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2023-08-09 09:58:13

How To Clean Shoes (FAST & EASY)

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Hello there .

Shoe Nation .

This is again from Shoe MGK , the number one shoe cleaner in the Nation .

We're here to show you guys how to clean your shoes fast and easy .

Get out the door .

Ok .

So first that we do at home , we just get a bottle , a cereal bowl at home or any kind of bowl that you have .

You basically just wanna fill it up with water .

Ok ?

You don't have to fill it up over to the ledge , but you know , just fill up into a nice amount .

Then what you gonna do from there , you're just gonna take your cleaner conditioner and you're gonna do this 123452 drops , not a whole lot .

Ok .

Now , once you do that , you concentrate the water , then we just start cleaning our fabrics from there .

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So I like to start from the bottom and work my way up as you see from there .

Very easy .

Just take your towel after you see it foaming up because when you , when you see it foaming up , that's when you know it's working , eating up all the dirt and grime .

If you don't have foam that means you're not really getting the results that you're looking for .

Ok .

So after you foam it up , you raise all the dirt and grime up to the surface , just take your towel and you just wipe it out just like that .

There , the insulin , you'll start to see the results , ok ?

Now , this is our cleaner and conditioner that we're using , we're using our clean and protect kit , ok ?

Now , this comes with the cleaner condition and also with the water and stain repellent .

Now , the second stage is the water and stain repellent .

Now , what is this again ?

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It's a Liquid Te line because it's nanotechnology .

It forms a shield over to the fabric to make them weatherproof .

But the cool thing about though our waterproof is also a liter .

So it will take out any scuff mark , scratches , paint or gum .

And as you see here , it has still with the cleaner condition , did not get the scratches and the scrapes out of the shoe .

So essentially what you're gonna do , you're just gonna take your waterproof and spray as close as possible onto the shoe like that .

There , you can just take your towel and you wipe that dirt that scratches and scrapes right out of the shoe .

Do wipe it off like that , just go over the whole shoe where you see where you may have dirt in there .

You know , even if you just wanna do the bottom of your shoe , you'll see how fantastic .

This stuff really , really works .

So that's just a sneak peek on how it really , really gets dirt and grime out of the shoe at the same time .

That's year before last year .

After fast , easy .

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Basically , I will say guys , it takes about two minutes , you know .

So thank you guys again for tuning in Shoe Nation .

This is de signing off from Shoe MGK .

See you next time .


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