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2023-08-06 15:53:35

Fluffy, Crispy, Piping-Hot Belgian Waffles _ Recipe _ Cupcake Jemma Channel

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Hi , everybody .

And welcome back to the cupcake Gemma Channel with me , Sally .

And before we get cracking on this week's recipe , just wanted to give you a little Gemma update because she popped into Wandsworth recently and she was helping us get our first run of cookies out the door .

And she was talking about how much she's loving the channel and all the recipes , and especially seeing what you guys are all up to whilst you're baking along with us .

So hi from Gemma and do keep sharing your photos with us over on Instagram using the hashtag hashtag cupcake Gemma , and you wanna see what she's up to at home with her baby .

That's where she is , By the way , if some of you haven't quite figured that out yet , she's on maternity leave .

Um , and you can follow her at Mini Cupcake diaries if you want to see what she's up to .

So let's get on with this week's recipe , and it is for Belgian waffles , the best thing in the world .

I don't need to give it much of an intro because I know how much everyone loves or waffles , and this recipe is great because it's all in one .

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We don't need to let it sit or rise or anything like that .

We're just gonna make it , Get it in the waffle pan .

So you do need a waffle machine ?

Probably not .

Um , if you don't have one and you want to get one , you can get them really easily .

And they are pretty cheap as well , especially if you're only going to use it once every now and again .

However , I guarantee , if you make this , you'll be doing it every weekend .

So the first thing that we need to do is , um I've got 500 mils of whole milk here , and I'm gonna put a squeeze of lemon juice in there , and that is just to add a little bit of sourness to our waffle dough .

So this is a little bit like when you're making a buttermilk substitute , but we're not gonna let it sit for too long .

So it's not gonna get that thick just gonna add Like I said , that little tang .

So now we can get on with making the rest of the batter .

So in a nice large bulb , you wanna add 300 grammes of plain flour along with 20 grammes of caster sugar or granulated sugar .

And that's just gonna add a tiny little bit of sweetness to our waffles .

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Um , if you put too much sugar in , it's gonna burn very easily when we put it into the really hot waffle pan later .

So now we're gonna add three quarters of a teaspoon of salt and three whole teaspoons , and which is also one tablespoon of baking powder .

And that's just gonna ensure that we get real fluffy waffles .

And next up , I've got a couple of optional flavours going on here .

But I would really recommend that you use them , and that is cinnamon and nutmeg .

And I'm gonna add just literally a quarter teaspoon of both of them and you're not gonna take .

It's gonna be like a cinnamon nutmeg flavoured waffle .

It's just kind of enhancing everything .

So do give it a go .

First of all , grab your whisk and just give that a little stir , and then we're gonna go in with some wet ingredients .

So first of all , our milk , which , as you can see here , is thickened just a little bit , and then we're gonna pour it in and whisk at the same time .

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And once all the milk is in , just make sure it's kind of as even as possible , not too lumpy , but it is a little bit too thick at the moment .

So next up we've got 100 and 10 grammes of unfiltered butter , which I melted in the microwave , and I let it cool down .

So it's not boiling hot , so that's also gonna go in .

And once the Butters are combined , we're gonna go in with two whole eggs and just keep whisking until you've got a lovely , smooth batter just like this .

And now , before we add the Final two ingredients , I'm just gonna turn on my waffle pan so it gets nice and hot .

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So the last couple of things we're going to add to our batter are again optional , and that is half a teaspoon of some vanilla extract .

Again , it's not enough to make it taste like completely vanilla .

It's just adding a little hint , and I'm gonna add 75 grammes of chopped pecans for his .

I had some waffles when I went to New York last year , Uh , with Gemma and Sam , Um , and the first thing I actually ate when I got to New York was waffles and they had chicken on them and they were absolutely , like drowning and swimming in maple syrup .

And they had pecans in them , and it was just amazing .

So that's where I got this idea from .

OK , so the waffle machine is hot , so let's make some waffles .

So I'm gonna open up my pan here , and these are really , really hot .

So please don't I mean , I don't know why you need to put your hand in it , but don't put your hand in it or anything like that .

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I'm gonna use a cup measure here , and I've made waffles in this pan before , so I know approximately how much I want and it's Oh , it's just shy of one full cup .

So I'm gonna pour it into the middle of my pan , and you don't need to spread it out too much because you're gonna pop the lid down and let it do its thing .

Now , obviously , all waffle pans are completely different .

So do follow the instructions that you get with it .

But generally they're only gonna take about two or three minutes and you wanna go by the colour of it .

So we'll check it in about a minute or so and see how it's looking .

We just want it to be nice and golden brown all over and do not worry .

These things steam a lot like that is normal , so don't start freaking out .

So that's looking pretty good , but I just want a little bit more colour on there .

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So another kind of 30 seconds , I re That looks pretty good to me .

It's looking nice and soft still , but it's got that colour on the outside .

So now you need to gently get it out of your pan .

Usually these things are nonstick , but again , just have a look at what yours says you might need to grease it with some butter or oil first .

Now , I think I'm gonna make two waffles because I'm hungry .

So I'm gonna go in with another one one , OK ?

Waffle number two , Coming right up .

00 , yes .

So how do you eat yours , Pete ?

I'm glad you asked .

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I'm starting with a maple syrup , obviously .

And now that it is swimming in maple syrup , I'm going for squirty cream .

Yeah , and then I'm gonna top it off with some fresh strawberries just to add a little bit of fresh healthiness to these otherwise ridiculously indulgent waffles .

And just look at that .

If that doesn't bring you pure joy and happiness , I don't know what does .

Mm .

And it smells incredible , too .

So let's give it the all important taste test .

It's a big one .

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Yeah , it's amazing .

Once you've gotten past the cream and the strawberries , this waffle , let me show you .

Look at just how fluffy this is .

And those little bits of cinnamon , the nutmeg , the vanilla , they're all pulling through , but just subtly .

And it's delicious .

And then you get a little crunchy nugget of pecan .

Mm .

It is a good one , guys .

You're gonna love it .

It's so easy .

You saw how easy it was .

We made waffles in about 10 minutes .

So they're there whenever you want them .

So please enjoy this .

Um , don't blame me if you end up eating waffles every day for the rest of your life .

I'm very sorry for that .

Um , but we'll be very back next week with maybe a better recipe , and I'm not gonna keep it a secret .

it's a cereal milk , tres leche cake , guys .

Yeah , like if you thought Tres lectures was great , well , I just made it better .

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So make sure you tune in on Thursday and we'll have that recipe for you guys .

In the meantime , make sure you're putting all your photos on instagram sharing them with us and subscribe to our channel .

There's a button down there .

Click on the bell to get notifications every time we upload , and we'll see you next week for that tres lectures .


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