil .

Now look if you want the color darker , so it matches Nando's , you can always add a little extra of paprika or more chilies , but just be aware that more chilies make it more spicy .

And I don't want to hear anyone being like Josh is too spicy .

Finish it off with an additional three cloves of garlic completely raw .

So you've got a little bit of cook a little bit of raw blend that until as fine as possible stream that through a fine enough strainer into a mixing bowl over a nice bath and cool completely season to taste with salt .

And that is your berry berry sauce .

Look , I know we're all here for the peri peri chicken , but we're gonna quickly make a per medium bowl , two egg yolks , salt taste two cloves of garlic , grated one tablespoon of 15 g of Dion mustard .

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Then begin whisking and you're gonna slowly add one and a quarter cup or 255 g of vegetable oil while constantly whisking .

Adding a drop at a time , increasing your stream , it'll get thicker and thicker when it starts to get too thick .

Add a little splash of cold water .

Continue to add until all of your vegetable oil has been added .

Add in the juice of half a lemon whisk that in .

Now , look , if this starts getting too thick , don't keep adding oil .

If you do it'll break and then if the emulsion breaks , you're gonna go to the comments .

You're like , gosh , it didn't work .

What have you ?

Yeah .

Yeah .

Yeah .

Look , you have all the information right in front of you .

You've got this pal .

Now , once you have a thick mayo , add a quarter cup of 55 g of your peri peri sauce was together and you got a well per which I don't like the name of but whatever .

Cool .

You want to do the same thing with the como butter real easy mixing bowl , one cup or 112 g of softened salted butter blend that with a hand mixer .

Then add a third cup of 72 g of peri peri sauce .

Beat that bad boy .

Still smooth and homogenous and well that's actually it .

You grill some corn .

You put a little corel on top , bing , bing bing .

Very nice .

Now , obviously , the butter can be used for other things .

Like for example , garlic bread , you'll just take your butter mix in 1 to 2 cloves are very finely chop garlic , a quarter cup of 4 g of finely chopped parsley mixed together , get a guthy baguette , cut it in half lengthwise , cut it into 4 to 5 inch segments .

You probably won't use all of it .

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By the way , just put it on some butter under each slice , pop it into the oven , set to 3 75 °F and bake for about 15 minutes or until a beautifully toasted garlic bread comes out and get it into pieces .

And you have a beautiful toasty roasty compound butter , garlic bread that makes the angels sing from the tippy top of the Nando's mountains .

Look , the chips are well chips .

You can kind of do whatever you want .

You wanna go buy store bought frozen fries and fry them .

It's not like I can see what you're doing or who knows .

Maybe I am watching anyway if you could do that or you can make a season fry dip by getting a mixing bowl , adding three quarters of a cup or 100 and 12 g of all purpose flour , one teaspoon of 4 g of garlic powder , half a teaspoon or half a gram of paprika , 1.5 teaspoons or 8 g of fine sea salt and one cup of iced water whist together to get a loose batter .

If you get £2 or 900 g of rust potatoes , you peel them .

If you like to waste money on stuff , you might have a French fry slicer like this .

Still don't know why I bought this .

But you know what , when I need it , it sure does come in handy .

Fair potatoes into buttons , either half to a third inch thick , place them into a bowl , salt them generously covered with water and let them sip for about 10 minutes .

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Then drain dry them off , dip them into your batter and then drop into a fryer that's been preheated to 350 °F dry for about 3 to 4 minutes , pull them out and you're gonna season them with a very special mixture of spices , which consists of two teaspoons or 8 g of garlic powder .

Half a teaspoon or half a gram of onion powder , half a teaspoon or 1 g of ground cumin , one teaspoon or 1 g of coriander powder .

And this is the special touch , one teaspoon or 4 g of lemon pepper .

Seasoning doesn't really make sense .

And , and at the same time , 2.5 teaspoons or 5 g of smoked paprika , half a teaspoon or 1 g of Cayenne powder , one tablespoon or 11 g of kosher salt , 1.5 teaspoons or 10 g of granulated sugar .

Whis that together and season your fries generously .

Ok .

It's the moment of truth .

The chicken .

Truth get a baking sheet , cover it with foil .

Unless you like to let the juice get all over it .

Now to serve enough people , you need at least one whole chicken .

But you can do two if you got more people and you're gonna do two split breasts with the wing attached and a leg and a thigh separated .

This is how Nando's does it .

You can for it however you want , you can also go buy an already separated chicken or ask your local butcher to separate it for you .

Oh , how kind ?

We're first going to begin this with a slow roast your chicken season .

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Its taste with salt , generously , brush very lightly with your peri peri sauce and place it into an oven to the 325 °F for about 45 to 50 minutes or until the internal temperature is 160 °F .

That's a nice slow roast brother .

Now it's going to come out and you're like , oh my gosh , Josh , there's no color on it .

What that ?

Oh , we're not done pal .

You're gonna need to get yourself a nice grill it up with one side , cold and one side hot grease .

Your grates , brush your chicken with additional perry , perry and place it on the grill flipping constantly .

And all you gotta do is every 15 seconds you're gonna flip brush with sauce , flip brush with sauce .

You see what's going on here .

If you're building a beautiful peri peri sauce , glaze on this .

It should be glowing with orange color .

Take it off the grill and you're done .

Well , let's see how we did despite the fact that we went in blind , but whatever and taste test .

So we carefully packed up our sauce and it's off to Chicago .

It's a little chilly .

It's only when you walk though .

We're at Victims family's house .

They don't have a grill , but we got this , we're this up and then we're going to Nando's could be better .

Here we are our perry .

Perry so far we've had an actually a splendid experience .

The lemonade is unreal .

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Here's the sauce .

I'm not gonna lie .

It's very delicious skin , crispy , kind of good .

Nervous .

Damn , so spicy but gentle .

You know , this isn't really fast food .

I mean , this is like nicely cooked chicken with sauce .

Well , let's bring in mind we have our contraband .

Let's make this quick .

Hm .

That's tough , man .

They're both really good .

I think it's a tie .

I think we went through all of this for a tie .

Well , I guess we'll do Vikram taste test .

All right , Vicky .

You ready , buddy ?

Ok .

Open up that you , that is so tough .

They both are very different .

As Josh said , the first one has a bit more tang but I like kind of the layering of the second one .

The immediate like , oh I enjoy that straight away .

I would have to give it to the first one and I don't know what the fuck did I ?

It was Nando's .

That's Nando's .

I'm glad we came out here Vikram .

Thank you for your time .

All right .

Makes sense .

The one missing element I think this had was the tang .

We needed more acid , more vinegar , more lemon juice .

But I think this is a good learned lesson .

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You should always put your best foot forward .

Always put your best effort .

We did .

You know what Nando's , you deserve it .

But you also have all the sides that we made , which I know are good .

Just not correct .

But you wanna know what is correct .

B roll .

OK .

So it says the Who wrote these instructions ?

Oh Does that look great big ?

Yeah .

Call me Bob the builder .

All right .

But don't call me Bob .


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