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2023-08-09 09:53:07

How to Tie a Bow Tie _ Bow Tie Knot Tutorial

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There's nothing more James Bond than a classic bow tie and knowing how to tie one is your one way ticket to 007 Elegance .

Now , before you start trying to take down Mr Goldfinger , it's important to get your spy .

Look down pat , never showed up with a scraggly looking butterfly around his neck and neither should you don't forget to hit like and subscribe .

All right , let's get tying 007 adjust the length of the bow tie .

So it's long enough to sit just below the chest , place the bow tie around your neck with the right end lower than the left end .

Cross the long end over the top , the short end towards your left , pull the long end up through the neck loop from underneath and pull to fasten .

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It's important to keep this knot tight because this will form the loop that keeps the bow tie around your neck , place it over your shoulder .

So it's out of the way this one take , take the short end that's hanging down and pull it horizontally across your collar .

The fold should be on the right side .

It should create a bow shape , take the end that's over your shoulder and bring it down over the center of the bow , pinch the two sides of the bow inwards towards the center .

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Create a loop at the top of the bow tie with the end that's hanging down , slide your finger through the loop as you keep pinching the bow , take the bottom end of the bow tie and create a pleat so that the fabric forms a fold slide the folded part through the loop at the top from right to left .

This can be a little tricky slide , the fabric through halfway so that it sits evenly on both sides of the bow tie , pull the folded parts tightly on both sides to fasten the knot .

The folded parts will tighten the knot and the ends will loosen the knot .

This might take a bit of adjusting , pull the folded parts on both sides to fasten the knot .

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Keep adjusting the ends back and forth multiple times until they're even .

You need to find a balance between the ends and the folded parts when the knot is fastened and both sides or even you're ready to finish up .

Now , pull down your collar and hold your head high .

You've just mastered a classic self tie , bow tie , well done comrade .

You're now learning that espionage is just as much about the look as it is about the skill .

You're looking so sleek that even James Bond would turn his head well , have it shaken non stirred for our full range of ties .

Check out dot com .

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