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2023-08-08 07:15:17

Restoring Triple White Yeezys _ How to Clean and Whiten Your Shoes, Cream Yeezy Restoration

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What's up crew ?

Welcome back to another video today .

As you can see , we have some disgusting , worn out , tattered gross yeezy and we are going to restore these bad boys .

Let's get started .

All right .

First of all , I gotta give a huge shout out to my buddy Darryl .

These are his cream and he asked me to help him restore these bad boys .

So as you can see these have seen better days , I mean , they are absolutely worn out .

You've got string coming off the front right here .

These things are just worn to pieces and I mean , just look at how , how messed up the bottoms are .

That's crazy .

But we are gonna bring these things back to life .

All right .

So I interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement .

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I forgot idiot when I was filming this video to actually tell you about today's video sponsor , Rose Gold and Black .

So if you guys don't know , Rose Gold and Black is a continual sponsor of the channel .

They support me , they support you , therefore they support the content on the channel , they support us .

If you're looking for some of the most high quality jewelry on the men's bar right now .

Head over to rose golden black dot com .

There will be a link for you in the description with everything on the website already discounted for you .

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Nothing like that .

It's already done .

Click that link and get yourself some of the highest quality jewelry that your money can buy .

Ok , back to the regularly scheduled video .

So what we are using today is kind of sac religious .

I'm using a re Protect scrub brush and I ran out of the solution for that .

So we're using Jason and mark scrubbing solution .

So I know this is a sin .

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I'm sorry , but that's just the way it has to be ok .

So the method that I'm gonna be using to clean these shoes is the same one that I would do for all of my white sneakers .

So if you wanted to keep your white sneakers white a lot longer , restore them , make them look nice all the time .

This is the method that you want to use .

It doesn't necessarily have to be the cleaning solution by Jason market .

It would be pretty much any shoe cleaner .

It will get the job done for you .

But I do swear about this scrub bust from protect .

It really does a great job .

So , so the first thing that I always like to do when cleaning my white sneakers is to take the laces off and I like to let the laces soak in a warm water .

It makes it the solution in order to get the grime and gunk off of them while I'm cleaning the shoes and then I'll clean the laces off last .

So they have time to soak , they have time to let the grime get off of them and then you scrub them last .

So let's go ahead and get these things unlaced .

So we got the laces off the shoes now .

And as you can see , I have got some hot water here .

It's still , it's still steaming .

So this stuff is really , really hot .

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Now , the reason I'm using hot water is because it will penetrate deeper into the fabric .

It'll loosen up all of the gunk and grime that's collected in the white fabric and it will help it release easier .

Now that I got the laces off , I'm gonna drop them into the hot water and let them soak .

Oh , it's hot .

And then I'm gonna add the solution and I wanna get a good bit of this in there .

And as I start to dip the brush into the solution , when I'm going to clean the sneakers , it will then , you know , suds up the solution a little bit more .

The idea is to go over the shoe one time to get it nice and damp and then to go back over it a couple more times in order to create suds .

So this time we're just going in and getting it nice and wet , gonna hop up on my knees .

It's easier to do this rather than sitting down .

So ignore my face not being in here for a second .

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Right .

So now that I've got the shoe nice and wet , I'm going to go back in with the scrub bus and start making suds .

I'm making small circles throughout the entire shoe in order to start breaking up the dirt and the grime in the sneaker .

All right .

So now that we've got the shoe all covered in suds , I've gone over at one good time .

I'm going to wipe all the suds off and see if there's any tough spots that I need to go back over again .

And that's where we have this microfiber cloth for this is going to take all the suds off .

It's going to show me exactly what needs to be done more .

You can already see a little bit of a difference .

I'm not sure how much the camera is picking up on it , but there really is already a significant difference .

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Now , with this one in particular , there's a couple of troublesome areas like right here on the toe box .

There's a couple of dark spots here on the tug right here as well as along here and a little bit right there .

So I'm gonna go over those spots again with the brush .

I'm gonna scrub a little bit deeper .

