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2023-08-07 14:15:33

How To Tie a Tie - The Kelvin Knot

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Welcome back to our series on how to tie tie nuts today , I'm going to show you how to tie the Kelvin nut .

Basically , the knot is just like the Oriental where you loop the long and once around more that creates a bigger knot for more volume and a slightly different look in terms of size here , I'm wearing a navy blue Jacker tie from Fort Belvedere .

Um It's rather substantial , it's heavy , Italian silk and so the knot gets even bigger than with a thinner tie .

Normally , it can still work with collar pins .

Um In case you choose a thick tie like this one , I would recommend you use an Oriental knot or a foreign hand knot just to keep the knots smaller .

The Kelvin nut is like the oriental .

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And uh you want the sewn side up to start , you have the slim end is gonna be much shorter and you want about 1.5 hands above your waistband , but it depends on how long your are so slim end like so and now you a little bit around half and then you tighten , you tighten it up , you pinch it with your fingers and now you go around once more .

So one more loop and now you take the wide end , you come through from the back here , pull it tight and um get it through the knot here .

You just want to go through the last layer , not both layers , just the last layer you create with your knot , you hold it place gently and pull through like .

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So now you want your little dimple in there , pinch and just pull OK .

Once you're ready , you pull in the short end slightly , you adjust it until you like the look the Kelvin knot with a thick tie .

Like this one , I prefer kind of a medium spread to cutaway collar .

You can see here .

It kind of accentuates the shoulders in a way and it's wide enough to accommodate big or not like that .

If you use a thinner tie , uh probably a medium spread is ideal , but I would not recommend wearing really strong cutaways and classic colors may work if it's thinner .

If it's a little thicker , you may run into troubles .

But um yeah , just test it and see what works best for you .

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Hey guys , I'm gonna show you the bless knot today .

I'm wearing a bless knot right now .

Uh I think it's the knot that Hannibal is wearing in the show .

Hannibal .

People have asked me on Twitter , what knot is Hannibal wearing ?

It's enormous .

Well , I think it's the because it's pretty much the biggest knot you can tie and here it is .

Now , in addition , if you stand up a little bit , you can see that it is incredibly short right now .

This I'm kind of wearing it like a bib .

I wanna , I can't stand too far back .

So yeah , look at , look at this .

Uh that's you don't have to tie it this way , but you kind of do need to , to make the knot so big because you want to capture as much of the fat part of the tie as you can in here .

Uh So yeah , I mean , a vest will be required or a jacket to kind of frame this up .

But up here it looks really cool .

This is just enormous .

So let's learn how to tie it .

Let me just untie it first so you can just kind of get a feel for how many moves it is .

And then of course , I'll go in depth on how to tie it .


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