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White Chicken Biryani Recipe _ How To Make Chicken Biryani _ Indian Culinary League _ Varun Inamdar

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Is ready .

Ball is spinning the ball .

You can feel the intensity on the ground .

He's gone for it and mhm oh my God .

And it's out of the ground .

Well , with this one thing is clear , IP L is around the corner and with IP L I come up with my show Indian Culinary League where I dedicate a recipe to every team of IP L .

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Welcome to the third season of Indian Kaleri League where today's recipe is dedicated to my most favorite team and also five time winner of the Indian Premier League .

Mumbai Indians .

And the recipe that I'm dedicating to them is again one of my most favorites white chicken biryani .

Let's begin this white chicken biryani is possibly one of the most flavorful biryani that I've ever eaten .

And this one is from the heart of Mumbai .

Of course , now , over the years , it's gone places .

Now everybody makes it in different parts of the country .

But a sense wise , this is absolutely bamba .

Now , what is important for this recipe is the spice mix .

It's not very heavy on spices .

It's very heavy on flavor .

Beginning with stick of cinnamon , a mac blade nutmeg , a black cardamom and a few green cardamom .

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Let's add all of this into the spice render along with this , I'm gonna add in some black peppercorns and like I said , it's nice and heavy on flavor fennel seeds .

A little bit of red chili powder and this one is not for color .

It's for the spice .

So of course , you need to choose the variety which will bring in that element of heat to this .

I'm also gonna add in a bay leaf .

This is a dried Indian bay leaf .

I'm just gonna cut it in pieces and add this into the mixture .

Let's grind this into a powder with this .

Your powder .

Spices are done and ready .

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Let's tap this before opening and all of this gets transferred straight into the pieces of chicken to this .

I'm gonna add in paste of ginger and garlic along with this salt as required and last but not the least good .

Once you add all of this in the next step is to mix all this together and ensure that every piece of chicken gets enveloped in the spice mix .

Now , the most convenient way of mixing this is of course with your hands and ensure that you clean your hands .

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Well , wash them well , mix all of this while this is getting marinated for say 15 , 20 minutes , allow me to wash my hands and get back to the recipe .

It's been 20 minutes .

The chicken is marinated well , let's move on to the cooking process .

But like I said earlier , if you have some time at hand , by all means you can marinate it overnight as well .

Let's begin with oil .

Once the oil heats up , let's add in slice onions .

And along with this , I'm also gonna add in bay leaf .

I'm just going to tear it and I didn't to hasten up this process .

I'm gonna add in just a little bit of salt .

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Remember the fact that the chicken is marinated and the salt was added at that time .

Once the onions just kind of begin to turn golden brown in color .

We add in the marinated chicken .

Let's mix this one with this .

I'm also gonna add in some green chilies and along with this some roughly cut tomatoes now , absolutely chunky pieces .

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You can even quarter them , don't chop them very fine because you don't want them to get mushy while cooking just past them like so and without mixing with this , you cover with a lid , lower the flame and allow this to cook for 20 minutes undisturbed .

It's been 20 minutes and the chicken has been cooking on low flame .

Let's have a quick check .

You notice that the chicken has not only cooked but it's also released some moisture , which is very important for this recipe .

Well , this water at this point in time or this moisture that has been released is a little more at this point in time .

So we increase the flame and allow this to kind of evaporate , which is very important .

Otherwise , this will become like a pulau .

And you're not looking at making a pulau .

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In this case , after five minutes , we give it one quick stir , lower the flame and add in the rice , which is parboiled .

Let's spread the rice across the surface of the container and add in two very important ingredients .

The first one is cream again , just spread it along the entire surface .

Now , this may look and seem like a lot of cream .

But trust me , it's very important , especially for a recipe like this , which is very high on flavor .

Also , I know a lot of people add the cream on top of the chicken and give it one stir .

I personally prefer adding it on the rice because that way the rice becomes very flavorful .

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Also , along with this , I'm adding in melted key with this , you cover this once again and on low flame , continue cooking this for another 20 minutes .

And with that , you'll have the most amazing flavorful white chicken biryani done and ready .

It's been 20 minutes .

The Biryani is definitely done and ready .

Now allow this to settle for another five minutes and then we begin serving .

It's been five minutes and the Biryani has well settled .

Let's begin to serve well , this IP L season .

I personally feel Rohit Sharma is gonna be quite a game changer .

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You let me know in the comments section , which is that one player that you think is really going to shine with this , your white chicken biryani is done and ready .

Do try making this recipe of white chicken biryani this season of the Indian Premier League .

And for most such recipes , stay tuned to get curried like the video if you've liked it , share it and stay tuned .

Bye for now .


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