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2023-08-07 14:25:59

The Best Way To Clean TRASHED White Vans!

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What's going on youtube Hayden here with rejuvenator .

Today , I am going to be showing you guys how to clean what used to be an all white van until Johnny got his hands on them and did , who knows what ?

But that's ok .

We got our signature kit .

We are going to be giving these things a nice deep clean .

So let's go ahead and get started .

So first step , we're gonna go ahead and just clean this left shoe for video purposes so we can take this right one , throw it on the ground and we got our handy dandy shoe tree .

Now these are a size 12 .

So we've already put it to about the second to last hole , make sure you get it in there nice and tight .

And now you can see toe box is nice and firm .

So when we're cleaning , it won't have to worry about any damages or anything .

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So with that done , we can now go ahead and take these laces out , laces out , toss those to the side for now and we will go ahead and begin cleaning this upper with our soft bristle brush squirt some solution into our bowl All right .

So these things are pretty filthy .

So I'm gonna get them pretty soaked up .

So throw a bunch of solution on there .

These things nice and clean .

Always remember to brush in that circular motion .

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Mm I do like vans .

Um Yeah , I mean it's a classic , you can never go wrong with the pair of vans .

I'm not a huge fan of all white , all white vans just because they end up turning out like this .

I prefer like the old school classics .

Uh Let me note down in the comments .

What's your guys' favorite pair of vans to rock skateboarder at all ?

Um See , I tried to get into skateboarding when I , when I was little .

Um And then iii I remember what I did but I was trying to do something .

Um I fell , I messed up my arm really bad and I think I fractured it and I had to wear like a sling for like three weeks and I got made fun of about it in school .

And so , no , I have not picked up a skateboard since then .

I probably won't again .

All right , we can go ahead and wipe these uppers down .

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They're probably as good as they're going to get with just the brushes and solution .

All right .

So as you can see , we got off the majority of the stains .

However , there still are a few deep stains , but I'm not too worried about it .

That's what our laundry system is there for , it's going to go in and flush out all those deep stains .

So now we will go ahead and move on to the mid sole and the sole because this is just a regular rubber , mid sole .

There's no paint on anything or like that .

We can go ahead and use our stiff bristle brush .

So let's get started thing .

You want to watch out for guys when you are using this stiff brush on vans , especially on the mid .

Just try to avoid hitting this upper with it at all .

You don't want to snag the material .

You don't want to rip anything .

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So just be careful , be cautious with how hard you guys are scrubbing .

You don't want to scrub too hard and slip and maybe mess up the material .

So just be careful when you guys are scrubbing right ?

So mid , so looking nice and pearly white again , we are gonna go ahead and move on to the soles of our shoes and still use a stiff bristle brush .

All right , everybody souls nice and clean looking almost brand new again .

Same thing with the mint .

So however , as you can see this white canvas is looking super dingy .

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Um not sure what it is with vans , but this tends to happen a lot , especially when they get wet .

They look a lot more dingier like when than when they're dry .

So what I am gonna do is I'm gonna hit the uppers a few more times with our soft brush dresses to try to break down as much dirt as possible .

Um , and then we'll move forward with throwing these into the washing machine upper are looking a little bit better after that second treatment with the soft brush .

However , I don't think we're going to be able to get these more clean with just the brushes and solution .

So we're gonna go ahead and set this to the side , clean these laces real quick and then we will put the shoes into the washing machine for cleaning the laces .

Super simple .

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Take them , scrunch them up in your hands , dip them around in the solution , get them nice and saturated and you just take them and rub them right in between your hands .

So to dry them off , you can just take the laces and string , dry them in between the towel .

And what that'll do is that'll get rid rid of any of the excess water or solution that might be left over .

Alrighty laces are nice and clean looking pearly white again .

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Next step is going to be to put our shoes and our laces into our rejuvenator laundry bag so we can put these into the washing machine , get them all locked up and secure .

Alrighty , we are ready to throw these bad boys into the washing machine .

So let's go do that right now .

Next step is going to be to take one of our rejuvenator laundry pods and put it into our laundry bag .

Go ahead and throw it right in there , fasten it up .

Make sure it's nice and secure , drop the shoes in there and then when you are cleaning guys , make sure you remember to use cold water with a normal cycle .

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Ok .

Everybody , we are back as you can see , vans looking all white and crispy again .

Super pleased with how these came out .

They cleaned up .

Super nice .

One thing I do wanna point out there are some still looks like some oxidation , maybe some glue stains around here think that's just from cleaning the shoes .

Sometimes you might see that glue stain on some shoes .

It it tends to be super noticeable , especially on white shoes .

Unfortunately , there isn't much that can be done about that , but that's OK .

I'm still super happy with how these turned out .

Overall uppers are still super crispy bottoms are looking nice and clean mid so are pure white .

So I'm super happy with how these turned out .

We did use our signature rejuvenator kit which you can find at rejuvenator dot com .

But overall super pleased with how these came out .

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I think that's gonna do it for us today and make sure you guys are following us on all of our social media platforms , Instagram , Twitter , Youtube , Facebook , all that stuff .

So you can stay up to date on new products , discounts we might be doing .

Uh we're always announcing working on huge stuff .

So make sure you guys are always following us and I'll catch you guys next time .

Peace .


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