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2023-08-08 07:09:32

How To Clean Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers with Reshoevn8r!

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Hey , everybody .

How's it going ?

My name is Quinn .

Today we are going to be cleaning the quintessential white sneaker , which is the Adidas Stan Smith .

Everybody loves this shoe , sneaker heads , casual sneaker wears people in fashion .

Love it .

Moms , dads , old people , young people west coast , east coast , the Adidas Stan Smith is a shoe that cleans up really well because it's mostly leather and white shoes typically clean up well with our products .

So I'm excited to see how these are going to turn out today .

So let's go ahead and get started .

First thing we're gonna do is take out the laces , laces are out .

We're going to set those aside to clean the shoe .

Later today , we're going to be cleaning the shoe with the four ounce three brush kit , which includes three brushes for different kinds of material .

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You have the soft brush for suede and delicate materials , all purpose brush or the medium brush for leather and painted mid soles .

And then we have our stiff brush which we use to clean .

So we are going to use all three today , but we'll probably mostly use the all purpose and the sole brush kit also comes with four ounces of concentrated solution .

So it goes a long ways when you're cleaning your shoes .

As Vic would say , we're going to squirt some squirts .

So we're going to start with the all purpose brush .

I am going to dry brush this first just to get off some of the gunk that's on here .

You can see mud and other things .

You can just start cleaning , but it's probably going to make a mess and it's just more effective to get it off .

Now .

Um , so as you can see the dry brushing is taking off a lot of the excess dirt , which is exactly what we want .

Um , just going to make the cleaning process a lot faster and a lot easier .

Like I said earlier , I'm gonna start with the all purpose brush .

Um , it should take care of most of the dirt right out of the gate .

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Dip it in your solution here .

I like to make suds and get the suds going really strong here just because it helps get the shoe cleaner .

I don't know if you guys have seen Vic Almighty clean , but he soaks the shoe .

I just realized I made a rookie mistake .

I'm so embarrassed but I forgot to put a shoe tree in the shoe , but I'm gonna go ahead and get this adjusted and sneak this in .

Now .

It does make cleaning the shoe a lot easier , especially in a shoe like this adds a lot of , uh , stiffness to the toe box and you can hit it with a brush a lot harder and just make sure you get a lot of the dirt out .

The shoe is actually cleaning up really nicely as you can see right here .

One reason that you take the laces off is that dirt has a tendency to get underneath the eyelets and just park its way into a lot of different parts of the shoe .

If you take shortcuts and leave the laces in , it can come out later , which you don't want it to do if you're gonna take the time to clean your shoes , clean them .

Right .

Let's hit that area .

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Got me .

Not surprisingly , the shoes are cleaning up really , really well , we are going to move on now , I'm going to use the soft brush to clean the liner here as you can see , super dirty again .

No shortcuts gotta clean it , make it right as you can see the liner got really clean when we got the brush in there .

This is an area that a lot of people miss or skip when they're cleaning their shoes .

Uh Vic almighty big fan boy here , shout out to Vic .

He is somebody who really drives this home every time he restores or cleans shoes and that's why shoes end up looking so nice .

So these are coming together really well .

Right now I'm going to shift from the soft brush to the stiff brush and we are going to start cleaning the mid soles and soles .

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Yeah .

So as you can see the soles came out looking almost brand new , which is exactly what you want in a shoe like this .

I'd say these are just about done .

They came out looking really , really white .

They use these again .

They need to pop with the outfits you're wearing .

Um , that's why people buy them .

They want a white shoe that looks nice and clean .

That's exactly how this is looking right now .

Last but not least we are gonna clean the shoelaces now , simply dipping them in the solution and water , get them nice and soaked and you could already see in my hands , the dirt is coming off right now .

It's exactly what you want .

It's pretty silly to have a , a nice white clean shoe and dirty laces just looks like crap .

So make sure you don't forget this step .

I'm gonna hit it with the soft brush too .

All right .

So now we're gonna make our final pass , cleaning the laces .

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Let's run these through one more time .

Now , from here , we're gonna let the laces and the shoe air dry in Arizona .

It goes by really fast because it's really dry here in places like the north west and east coast .

You guys got to wait a little bit longer with the shoe tree in .

They will go back to the , the correct form and they will look basically brand new .

So let's give it a little while .

We'll let it air dry and we'll put the laces back in several bad puns later .

Ok .

So we let these shoes air dry and as expected , they turned out really nice .

Honestly , this is why I love cleaning white shoes just because you can see the difference .

It's pretty stark nine times out of 10 .

This is the experience you get when you use your souvenir product , it just cleans stuff up really , really well .

For today's video , I used our four ounce three brush kit , which includes three brushes and a concentrated solution and it can be found on our website .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And I'm really glad I did because I ended up using all three brushes for different parts of the shoe , which is exactly why we make this kit , the soft brush I used on the laces and the inners here , the underside of the tongue is fabric and I had to scrub pretty hefty on this .

Um If you used any other brush , it would just snag and dig up the material .

So this is the perfect tool for that .

For most of the shoe .

I used our all purpose brush because it is a leather shoe .

The all purpose brush is kind of a good mix between our stiff and soft brush .

It won't damage any materials , but it is stiff enough to get some of the threads and other parts of the shoe where dirt just kind of gets stuck in there .

And my favorite brush that I used for this particular shoe was the stiff brush , the mid sole .

As you can see here is kind of a different material than the sole itself .

It's a stickier rubber and a lot of dirt was stuck in there .

So I had to scrub quite a bit to get this clean .

And I'm really glad that I had this brush in the process because it would be the only brush that is going to get that part of this shoe clean .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So you can find this kit on resue dot com .

That's it for today's video .

Thanks for watching .


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