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2023-08-06 15:54:41

🔵 How to Make Perfect Fluffy Waffles

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So we're just gonna dice this up and add some cilantro salt and pepper .

I'm just using Shallotte because I don't have any red onion .

All right , I'm just gonna lightly cook this spinach to wilt it .

There's , uh , some residual oil and onion juice in this pan from when we caramelize the onions .

So that'll be good .

So you don't need to add anything to this .

So these waffles would be perfect with vegan sour cream or cashew sour cream , which we have a recipe for .

I'll link below except we're doing a recipe .

So I have left over almond ricotta , which is from our lasagna roll ups .

If you recall , I'm gonna take this and put it in a blender and we're gonna liquefy it into more of a cheese like sauce .

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I'm just gonna add about a , I don't know , one or two tablespoons of liquid here , almond milk and a little bit of apple cider vinegar to just tarten it up a little bit because it's already cheese flavored .

Ok .

It's thinned out enough , but I'm just gonna add a little bit of oil because I think that'll make it a little smoother .

It is almonds .

So it's not gonna be as smooth as say , cashews .

But I think this will just kind of like beef it up .

Well , would you look at that ?

There's our savory potato waffles , topped with spinach and tomato salsa and almond ricotta cheese .

These look delectable .

Now , I would say it's a successful recipe .

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Got two eggs and about a cup and a half of milk just throwing it all in the bowl and then you just mix it up and that's it .

You don't need to over mix it .

A few lumps are ok .

No problem .

So the waffle iron is hot and it's time to pour in the first bit of batter .

Now , this particular waffle iron takes about a cup of batter to fill .

Yours will be maybe a little bit different and you just want to scoop it in and make sure that you spread it evenly around the plate , close the lid and start the timer .

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We just had a little bit of trial and error at the beginning there trying to get that waffle to stick and stay together .

And yet again we were saved by gluten .

Mm .

Oh , very savory and oniony .

Hm .

Mhm .

So much better than a sweet waffle .

I'm gonna eat that whole tray .

I made it look like a waffle party platter , but you could also just leave them whole , make one big stack for yourself .

All the flavors really came together .

They're on point .

We had to play a little bit with that batter .

So I don't have an exact recipe for you because it's a recipe .

I'm gonna try it again and make sure I get it perfect .

And then I will link it below um to our blog hot for food blog dot com .

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Let me know what you think about this one and the little experiment we did with the Waffle Iron in the comments below .

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I'll link it below as well as here and I post extra food content like what I eat in a day .

Uh Sometimes some vegan snack taste tests , different kind of stuff and vlogs so you can see what's going on in my life and you may or may not know this , but Hoffer food is working on a cookbook .

So it's not coming out for a little while because we need some time to work on it .

But just so , you know , I'm working on like the best of the best recipes for that .

So stay tuned .

I will be showing behind the scenes of that whole process on my personal youtube channel .

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All right .

Also , I'm just gonna plug a lot of stuff right now .

Go to hoffer food blog dot com because we've got hot for food shirts on sale .

Yes , we do .


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