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2023-08-06 16:14:41

How to clean Adidas Ultra Boost & Adidas NMD with Reshoevn8r

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You know , how's it going ?

This is Steve with rejuvenator .

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We will be cleaning a pair of all white NM DS and Ultra boosts .

We're gonna clean one shoe so we can show you the side by side comparison .

We will be using our advanced three brush sneaker laundry system today .

Uh In addition to that , we'll be using our brass bristle brush .

So let's get started as you can tell that they're not quite as dirty as some of our other cleanings .

The reason being is we got a lot of people coming and I'd never get my shoes that dirty this and that .

So these are actually just worn , um , you know , day , day to day wears and obviously they're all white .

So they get , they get dirty pretty easily .

So just to let you know that they're not filthy , filthy , but they are still dir .

So before I put the shoe tree in this white N MD , um we do have one of our new Insoles Rejuvenator insoles that are available on rejuvenator dot com .

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I'm gonna take that out .

So the first step in this process is to insert adjustable shoe trees , make sure you adjust it to the correct length for the size shoe that you're wearing .

So , one of the benefits to cleaning your shoes with the shoe is it allows you to apply pressure on the toe box and it not in debt , it really helps you get a better clean .

So , before I start cleaning these shoes , I'm gonna take out the laces being that they're white and I want to get the tongue , you know , the mesh on the tongue clean .

Um I , I advise to take out the laces when you're clean .

So the next step in this process is to put some of our advanced sneaker cleaning solution into a small dish or bowl .

So the first brush I'm gonna use today is our Hog Bristle suede brush .

There's a couple of reasons behind that today .

Uh Number one , these are both mesh shoes .

It's the premium brush , the softest bristles .

In addition to that , it creates the most lather when using the hog bristle suede brush .

Don't be afraid to apply pressure .

You're not going to damage the material with this brush .

So these actually look pretty good .

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I'm gonna move on to the all purpose brush and hit the mid .

So when cleaning , um boosts ultra boost NM DS this foam .

So you don't wanna use the sole brush .

Um If you do , you don't , you don't want to apply too much pressure .

Um That's why I'm using the all purpose brush .

So now that I've done a decent pretreat , um , I'm gonna wipe the shoe down just to see if I can see any stubborn stains or any dirt that's left and then I can give that more attention right now .

Ok .

Now I'm gonna use the sole brush , but with , um , ultra boost and NM DS , you want to be careful not to scrub the foam too hard .

So , what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use this sole brush and I'm gonna gently go around the basic of the sole , um , that , that comes up onto the mint .

So a lot of times when using the soul brush , just let the brush do the work .

There's no reason to add a ton of pressure to it .

The bristles are stiff and they're gonna clean the way that they need to .

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As you can see , I gently would around the edge and you can see how much wider it is .

I didn't apply much pressure at all .

All right .

Now , we're gonna clean the bottom of this sole .

We're not one of the companies that go out there and switch shoes .

After when they do the cleaning , we don't take a brand new shoe and put it in the after shots .

All of ours are 100% authentic .

Um , we show it to you step by step .

We're not trying to trick anybody .

Our products do the job .

So check it out again .

I'm just gently hitting this sole , letting the brush do the work .

As you can see , that's still the same sole , same shoe .

I'm not gonna worry about all that stuff right there .

I'm just kind of showing you how the products work and how well they , they , they work if you want to use them to clean .

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So , um , I'm not too worried about that personally , so I can see some dirt marks in here .

I'm gonna hit those again , but really that's what the laundry system is gonna do .

It's gonna allow water and soap to get inside this material and get that dirt out instead of pushing it further down .

Ok .

So here's a side by side comparison .

This is the one we just did the pretreat or the pre clean on .

Um , this is the dirty one .

I'm still gonna put these in the washing machine to get the full deep cleaning on them .

Um , so now I'm just gonna move on to the , uh ultra boost .

These things are pretty dirty .

Um , like I mentioned before , they're not completely filthy , they're not something that we went out and thrashed .

So we could show you how well the product works .

This is just everyday use everyday wear .

Um , I do want to point out there's , you know , pretty good amount of dirt right next to this glue line .

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You can actually see the glue line underneath the material .

Um , so I just wanted to point that out .

So you could see how much cleaner it gets .

So , shoe trees are already in here .

I don't need to do that .

I'm gonna start with this suede brush again .

The reason I'm gonna use this suede , the hog bristle suede brush first .

It's the softest brush .

These are mesh shoes .

You don't want to damage the material and it creates the most foam .

When you're cleaning ultra boots , you always want to make sure you get beyond the , you know , behind these flaps , that's what gets , um , a lot of dirt trap behind there .

So when you're cleaning these , just make sure you pull this back and really get in here .

Good .

Ok .

You two .

Now we're gonna go on to the all purpose brush to hit these mid soes loosen the dirt a little bit .

Last , we will use the sole brush again .

There's no need to apply much pressure , let the brush do the work .

I'm just going to gently go over this sole .

Normally , I wouldn't wipe the shoe down before I put it in the washing machine .

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I just want to show you a side by side comparison to the dirty one before it goes in the washing machine though .

You can't really tell right now , but these are a lot cleaner , they're wet , so they're a little darker than they normally will be .

Once we put these in the washing machine and let them fully dry , they're gonna look great .

So , before we put these in the sneaker laundry bag .

I'm gonna clean the laces .

The best way I've found to clean laces is to dip them in the solution and then just rub them between your hands .

All right .

Now we're gonna put these in our sneaker laundry bag .

Um , if you haven't seen us do this before , basically , wanna put the shoes facing in opposite directions .

Don't forget to put your , uh , laces inside the bag .

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So they get clean , take this slip knot so it doesn't open in the machine and you're good to go .

They're ready to go on the washing machine .

All right , here we go .

We got our White NM DS all White Ultra Boost .

We're gonna set the washing machine , cold water .

Very important medium .

How's it going youtube Day two with the white NM DS and the White Ultra boost .

So they've been clean , they look really good .

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Um I'm not sure if the camera is gonna pick up exactly how clean they got in comparison to how dirty we'll show you some close ups .

So you can see , but here's the white NM DS .

I mean , they look pretty damn good .

I will be wearing these again shortly .

Um That's for the NM DS for the Ultra booths .

I know a lot of people are wondering how to clean these .

We've had a lot of comments .

A lot of questions .

This is the best way to clean them using our sneaker laundry system with our , our basically advanced three brush , sneaker , laundry system .

So you have all the brushes .

Um , I mean , they look really good as you can see deep clean .

I already laced both of these up last night .

I couldn't wait .

I saw how clean they were getting , so I just decided to lace them up .

That's why they have laces in them , but overall very , very happy with how this turned out .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um This is the first time cleaning both these pairs of shoes .

So now basically I gotta clean the other one so I can wear them again .

So that's gonna include the cleaning on these all white ultra boots and these all white NM DS .

Don't forget to leave comments on what shoes you'd like to see us do .

Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and use youtube clean to save 15% at rejuvenator dot com .

Thank you .


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