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2023-08-07 14:35:55

How to make Popcorn WITHOUT oil or butter! It's very EASY!

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Hi guys .

So in this video , I'm gonna teach you how to make popcorn without using any butter or oil .

So the first thing you're gonna wanna do is grab a pot , um , a decent size pot .

You're gonna need to have a lid off as well .

So this is the lid for this pot and you're gonna want to heat this up on really low heat .

So put it on , put the fire on the lowest setting possible .

So what I do is I'm making it so that the fire is barely on .

You wanna find the sweet spot where the fire is barely on , but then it actually stays for the entire time you're cooking .

So I'm gonna leave it right here .

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And the next thing I'm gonna do while that heats up is I'm gonna weigh out the kernels .

So over here it says one serving is two tablespoons and two tablespoons is 28 g .

So me and my wife , we like to eat a really big size bowl when we eat it at night .

Um , because we like to watch a movie and we don't like it when the popcorn runs out .

So normally what I do is I make two pots .

Um , each with 100 g of kernels .

If you put any more than 100 g , uh you might have some uneven popping and , and the kernels might burn as well .

So 100 g I found , uh found is the sweet spot .

It makes just the right amount of popcorn and it doesn't burn .

Um And then I can make two , I can make that twice .

So in total , it's about 200 g .

So I'll put 100 g into the cup here .

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So this is 100 g .

Um I don't know if that looks like a lot to you , but normally we do 100 and 75 to 200 g .

So this should be getting hot now .

So as you can see , there's no oil or there's no butter inside , it's just an empty pot .

Ok ?

So we're gonna put this in and then we're gonna cover it up and then we're just gonna let that heat up .

So this next step is really important .

What you need to do is every minute you need to shake the pot because you don't want the kernels to burn .

You can't wait a minute and a half .

That's also OK .

So I'm not really timing it .

I just kind of uh kind of know by now like when a minute to a minute and a half has gone by and then I was , you just gotta grab it and take it like this .

Yes .

And that's all you need to do within uh five or six minutes time .

This is gonna start popping .

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Uh And then you just gotta pour it out into a bowl when it , when the popping stops .

So this is about , this is the bowl that we use .

Nice and big .

Um And we're gonna fill it all the way to the top .

That's how we like our popcorn .

Um And if you're wondering when to add salt and , or if you have cinnamon or sugar , you wanna add , I suggest putting it on after we do have this cinnamon sugar .

So I tried putting it in the pot as well and it didn't turn out great .

So , uh yeah , I just put it on at the end .

Um , but for me and my wife , we just like it with uh , we just like playing popcorn .

So we're gonna , once this pops , that's pretty much it , right .

So it's pretty easy .

So we'll just hang tight for a bit .

It's probably time to shake it now .

So once , once it starts to heat up , you'll see the condensation on the lid .

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So you might see there some water droplets , it might drip into the popcorn a little bit as well , which is totally fine .

This is exactly what you want and we'll just keep shaking it every minute and pretty soon you'll start to see this begin to pop .

So while that's heating up this is the popcorn that we've been using .

Eaten popcorn .

We also ordered some other brands from I Herb as well .

But this one is , uh , seems to be pretty good .

A lot of recipes that you find on popcorn pact will tell you to use butter and oil .

But as you will see here , you don't need butter and oil at all and it's so much healthier when you eat it .

This way , it's 1 g of fat if you don't put any butter or oil .

So it's pretty much just pure carbs and there's a lot of fiber in popcorn as well .

So popcorn is actually a really healthy snack .

So it's starting to pop now and we're gonna shake it again .

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So while that's heating up , I'm gonna weigh out the 2nd 100 g here .

As soon as that's done , I'm gonna pour the popcorn out into this bowl and then I'm gonna start heating up the next batch of popcorn .

Um , if you are in a rush and you feel like the pot is taking too long to heat up .

One thing that I can recommend is actually putting the fire on high heat , but don't put the popcorn in yet , just heat up the pot until it's really hot and then lower the fire .

So it's down to like it's barely on .

And then after that , pour the popcorn in , then just keep it on that .

Uh Now the popping has stopped .

So this is the time to take it out .

So I'm just gonna wait another five or five or 10 seconds .

So there's no more popping happening right now .

So that means it's time to take it out .

So I'm just gonna take that off and I'm just gonna pour it out here .

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OK ?

And then the next batch is gonna go in once this pot is done , we're gonna have a giant bowl of popcorn .

This popcorn is just as you saw .

It's just fresh out of the pot now and it's nice and hot and yeah , and it tastes really good .

Um Some of you might find this plain , but this is the way that I like it .

If you're used to movie style popcorn , they do put a salt and butter in that .

So it's gonna be , it's gonna taste a little bit different .

Um , or if you order them or if you normally use microwave popcorn , which is from the or will brand .

Um , that also contains butter .

So it's gonna be a little bit different .

But if you can get used to eating it like this , then it can be a really healthy snack .

You can even eat popcorn when you're trying to lose weight .

Um , or if you just need additional fiber or , or a night snack , it's honestly the perfect snack .

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So yeah , I mean , it's simple and easy to make and the next batch is starting to pop already .

Hm , I got a little bit distracted with this video .

So I think a few of those kernels are starting to burn , but uh I think it's gonna be fine .

All right .

So thanks for watching .

And if you do like this content , then please like the video and subscribe .

I'm gonna post videos weekly of me doing experiments that are related to health or lifestyle .

And the first and uh and the first video comes out on Monday .


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