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2023-08-06 15:56:28

How to Make the BEST Homemade Waffles

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Today on sugar , we're making homemade waffles , a sugar spun bakers today .

I'm really excited to be sharing this Waffle recipe with you and I hope you're excited too because so many of you have been asking me for a waffle recipe recently .

It is crazy .

I've gotten so many requests .

So I went right to work , started working on this .

If you follow me on Instagram , you saw how many fails I went through .

I mean , I tested this recipe over a dozen times to get it just straight .

We are finally here with the perfect homemade waffle recipe .

So let's go ahead and get started .

Now , the first thing you are going to need is a large mixing bowl and to that you are going to want to add two cups of all purpose flour along with the flour .

We're going to add three tablespoons of granulated sugar , two tablespoons of corn starch , the corn starch helps to give us waffles that have a nice crisp exterior , helps keep them from getting soggy .

We are also going to add two teaspoons of baking powder , a half teaspoon of baking soda and a 3/4 teaspoon of salt .

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Now we're going to whisk everything together .

You want your dry ingredients to be nicely combined .

And I know technically sugar is a wet ingredient , but in this case , it's going in with our dry ingredients .

Alright .

So once you have your dry ingredients plus your sugar nicely combined , we are going to make a well in the center just using a spatula to do this , you could use a spoon instead .

And the reason we're making this nice little well is because it gives us a nice spot to combine all of our wet ingredients without having to use a separate bowl to do that .

Now , the next ingredient you're going to need is two cups of buttermilk .

If you don't have buttermilk on hand , I have a super simple alternative , a nice and easy substitute .

I will link to that in the description below the buttermilk to our well , next ingredient you need for this recipe is two large eggs .

Now to get nice fluffy waffles that don't taste very eggy .

I am going to recommend that you separate the egg whites from the egg yolks .

We are only going to be adding the egg yolks to this part of the recipe .

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We're going to use those egg whites in just a minute .

Make sure wherever you are putting your egg white is a nice clean dry place .

Put those little string proteins off of there .

Now , set those egg whites aside .

We don't need them just yet , but you do not want to get rid of them .

And then back to our nice little , well , here we are going to add one teaspoon of vanilla extract .

We'll use our whisk and try to stay within this well , here and we'll just scramble everything together until the egg yolks vanilla and milk are nicely combined , or at least they appear to be nicely combined and your egg yolks are at least broken up .

All right , before we go too crazy and start to incorporate the dry ingredients completely , we are going to drizzle in four tablespoons of melted butter .

This is unsalted butter .

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I've melted it and I've let it cool a little bit and I'm going to just pour it into the well , while mixing this helps to incorporate the butter as evenly as possible .

You'll probably notice that it starts to curdle a little bit once it hits the milk , that's ok .

Just do your best to get everything nicely combined .

All right .

Now , we're going to start to gradually incorporate the rest of the batter .

I'm going to start by using my whisk and then in a moment , we'll switch over to my spatula .

You don't want to over mix your waffle batter .

So I don't like to use the whisk for this whole process .

I just like to use it to begin to get everything incorporated .

Then I switch over to my spatula .

You want everything to be pretty well combined .

But as I said , you don't want to over mix .

However , if you have some lumps in your battery , that is completely fine .

Alright .

Your waffle batter is almost done .

But remember those egg whites , we just separated a little bit ago .

You're going to want to grab those now and we're going to pour these into a completely clean , completely grease free dish .

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I did a lot of research when I was developing waffles , I did a lot of tests with and without the egg whites .

And let me just say that this yields the best results .

Nice fluffy waffles with a crisp exterior .

I highly highly recommend that you don't skip this step .

Not quite there yet .

Our peaks are still falling over .

All right .

Good .

See , that's what I'm talking about .

The peaks that have formed are holding their shape .

They're not falling over themselves .

They're not falling back into the batter so we can go ahead and gently fold this in to our waffle batter .

You definitely don't want to use your electric mixer for this step and you definitely want to use a light hand when you're doing this .

You don't want to over mix your waffle batter and you don't want to deflate the egg whites that you just whipped .

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So at this point , you're going to want to heat up your waffle iron so that it can begin to get warm .

I do recommend waiting until your waffle batter is completely combined before you start heating up your waffle iron .

This lets your waffle batter have some time to rest and thicken a little bit , which is ideal for making these waffles .

Now , how much batter you need for each waffle is going to vary depending on your iron for this particular iron .

This is a presto waffle iron .

I found that I need a heavy cup of batter per waffle .

It's actually probably a little bit closer to one and 1/4 cups of batter .

I really like this little iron that I'm using .

I will make sure to link to it in the description below .

So that if you don't have one , you can grab this one too .

It's pretty inexpensive and it makes great waffles .

Now , my waffles with this iron generally take about four minutes to cook .

However , if you're not sure how long your particular iron is going to take a good way to tell your waffles are finished is when the steam that's coming off of the iron starts to slow down or actually when it stops , that's a good sign that your waffle is done or at least almost done .

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Now , the first waffle usually comes out a little bit funky .

This one is actually not too bad .

It's still usually completely edible .

And then once you've made your first waffle , you'll just want to repeat with the rest of your batter until you have used all of it .

I find with this recipe , I usually get about four Belgian waffles and that is it .

I am so excited for you guys to try this one .

Nice crisp exterior , super fluffy interior .

So flavorful .

I love the flavor of these waffles .

If you try this recipe out , please let me know what you think .

I always love hearing from you .

Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time .

Hm .

Mm .


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