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2023-08-07 14:19:49

How to Draw + Color Kissing Emoji step by step -Super EASY Cute

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Hi there .

We hear from Dr Cut in this video .

We're gonna draw and color my cute kissing emoji .

So let's get started with this kissing emoji .

We're gonna first start by drawing a circle .

So I'm using my um handy dandy IKEA cup here to give myself a circle .

So I'm gonna come here and just trace the circle and of course , you don't have to use a template .

You can do this freehand as well , but I just want to make it easier on myself .

So I'm just gonna come about and say right there and draw a circle and as you can see , I left this part open and that's only because I'm using a sharpie and I can't erase and I'm gonna be coloring this for you .

And so I definitely can't erase the sharpie line .

So that's why I'm leaving this open because I have to draw a heart right here .

But if you're using a pencil , um go ahead and draw the whole circle , then you can just erase the line .

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And so from there , we're just gonna start by drawing um our open eye first .

So right here , I'm just gonna draw a circle right here for the eye , another circle , another wobbly circle when this circle is so perfect .

This one looks really bad , right ?

So then from there , we're gonna draw two small circles inside at an angle for highlights and a curve line at the bottom and the lines at the bottom right here and shade in the top .

This is a huge eye , take some shading and I hope you guys love this .

Kissing emoji .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's definitely one of the ones that I love to use a lot when I'm texting just to show how much I um for just to send to my friends when I'm very grateful for them , for their help or anything when I miss them or just to say , hey , what's up ?

I love you because it has a winking eye .

So it's not too serious .

So there we got our Jose I in and then right here in the center of this eye , we're gonna come across .

So come to the center , but right here , come across and just give yourself a point a little dot And so we're gonna draw the winking eye right now .

So it's just a curve and we're gonna curve it to about give ourselves about the same amount of space over here .

So I'm just gonna give myself a point , say all right there and I'm just gonna draw a curve there .

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And so then I'm gonna come in here and just thicken it up .

So come to the edge right here and just thicken it .

So as you notice right here , I kind of curved it a little bit and shade it again just to make it a little bit more bubbly and cuter .

So there I got a winking eye in .

And so then from there , let's draw the eyebrow .

So this eye right here , we're gonna draw a curve right on top and then we're gonna once again go in and thicken it .

And then on this side , this eye is winking .

So this eyebrow is gonna be lower .

So we're gonna come lower right here , about right here and just draw a curve that comes down and then we're just gonna come in here and thicken it again .

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And so we got the two eyebrows in and then finally the cute lips that are uh blowing this hard kiss right here .

So towards the center right here , I'm gonna give myself a point right here and I'm gonna start to draw a three .

So I'm gonna come , it's kind of like drawing a three so nice lips , some very nice curvy lips and come back in and then from there , we're just gonna draw a heart right next to it .

So about right here , just drop big heart .

So that's why I give myself that space , the other side , nice full heart .

And in here , I'm just gonna add a little highlight just to add some sparkle to my heart .

And I'm gonna finish off my circle there .

So from there , I'm just gonna go ahead and color it and I'm using these Creola markers .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Nothing fancy , just water based markers .

And I might go in there with a Creola color pencil just to give it some more depth for shadow .

They're all colored in with the blue for the eyes , yellow for the um emoji and red for the heart and just this orange around the edges to pop out this emoji a little bit more and um this is just me uh sending a kissing emoji to you to thank you for all your love and support .

And I hope you liked how this emoji turned out .

If you did , please give me a thumbs up and share it and remember to subscribe .

So you won't miss any new dress up video .

See you later .


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