I'm putting my hand inside the shoe and pressing up against the fabric like this so that I can get a little bit deeper scrub , a little bit harder on those spots .

And I think that's pretty good .

There's a couple of tough areas that I could not get the same quite out all the way .

But for the most part , these look a heck of a lot better than they did .

So now I'm gonna take care of some of the little flying pieces of string that we have all over the place and get these things cleaned up .

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All right , next thing that I'm going to do for this shoe is I'm going to clean the sole .

Now , I'm not going to clean the bottom of the shoe because that's just going to get dirty anyway .

I think that's pointless .

It's redundant .

There's no reason to do that , but I am going to clean the out sole .

So that is , that's the part you actually see , it is a little bit dirty .

Let me see if I can clean it up a little bit .

So I'm just doing the same thing as I was doing before the outsole is obviously rubber .

So you don't have to treat it the same way as you would treat the fabric , but I am going to go in and scrub it up , make sure I can get all the dirt off of it .

And since these outs soes are clear , they're gonna yellow over time there's not really anything I can do about that right now .

It's just the way that it is .

It's how the shoe ages .

So I cleaned the dirt off of it as best as I could .

It definitely looks a lot better than this one .

Let me show you a quick side by side comparison of the two and then we'll finish up the last shoe .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

And that was the side by side comparison .

Let's go ahead and finish up the second shoe and clean these puppies up for good .

So now that we're done with this one , I'm gonna put it off to the side .

So I have plenty of room to work on this one .

Ok .

And that concludes both shoes and now we got to get down to the laces .

So let's move these aside .

All right .

So the laces have been soaking in this water the whole time .

So that means that the dirt and the grime and all the nasties that was in the laces should be broken up by now .

So I'm gonna take them out one at a time and as I'm taking them out , they're kind of slippery .

So be careful .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hold it on to the end , then I'm gonna pinch it as I go down to get the water out of it .

And the way that I like to do is kind of fold it in half like this and then fold it in half again .

So that it's like this and I like to lay it out that way .

I can see exactly what stains I wanna target on the laces , kind of hold it together like this and then get my scrub brush that is soaking wet and slippery .

Now , from the soak , grab the scrub brush , make sure you get it wet again , but you don't want it soaking wet .

Get a lot of the water off of it like this .

And then you want to go at the laces in this motion with the direction of the laces .

You can come at it this way too , but this is more effective .

So I'm gonna come in , I and holding the laces down kind of do it like this forward , get it back like that , they start separating , just pinch them back together and come at them again .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right guys , and as you can see the cream have been restored to their former glory .

All that's left for me to do is to put a shoe tree in them and let them dry overnight .

So let me go grab those .

So these are the shoe trees .

And by the way , guys , if you don't have a pair of these for your shoes or you don't have these for your sneakers , you really should invest in them .

You can literally go to IKEA , order them on IKEA dot com .

They're literally a dollar a piece or $2 a piece , something like that .

Really great .

Thing to have for your sneakers because you put them in and what it does is it helps actually keep the shape of the shoe .

So , as you can see , this is a shoe with it .

Yeah , it's nice and perked up here in the front .

It's keeping the toe box nice and solid .

It's keeping it nice and flat versus this kind of flat kind of loose , kind of sagging down here in the mid section .

This is much better and this is also optimal because it's stretching out the fab so that it can dry a little bit easier and that's it crew .

We're all done .

We restored these beautiful cream easy to their former glory .

They look great .

They look a heck of a lot better than they did before .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So Darryl , I'm getting these back to you , bro .

Cannot screw them up again .

Do not get them dirty again because it took me forever to fix them .

But anyway , besides that guys , if you like this content , go ahead , hit the subscribe button down below and you can join the crew family .

We are growing exponentially and we would love it if you joined the crew .

Also give this video a big fat thumbs up if you liked it , drop your comments and thoughts down below .

If you want to know tips and tricks on how to clean your white sneakers , drop them in the comments down below .

I'll be more than happy to answer any questions , you guys have answers , answer other people's questions .

Let's start a conversation .

Other than that guys , I'll see you in the next one .

I'm out .


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