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2023-08-09 10:11:09

Dahi_Yogurt Chicken_ Easiest Chicken Curry

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Hello and welcome to my channel , April Flora Tahara .

Today , I'm gonna share with you my recipe for Dali chicken , a chicken curry in yogurt gravy .

It's a very easy chicken curry that even beginners can make .

All you need are some powdered spices , yogurt , and ginger and garlic paste .

So let's see how it is done .

The first and most important step of this curry is to marinate the chicken .

Here I have around 500 g of chicken .

So we'll marinate it with some spices .

Here , I have a teaspoon each of salt turmeric powder , red chili powder , a tablespoon each of masala powder , coriander powder and half a teaspoon of Cuban powder .

That's optional .

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We'll also take 1.5 tablespoons of garlic paste and a tablespoon of ginger paste .

We just give it a mix and then we'll add the whole thing into the chicken .

Now with my hand , I'm gonna coat the chicken pieces really very well with the spices .

So we need to massage the chicken so that it absorbs all the spices .

And here I have the most important ingredient that is a cup of thick plain yogurt that is curd or the so we'll just beat it really well and add it onto the chicken and mix it in .

So we cover it and let it marinate for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator .

Overnight marination would give the best results because yogurt is a meat tenderizer and you will get very butter soft chicken .

Alright , the chicken has been marinating for about 30 minutes now .

So now it's time to cook the chicken for that .

You need a white pan like this .

It's heating over medium heat .

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One more thing about this curry is it is oil free .

You may add on two tablespoons of oil if you wish , but I'm gonna make it oil free .

So just onto the hot pan , we'll add the chicken along with all the marinade .

So now we'll let the chicken cook over medium to high heat until all the raw smell of the spices and ginger and garlic is gone .

So it's been about 15 minutes .

Now you can see that the gravy has completely dried up .

I was stirring it occasionally .

So you can see that even though I had not added a single drop of oil , the fat from the chicken and yogurt has been released and separated from the gravy .

So this is what we were looking for .

So at this point I'll throw in some sliced green chilies that gives a very nice flavor .

You can add it as per your taste .

I have added here three green chilies and half a teaspoon of black pepper powder for extra heat .

Although that's optional .

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And here I have half a teaspoon of Kasuri .

Me that is dry .

Rely , we just crush it and add it .

It gives a very nice flavor , but you can leave it out if you cannot find it .

I just mix it in really well , I had not added any water on up till now .

So now I'll add on 1 to 1.5 cups of water depending on the amount of gravy you want .

So now we can check for salt .

I had not covered the chicken up till now .

At this point , we will cover it and let it cook completely .

It may take around 5 to 7 minutes or medium to high heat .

Alright , the chicken curry is all done and the chicken has completely cooked and the pieces are really very tender and flavorful because of the marination .

Now , I have switched off the stew .

We garnish it with some coriander leaves or cilantro .

So here is the final look of the yogurt chicken .

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So that was my recipe for the chicken or yogurt chicken .

It tastes best with some steamed rice , but you can also serve it with any of the Indian breads .

If you like the recipe , please hit the like button .

It's a very simple chicken curry .

So please do give it a try and post your feedback and also subscribe to my channel until next time .

It's bye from me .

Thanks for watching .


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