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2023-08-06 15:27:39

How to Download Videos from Microsoft Teams_Streams for offline use 100% working (only Windows)

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Hello , you too today .

I'm going to teach you how to download videos from Microsoft streams um when you're part of Microsoft teams , um and you don't have access to download a meeting recording .

It's , it's very difficult to download it for offline use today .

I'm going to show you how , how to do that .

Um I actually researched on it and uh I found a project in github .

Uh I'm going to leave the link to this project in the description below , but this is basically this is the project , the streamer and it has all the features , the documentation and all that here .

So you can go check it out .

But then I decided to make it very simple .

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I compiled your code so you don't need to , to download and install no Js , you can just run it , but as you can see from the purposes you need no J SNP MFF MP A G and all that .

So I decided to make it very simple for a call to use .

So yes , go on .

So you'll find I'm going to put all the link for all the operating systems in the description below .

So if you are on windows , we have windows 64 bits and then 32 bits .

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So in order to check um your systems , a architecture , you can just go to start and then type run , then you open , then you just type this DX Dia Gen and , and Dialog box should open giving the description of your , your operating system .

So I'm just gonna wait a while for that to open .

So you can see .

So OK has been open .

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So as you can see here that's carry digital time , that's my computer name and our system , this is all we need .

So which of our version of Windows could be Windows , seven windows , eight windows , 10 , not that so no pro 64 bit .

So as you can see , I'm using the 64 bit .

If he is the 32 bit , then you would have to download the 32 this Dreamer win 32 version .

So 64 .

So I'm just going to extract it right in this folder .

So when you heat it right here , um you can use any archive manager to extract this provided .

You are able to extract it doesn't matter .

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I'm using Wera it , it's pretty cool , but he's fine .

OK .

So extraction done .

Now you're going to try to download so a good stats and then type C MD when you open a command prompt .

Now with this , make sure you don't , you don't run as an administrator just open normally .

So hit open .

So this dialogue back up .

Now I have to navigate to where this , this dreamer as far as the in which it is .

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So I can just go up here and then copy , then I come to my command prompt and type CD space and then I paste , then I hit enter .

So now I'm going to now we are done .

So I want to check if um my program is this will run better .

So I just just take note of this file in this streamer .

So I type these three and so if you should see this options and all that meaning that is well , so now this is the command here .

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I'm going to leave the command to start the download in the description below .

So first I can do so this is how was to attend this dream streamer space minus I then a quotation , I open a bracket , a quotation , sorry .

And then I'm going to get and I just past my link here and close the bracket , then I hit enter .

So if you open a browser for me where I can log into my Microsoft streams accounts .

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So here I'm just gonna log in , input my email , my A TS and I'm logged in .

So as you can see , I'm logged in , you are logged in and uh my download shoots that any moment from now .

So it's downloading , they call him .

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Of course , unless you are , you need this method if , if the owner or whoever recorded the team meeting has not granted you access , which is something that is usual .

So as you can see , the download has started , it's at 1% and there , I'm going to pause the video , so I don't waste your time .

And when it's done , I'm gonna show you um the end .

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So , so now the download is complete and if I go to the folder , I'm gonna see a videos folder here with my completed download here and that's it .

So any time you just want to download , just open command prompt , navigate to the Florida where , where you can find the the streamer as a credible file and then you just run the command .

I'm going to put a command in the description below and the link to download all these files .

OK ?

So thank you , share .

Subscribe to my channel for more of more tutorials like this .

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And thank you .

Bye bye .


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