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2023-08-09 10:05:30

Salbree Popcorn Popping Bowl - Testing Amazon's Best Seller

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Right .

Welcome back everybody .

Now , before I get to the video , I want to say that I'm going to be changing things up on my channel a little bit while everybody's stuck at home for who knows how long I'm gonna try to put out more videos more often .

They may not be quite as extensive as some of the other videos I've done .

Uh they might be a little bit wider variety of topics , but I'm not going to worry about the algorithm or create a viral video .

I don't care about that .

I don't care if it gets a lot of views or not .

I'm gonna just try to create some more entertainment for everybody who's stuck at home and wants a little bit of a break from the news .

So , with that in mind , let's get started .

All right .

So you're stuck at home watching way too much television .

What are you gonna do ?

But have a nice big old bowl of popcorn .

Now , a lot of people , they first they'll reach for something like this , which is a microwave bag popcorn .

You don't want to get that out of here .

You , you don't want that .

That's old school , a lot of the popcorn purists that I know prefer the popcorn kernels .

And that leads me to today's item which has been actually suggested more than once and that is the popcorn popping bowl .

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Now , this thing has over 11,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7 star rating which is unheard of for that many reviews .

Most of the reviews are really good .

I've read a few negative ones .

Some of those look like they might be some user error but maybe not all .

So I figured I'll try it out myself and see how it works .

Take a look at the instructions here .

Step one is to wash it and expand it to full height .

I have a fresh clean salva bowl has been washed thoroughly in the sink .

Now , I will say already that it , it seems smaller to me in person than it looked in the photo and it seems a lot flimsier .

I was thinking it was a little bit more solid than this , but it's a little , a little bit floppy .

I remember some of the comments people said you need to transfer it to another bowl even though it's technically you're supposed to be able to use this the popcorn bowl .

But people were saying it was kind of flimsy and now I understand what they're talking about .

That's , that's pretty floppy and flimsy , but that doesn't mean it won't work though .

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So let's see what number two is add 10 , we're getting right to it .

Number two is already adding popcorn .

So add a quarter of a cup of popcorn kernels and very important here because this reminds me of some of the comments I saw on Amazon .

We do not recommend adding oil or seasoning prior to cooking doing so may cause damage to your popcorn and or result in a fire .

And there was someone on there that complained that there was a fire in the microwave .

And he also admitted that he had used oil in there .

So don't use oil in there .

Now , I've got two brands of popcorn here .

I got the generic Kroger and I've got the brand name or red .

I'm gonna make two batches and see if there's much difference .

Some people said that different brands might yield different results .

These are both brand new packages .

So they're not old popcorn that also supposed it makes a difference .

So let me measure out the first one , I'll go with Kroger and see if the bag can hang with the brand name .

This measuring cup is a quarter of a cup .

Now that I went through all that I realized in the bottom of the cup has a quarter of a cup measurement in there .

See right in there , it says a quarter of a cup .

All right .

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Well , I'm just gonna measure it anyways since I got this out .

All right .

Well , that's it .

Step number three , gently place your lid on into the bowl .

I think they mean onto the bowl .

Do not press it down .

It will rise as the Colonels pop .

Oh , it , it is into the bowl .

It is into the bowl .

Wow .

Look at that .

It goes inside the bowl .

I , I guess that's right .

All right .

Well , it's inside the bowl .

Who , who might have questioned their instructions .

Right .

If you have a popcorn preset button that we recommend trying that first cook until kernels are 2 to 3 seconds between pops .

Here we go .

All right .

Well , I do a popcorn preset .

Let's do it .

So I said it's gonna take about 2 to 4 minutes .

Do I think that's gonna work ?

Well , I have no idea , but based on the reviews , I would say it probably will .

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I don't think the popcorn setting is actually on high .

So maybe some people that are having a problem burning it .

We just put it on high to begin with and their microwave was too strong .

I don't know .

That's one theory , I guess because they do say if you have too many uncooked kernels , try again at a higher power level .

You may need to cook at the highest power level .

I think this microwave is 1000 or 1100 watts .

So it's a decent power microwave and get my first pops in there .

I wish I could see in the microwave better .

All I can see is myself what's up guys .

Oh , what's happening ?

It's happening and it's definitely ramping up .

I got the peak happening right now .

It's slowing down .

Oh , it's slowing down .

Oh , it's slowing down .

See what we got here .

Is it hot ?

It's a little warm .

Oh , we have popcorn .

All right .

Let's take a look .

Here .

Looks like a nice batch of popcorn .

Now , I , this is pretty hot .

You would not hold this on , you would not hold this on the bottom .

The bottom is very hot .

Let me dump it in this bowl .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we got a decent size amount of popcorn here .

Let me see how many kernels are un popped here .

That's all that's left .

By the way , I should point out when I was a kid .

These half pop kernels were a delicacy between me and my brother .

We'd probably fight over these things .

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that loves the half pop Colonels .

I think it did a pretty good job .

What I'm gonna do now is let this cool off and I'm gonna try the red and see what difference I have with that one .

The popcorn setting were great in my microwave .

Some microwaves .

It may not and you don't have to adjust the power .

But I like when things worked right the first time it doesn't always happen .

But right now that's pretty good .

And , and this kernel popcorn is way cheaper than buying those bags .

Maybe it's something to save you a few bucks .

It was no slower than doing the bag of popcorn .

You just dump a quarter cup in there and throw it in the microwave so far .

I'm very happy with it .

Let's try Orville and then wrap it up .

All right .

Round one went really well with the cheap Kroger popcorn .

Now , let me grab the over run Bucker and see how that does .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hi , I'm Lee .

And this is cooking for guys .

I'm gonna show you how to make delicious caramel .

It's simple and easy .

Takes 15 minutes to whip up the sauce for it .

And then an hour in the oven , it's a recipe I've had for my grandmother for ages and ages and ages every year .

At Christmas time , I make tons of this stuff and hand it out as gifts to friends and family .

It's delicious .

Once you start eating it , you won't be able to stop .

All right .

So here we go .

Ok .

For ingredients you need popcorn .

Obviously , the best thing to make it in is a turkey pan .

That's what I sit and use .

I get them at Thanksgiving where they're cheap and I use it until I get holes in the bottom .

Then I go get another one .

But you basically will fill that up .

Gotta have a popcorn popper .

I use the hot air popper .

It's really simple to , to do dark carl syrup .

That's what you need .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Need salt .

Needs salt and butter .

Hm .

They're both a little bit bland .

Obviously without any salt or season on there , the Orville Red and Boxer has a little bit better texture .

I'm gonna salt these up , add some seasoning and I think they're both really good .

I think the sal popcorn bowl worked well .

Surprisingly well .

So I think the reviews are , are justified that this has a 4.7 star rate on there .

I would say that's about accurate , but now I've got all this popcorn to eat .

I'm gonna do about that .

I never used to let my pets on the couch , but on New Year's , there was fireworks going off and she was scared .

So I let her up here and I couldn't stop her once that started .

So Bailey and I are gonna watch some TV now and I'm pretty happy with the celery , although you do have to season it afterwards .

It's a little bit bland if you don't .

But otherwise I think it's a pretty good option to make some cheap popcorn and that's it for this video .

I'll be back in a couple of days with something new .

Hope everybody stays safe and I'll see you next time .


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