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2023-08-08 12:46:29

Belgian waffles cross-bred with Waffle House

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So I've worked out this very delicious waffle batter that gets you something that's kind of halfway between like a fancy Belgian style waffle and like a , a waffle house waffle , which I also love very much .

Uh One of the secrets to Waffle House waffles they say is uh cream or they use half and half , but I'm gonna use cream .

I'm going to put in a cup of cream and then I'm going to beat it .

This is both going to be a garnish and part of the batter for like a fluffy Belgian style waffle .

The key is like getting foams of any kind into the batter .

Normally you do it with an egg foam and we're going to do that too .

But I want whipped cream for garnish anyway .

So , you know , I might as also with the cream that's gonna go into the batter , nice soft peaks like that .

And because this cream needs to be able to stand alone as a garnish , I'm gonna put some sugar into it .

A couple of tablespoons of sugar , I think , and a little splash of vanilla just for fun , but not too much .

Otherwise it makes the cream look brown instead of white .

Right ?

Taste that .

Yes .

Now , I'll just take half of this and put it aside in a bowl to reserve .

I guess you could weigh it or measure it to make sure you're getting exactly half .

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But , you know , like baked goods are generally not quite as sensitive to tiny variations in quantity as people say they are .

And it's debatable whether a waffle is even a bake good .

It's more like a pancake which is really not terribly sensitive .

I just put this in the fridge to keep cool .

We're gonna beat an egg next and fat in the egg can potentially interfere with that process .

I'm gonna wash these before I go forward .

Now , one egg into a different container that's important .

And then the particular method of separation I'm doing today is you simply reach in and grab the yolk , just make sure that you kind of get the white off of it there .

Right .

Then the yolk goes into the cream that is not going to be used for garnish .

If you have it shake in a little cream of tartar which stabilizes egg foams , makes them puff up a little bit bigger and beat this to soft peaks .

Good enough .

I'm not sure it's traditional , but I'm definitely gonna turn this into a , a meringue with two more tablespoons of sugar just because the sugar really stabilizes the foam .

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So as that two tablespoons is 25 g and uh the foam might collapse a little bit when you first start beating in the sugar , but just keep going .

It'll , you'll get it back .

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We're not there yet .

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Right .

So it's time for the rest of the ingredients .

We'll need about three quarters of a cup .

I guess that's 180 mils of milk .

Honestly , like plain water would be fine .

We just need water .

Really throw that in with the cream and the egg rumor has it that the other key ingredient in a Waffle House style waffle is butter milk , which in this context is milk that has been fermented with meshi lactic acid back yogurt .

Eat thick milk .

You can kind of imitate it well enough by just kind of watering down some yogurt until it's basically this texture .

I actually made this myself by fermenting it , not by mixing it .

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We want a half a cup of that , which is what 1 20 mils uh a Belgian style waffle would obviously use butter .

But uh at the Waffle House , apparently they use at least some shortening , which just makes awesome fluffy baked goods of all kinds .

Even if a waffle isn't technically a baked good .

I'm going two tablespoons of this and you can totally use butter instead just to make sure that it's soft , it's butter flavored , shortening , which tastes really good .

Oh , by the way , people ask , does shortening have trans fats in it .

Trans fats are basically the worst kind of quote unquote edible fat that you could possibly eat .

And the answer is no , at least vanishingly few .

Uh the way that they have to reformulate the for , you know , the United States and all the markets that basically banned trans fats a few years ago is they changed it from being partially hydrogenated oil to being fully hydrogenated oil .

And just for science reasons that does not result in trans fats or at least very negligible amounts .

On the other hand , scientists say pretty much no amount of trans fat is safe .

But then again , there's some natural trans fat in all kinds of foods .

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We eat like beef .

So uh I like shortening , right ?

Splash of vanilla for flavor about a teaspoon a little more than that .

And here's my secret weapon for batters of all kinds , which is malted milk powder .

It's a drink mix , but it's got malt in it , which is a sprouted grain .

Usually barley , very sweet , delicious has maltose in it .

Delicious sugar .

Uh and it's also got milk powder in it and milk powder is all so incredible in all kinds of batters and doughs and everything .

It adds tons of flavor and also textural properties to really good stuff .

I'm gonna do a quarter cup of that , which is I think 40 g about oh well , we can fix that and back you go .

All right , there you go .

Not like a teaspoon of my standard kosher salt .

You might like it a little bit less salty .

I don't know you cup and a half of all purpose flour , which is what uh 1 60 grams , no , 1 81 80 g .

And the last ingredient is like a half a teaspoon of baking soda .

This will neutralize some of the acid in the uh butter milk and that will help the uh stuff to brown a little bit better .

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Plus it'll make a little bit of gas , but really the foams that we have made are going to take care of the aeration for us .

Ok .

Now we just beat this and as it is generally true with batters , you want to be careful not to over mix .

Otherwise it'll get tough .

Just , just barely bring it together .

Got to scream down the sides .

Oh , yeah , that feels the right texture .

Oh , and I forgot the meringue scoop all that in there .

Just barely bring that together .

Stop good enough .

No , there's no way to make waffles without a waffle iron .

If you want to make waffles at home , you need a waffle iron .

This waffle iron is Belgian style , which means the waffles are really tall and deep .

But this batter would work with any waffle iron that you have .

Just be aware that it , it does have a lot of sugar in it and uh , it can burn if you get the iron too hot .

Like a nice middle of the road .

Temperature tends to work .

Honestly , cooking spray is definitely the easiest way to grease these up .

Every waffle iron is different in terms of like how much batter is the right amount of batter .

And I don't know , you kind of just have to experiment and if you lose some to overflow , that's fine .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

These things are designed to overflow .

All right , close it up .

Now , here's an important thing to note .

Waffle irons have locks on them that's purely for storage .

You do not want to lock the door when you are actually making the waffle .

This thing is made to actually expand with steam and rise up .

Right .

And you don't want to restrain that .

We want big fluffy waffles .

Some waffle irons are smarter than others , but all the electrical ones that I've ever seen will tell you when the waffle is done chiefly through a thermometer .

I think you just wait till it beeps .

Ok .

Robot .

This better be good with that a little darker .

There we go .

That's enough .

You don't want to overdo them or they're gonna taste kind of burned .

And then honestly , I just find that pulling them out with my hands is the easiest thing to do .

But you know , you do , you , uh , they're gonna feel really floppy right at first , don't freak out .

Just put them on a cooling rack as they cool .

They'll turn hard and well , not hard but crispy on the outside and you might need to separate them if they're connected or cut off any , like little bits they're hanging off the side honestly like kitchen sheers or make that really easy .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Especially on the cooling rack where you can't really use a knife as a good waffle iron .

And we've got enough batter for four more of these waffles .

It's eight waffles .

Not bad .

Get my reserved whipped cream and , uh , some just berries that I got from the store purely for the thumbnail or a little whipped cream on there .

I could make that look nice , but I'm not going to berries .

I've got a blackberry .

Oh , yeah .

00 , yeah .

That's what they do in the commercials except they use motor oil .

I've heard .

I don't know .

Oh , hell yeah .

Crispy on the outside .

Super fluffy on the inside .

That's crazy good .

And the secret is honestly this stuff , the malted milk powder covering my mouth with it .

So you don't see me chew .

Um , wow .

Astounding malty flavor that this gives the waffles .

And , uh , I don't think I'm gonna make waffles any other way .

This is really good .

You do you though ?

Boom .

Done .


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