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2023-08-09 10:31:44

Cooker Tomato Rasam So Easy - Chicken Fry For Bachelors - Chicken Fry With Basic South Indian Rasam

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Oh my God .

You know the is 100 times tastier .

Here , here , 90% tastes here , 80% 75% and a lot of people just eat at 50% taste 100% is here , lot of homes .

Rasam is a must .

So today I'm going to show you the which is very simple .

I also call it as housewife , Raam .

So in the pressure cooker , add curry leaf and the stems of this .

And in this add tamarin , when we make this kind of , we literally drink .

So cut just tomatoes into s and add it in the pressure cooker .

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And in this add garlic , very little of onion , add turmeric , some chili powder powder and add water just to cover in this , add salt , first one whistle and switch off .

And when this is all cooked , all you need to do is a very simple tempering .

And you have this beautiful tasty Tamara .

Wow .

This chicken kind of uh you know , roast is very simple for the bachelors and big especially you know when to add the masal .

If you learn this technique , you can make excellent special .

I'm giving it a little bit South Indian flavors and you will have one of the fantastic chicken fries .

So first add oil in the pan .

Now add finely cut onion .

This is optional .

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You can skip even onions , fry these onions till they're slightly colored and add salt to this .

Now , for this kind of chicken fry , cut the chicken pieces small , look at them very nicely cut small pieces .

This is with the skin on and uh look at this beautiful so that the masala will get in perfectly ginger garlic paste , add turmeric curry leaf .

Uh you know these curry leaves always reminds me of uh my village we used to have a very big plant .

My grandfather was a doctor .

So whenever patients come , they sit in line , I climb , get all of these curry leaves from the plant and go and give it to each and every a little bit of curry leaves .

Grandma used to like be her head .

So a lot of curry leaves in this mix this and slowly cook it .

The chicken has been brid .

That means it will be very soft and perfect .

Wow .

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Look at this , just mix the chicken pieces .

Do not add water or anything .

Moisture will come out of the chicken .

So for the beginner , try this , put the lid on and let it cook on a medium flame .

Some of the moisture from the chicken will come out and the flavors will be so strong later , I'm going to add masal when the chicken is almost 75% cooked .

Much of the moisture is gone if you want to add water , add it now and that do very little .

Just that's all .

Now , there will not be any gravy .

It will dry out in no time in this .

The chili powder , gum , gum , gum , gum , gum , gum , gum , gum , gum and some powder , whatever the moisture is is , it will be observed .

Some cumin powder .

This is a lot of masala actually and some masala and in this , you can add a lot of chopped coriander .

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Uh the pepper chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken .

So now the pepper crushed pepper .

So look at this , this is we give the , you know , dark color to this .

Now , the aroma that will spread here is amazing .

So look at this , the masal and the chicken God , the red , the black .

Now you're going to roast this masala on a slow flame , reduce the flame and cook it with the fat that is come out of the chicken and this will be super tasty .

And when the will be ready , the will be so good along with this chicken fry .

Wow , look at this , perfect .

Don't have to mix anything more .

The only thing you have to check out is a salt .

If you have the salt .

Perfect .

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Put the lid on and let it cook it on a slow flame for around 10 minutes .

Switch it off and you will have this fantastic chicken fry tomatoes and the tamarin we have cooked .

You got to mash them , catch , catch a cutting in them because I put it in the cooker .

It's already mashed just a little bit of , uh , you know , pressing is good enough .

Now , we're going to add water in this , a lot of water .

Uh , even salt , you add it now and when you put the tempering , this will be one of the best Russom you ever had in this .

Add little oil and for the tempering , you know , I have got this red chilies , add mustard seeds , add cumin seeds .

You have to wait for the mustard seeds to crackle .

Once they crackle , add curry leaf thing .

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I can add Jay and add the juices from the tomato and uh just bring it to one boil .

You should not boil it a lot .

Just one boil and switch it off and you the most flavorful rasam will be ready along with the chicken .

And this the when you eat it with rice , see a lot of people eat with the fingers .

The taste is less .

People eat it with the palm .

They mix it like this and eat the taste increases .

But the real way of tasting is the taste of the increases from here .

So when you eat it , the will come down .

10 oh my God .

You know the is 100 times tastier here here , 90% .

Tastier .

80% 75% and a lot of people just eat at 50% .

Taste .

100% is here .

Beer .

Friends , mama mia .

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Even chicken will be nothing in front of the , which is tasty here when the white froth , like thing comes , switch off the flame and the is ready also .

You should see the chicken .

This , I've just left it like that and look at these pieces .

The beautiful , ah , ah , um , the first , you know , you have to eat and this is very , very hot .

No , it's not .

No , no .

After you enjoy the Rassam , then get the chicken pieces .

You know , the way we cut chicken pieces , small , you know , special , it'll be too good .

Wow .

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So , the another way of eating is you add little Rassam and chicken pieces , mix both of it and then no matter what you eat , ultimately , life settle down with Rassam .

You have good Rassam .

Hm .

And a and a , and of course , a and a and wifi in the side only then this whole South Indian meal is complete different .

Make best of the best food .

And when you eat best of the best food you got to the , is there I eat slowly .

So , Queen Victoria goes away , then 100% that is 100% .

Enjoy good food .

Great life .


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