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2023-08-06 15:26:20

SECRET Firestick Install Code for a FULLY LOADED Firestick 👀 Download Every App!!

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If you've got a fire stick or other fire TV device , you've probably already discovered a helpful app called downloader , which you can use to install apps you can't find on the Amazon App store .

If you haven't yet discovered downloader , you are missing out on tonnes more apps and in this video I'll show you the only downloader code you'll need .

Let's go and take a look before we start a quick reminder that a VPN is another essential app for your fire stick .

If you want to unlock its full streaming potential Atlas VPN is a great choice and unblocking geo restricted content is a great example of how it can benefit you .

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If you live in the US , you can collect Atlas VPN to a UK server and watch Netflix content from the UK library and vice versa .

Just be aware that some apps are available in certain areas only .

For example , the ABC app can only be used by viewers in the US .

But with a VPN such as Atlas VPN , you can trick your Internet into thinking that you are in the US so that you can enjoy the content from the ABC app .

No matter where you are .

Check out the link in the description or pinned comment below to get a VPN for just $1.83 a month , plus three extra months for free .

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If you haven't already got the downloader app , let's quickly install it from the Amazon App store from the home screen .

Choose the find option , then click on search .

Use your remote to start typing in the word downloader and you'll see it pop up underneath the on screen keyboard .

Click on Downloader , then click the orange downloader app on the next screen .

Click the button to get or download the app .

Then , when it's finished installing , click open and then click allow .

Otherwise , you'll get errors when using downloader , and you won't be able to save files to your device if you have a newer fire stick or fire TV , where the developer Options menu is hidden .

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When you get to the My Fire TV settings , select about next .

Tap the select button on your remote seven times , or until you see a message at the bottom of the screen that says no need .

You are already a developer .

Once that message appears , press the back button on your remote once , and you'll now be able to see and access the developer options menu and allow downloader to install unknown apps .

You can use downloader to visit Web pages and side load apps onto your fire stick , such as my downloads page , and you can access it by entering one short and simple code .

Open downloader and type in 28907 .

Then click Go and wait a few seconds for the page to load .

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Tap down the screen to view a list of categories for Movie and TV , show Apps , Live TV and sports apps , news and more .

This downloads page has over 400 apps , so make sure you add it to your favourites .

That way you can keep returning to it to install even more great apps on your fire stick .

To add it to your favourites , press the options button on your remote , then select add current page to favourites .

A name for the page is automatically generated , but if you want to change it , tap on the name , then click clear and change it to whatever you want .

Then click next and click done Now you don't even need to remember the short code .

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To get to my downloads page , just open downloader and tap over to the left to select favourites , then tap across to the link to open it .

You might find it easier to view the downloads page in full screen mode , and to do that , all you need to do is press the options button twice on your remote .

Now select a category .

Then you'll see a list of apps .

Find an app you want to install and select it .

Then , on the next page , you'll find more information about the APP , with links to a tutorial if needed , and a blue download button that looks like this .

Select the button and install the app .

Now , when the APP is installed , make sure to click done , then click .

Delete and delete again to delete the installation file as it's no longer required .

And it will just take up space on your fire stick .

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You can now go into your APP screen and open your newly installed apps as always .

Thank you for watching .

If you enjoyed this video , don't forget to hit that thumbs up button comment and subscribe to my channel , making sure that you turn on notifications so you don't miss out on any of my latest releases .

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