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2023-08-09 09:56:15

Reshoevn8r Challenge - How to clean really dirty White Vans

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Know how's it going youtube ?

This is Steve with Rejuvenator .

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Um We drop new videos every Monday and Thursday restorations by Vic .

I know you guys are loving that .

Um Today we are having a rejuvenator challenge .

Not even sure to be honest with you .

What's gonna happen with these things ?

These are probably the dirtiest white bands I've ever seen .

Damn Daniel all the way .

So what we're gonna be doing today is using our three brush advanced sneaker laundry system um with a brass bristle sway uh brass Bristle sway brush for these .

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So , um again , I'm not sure what's gonna happen , but let's find out .

Now .

We gotta put rejuvenator advanced sneaker solution into a small dish or bowl .

I'm not even sure if these were white ones .

These might have been gray now that we've used this hard bristle suede brush .

I don't see much getting clean .

Um But hopefully what we did is we loosened some of this dirt , um let it penetrate inside this material and I'm gonna move on to the all purpose brush um to try and get a little bit more , a little better results .

So when I'm using these different brushes , I'm allowing the brush to do the work again , I'm not applying too much pressure when I'm using this all purpose brush .

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Ok , youtube .

Now that we've done a pretreat on these , you can still see that they're , they're still pretty dirty .

But the sneaker laundry system is for deep cleans and that's what we recommend it for .

So I have a feeling after it might take two or three washes , but I have a feeling these are gonna turn out pretty good .

Now , we just gotta put them in the sneaker laundry bag , put them in the washing machine , cold water and possibly wash a second or third time depending on how well it works .

Single white van washing machine , cold water .

I already threw him in .

How's it going ?

This is Steve again with rejuvenator .

We're back .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's the next morning after cleaning these , uh , all white vans as you can see , did a pretty damn good job .

Um , they are still kind of dirty , but what do you expect from this to that ?

Took two washes went through the washing machine once , still looked pretty dirty .

So I just turned it back on .

Um , and they , they still looked a little dingy and then when they dried , they brightened up , but they looked , you know , pretty good .

We just wanted to do this to show you how well it works .

Um , obviously if you got a pair of shoes like these , you really don't care .

But um that's it .

So let's lace them up .

That's it after they're all laced up .

These are the original laces too .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um Just an fy I so you can get a pair of laces that are basically dark gray or brown or black , whatever you wanna call it to to white again .

So it's a finished product .

How to turn white bands back white .

Ok .

That's gonna conclude our video on these all white vans .

Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel um and use the discount code youtube clean to save 15% at rejuvenator dot com .


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