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2023-08-09 10:05:33

How to make the best and easiest caramel

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Need salt .

Needs salt and butter .

Hm .

They're both a little bit bland .

Obviously without any salt or season on there , the Orville Red and Boxer has a little bit better texture .

I'm gonna salt these up , add some seasoning and I think they're both really good .

I think the sal popcorn bowl worked well .

Surprisingly well .

So I think the reviews are , are justified that this has a 4.7 star rate on there .

I would say that's about accurate , but now I've got all this popcorn to eat .

I'm gonna do about that .

I never used to let my pets on the couch , but on New Year's , there was fireworks going off and she was scared .

So I let her up here and I couldn't stop her once that started .

So Bailey and I are gonna watch some TV now and I'm pretty happy with the celery , although you do have to season it afterwards .

It's a little bit bland if you don't .

But otherwise I think it's a pretty good option to make some cheap popcorn and that's it for this video .

I'll be back in a couple of days with something new .

Hope everybody stays safe and I'll see you next time .

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Brown sugar right here .

I have a little tub right over here that I sit and use and then butter .

I get the big sticks from Costco one of those , you need just one cut in half .

It's basically one cup , need some vanilla and some baking soda and that's it .

It's all you need .

Ok , this is what we need to do .

Get a five quart pan just like that .

But one cup of butter , which is basically two sticks .

If you buy , you know , two sticks of butter .

Basically , there's one cup , that's what you need right there and then you need two cups of brown sugar , two cups of brown sugar , what you need right there .

Mix that up .

Nice and neat .

Just like that .

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You don't have to be precise with it , but two cups of brown sugar and then half a cup of dark coral syrup .

That's what you need right there .

Half a cup .

Like I say , you don't have to be precise with it just roughly .

Yeah , I have a tendency to use a little bit more at times just like that .

Put it all in here just like that .

Get it all in there really good .

And like I say , this pan seems a little big for it , but you'll see why it needs to be a little bigger .

Uh , like say a five court works perfect and you wanna mix it all up .

So it's nice and frothy and it usually won't take too long to do that .

So we'll come back once it gets going on that .

I have , I have Riley here , my son helping me what you want to do is mix it right up just like this .

You just get it in there .

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Medium heat is what you want to do and just get it all to melt up in that .

And it'll take about , I don't know , 5 , 10 minutes .

So here we go .

We got our popcorn all filled up in our pan .

It's two batches .

I used two batches in a hot air popper , but this is a standard roasting turkey pan and it's just full , uh a little over the top as you can see , but not too much .

And you just want to have it basically full .

So when you pour the sauce over the top of it , you've got enough room to be able to mix it up .

All right .

Now , our sauce is coming along really nice .

See how it's nice and fluffy takes about 55 to 10 minutes to get it to this point right here and it's nice and frothy , it's all mixed up .

You want to get it all mixed up really nice , nice and creamy just like this and it's basically set .

Now , this is where the secret of how to make this comes in comes into play .

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And this is the reason why you use a bigger pan .

You wanna shut the heat off .

I have the heat set there , like I said , set to a low and as soon as you shut the heat off and you add the baking soda , you gotta mix it up and then I'll show you that in one second , one teaspoon of vanilla just like this .

Put that in there like that .

Nice and more pot .

I almost have a little too warm for it .

And then this is the secret right here .

You need to do this half a teaspoon of baking soda .

Throw that right into there just like that .

And then we got to mix it all up and as you mix it , it's gonna turn it all nice and creamy and white and you gotta mix it for a little bit .

See , it's not ready yet .

You'll know once it starts , see how it starts to turn a little white .

There we go .

You gotta keep mixing there .

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See , that's the baking soda reacting .

See now it's doubling up in size and see how light and fluffy that's become .

Now that's what you need to do and you wanna make sure you stirred enough .

So it's all incorporated .

If you start too much , it might start to collapse .

You'll know what it's kind of done .

It's completely mixed right now .

So this is perfect right here .

Now , we're ready to add it to our popcorn .

There it goes .

OK .

So it's all fluffy .

It's ready to go right now .

Come with me , Riley .

There we go .

And you take this and you just pour it all over the top just like this .

It's nice and just coat it .

Coat the whole pan just like this .

Make sure you get all your sauce out of it .

There you go .

Don't move it too much .

Riley .

There you go .

Riley .

My seven year old is helping me videotape this .

He loves to help me bake .

I love to bake .

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I do a lot of baking and cakes and cookies and all kinds of stuff .

Don't I Riley ?

And you're my helper .

So just doesn't need to be a woman in the kitchen .

Guys .

You can make this and get all of the praises instead of the wife or the girlfriend or someone taking all the praise .

And like I say , this is a perfect gift at Christmas to give out to people for a Christmas gift .

There's nothing like having homemade car for and what you wanna do now this is why you use , you don't overfill your pack because you gotta come in and you gotta be able to mix this up like this and you don't need to go overboard .

You just wanna make sure you coat it all , just like this , coat it up a little bit , get it all nice .

So you know , you kind of take something from the bottom to the top and just kind of rotate it around , make sure you get it all even like this a little bit .

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But like I say , it doesn't have to be perfect yet .

Our next step and this is a big step also with the baking soda you have to put this in the oven for one hour .

Put it up to me right .

You have to put it in the oven for one hour at 250 degrees and let it bake for one hour .

And during that time you wanna stir it at least twice .

Um , preferably three times but at least twice go in , you know , like every 20 minutes , 15 minutes , 20 minutes and just pull it out , stir it real quick just to make sure you keep coating the sauce over it .

And that's it .

It's all nice and mixed up and we're right .

Throw it in the oven , right .

He's got to sample it just before we throw it in there and there we go .

It's in the oven set at 250 degrees .

You got to remember that .

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2 50 just like that .

Start in a timer .

I cook with a timer .

There we go .

And it is it .

Ok ?

So you've been cooking for about 20 minutes and all you do now is just come in , right ?

Just like this and kind of stir it up a little bit .

So it's starting to get kind of crunchy and everything in there .

And then this is why you don't have to be so precise when you first pour it on there .

Ok .

Car corn's been in there for an hour .

We just took it out .

This is the last tip to do once you take it out of the oven after you let it sit for about a minute or so , you wanna come in and you need to stir it all up .

If you don't , you're gonna end up with a big glob of popcorn .

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So you need to make sure that you come in and you end up stirring it all up nicely .

You break it all up and there you go .

That's it .

You've got caramel cord , it takes 15 minutes to make the sauce and the popcorn itself and then an hour in the oven .

So that's all you need to do .

An hour and 15 minutes .

And you've got delicious popcorn , put it in the little tin and go hand it out to whoever you want for Christmas presents , birthday presents or anything like that .

So that's it .

Until next time .

This is Lee and goodbye .


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