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2023-08-06 16:13:48

10 Shoes Men Wear That Women HATE!

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Who does that ?

Like 70 year old dude ?

Well , let me tell you , you better end it now .

I'm not about a flip flop .

What's up gentlemen ?

So they're back .

They're super sassy hair styling sirens from salon posted to drop a little ugly shoe at knowledge on you .

The inspiration of today's video is actually these flip flops .

I was wearing them when I went into the salon the other day to get my hair .

I went up to the front desk and all of a sudden the girls were laughing .

I said , what are you laughing at ?

They're like , you're wearing flip flops .

I'm like , really ?

Why they're ugly ?

He's like they are the ugliest shoes a dude can wear .

I said that's funny because you're fired .

Kidding .

I didn't say that .

But what I did say is tell me more .

What are some other shoes that you absolutely hate ?

Gentlemen ?

If you can handle the cold hard shoe reality , why don't you drop me one of these to tell the algorithm to suck it ?

Flip flops ?

No , no , just , no .

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But what about the flops Carrie , especially with like shorts or like cargo jeans , jeans , jeans , flip flops don't , don't wear them , don't wear them or flip flops are socks gross .

Who does that ?

Like 70 year old dude ?

Well , let me tell you , you better end it now .

I'm not about a flip flop .

Some flip flops .

I don't know if I 100% agree with this .

I think that you can rock a pair of flip flops in the right situation .

As long as those flip flops are like , not like super like big because I see some dudes wearing flip flops that are like gigantic .

I think rainbows are the best flip flops .

In my opinion , they're super comfortable .

They're also a little bit more stylish than a lot of other flops I have seen .

But this brings us to the second shoe that they hate frickin socks .

You don't like them .

Not on guys sandals .

I hate sandals .

I don't want to see your feet .

I don't want to see your toes .

None of that .

Keep it covered these sandals .

I do not like those on men at all whatsoever .

Really weird .

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I think it really boils down to seeing your toes .

Gentlemen .

And the takeaway is if you are going to rock any type of footwear that does actually expose your tootsies , you got to make sure your tootsies are straight .

Not all nasty and funky cowboy boots .

No , thank you .

Not for me .

No , no , I didn't say she , she said it but I agree with her cowboy boots .

Not necessarily my style cup of tea in terms of boots .

There are a few that I absolutely love my two favorite styles of boots .

Guys that look amazing and spicy Serita .

Absolutely love are the chua these look amazing when dressed down with jeans or you could actually rock them with chinos , right .

My other favorite is the Chelsea boot .

In my opinion , every stylish man should grab a pair of these because of how damn versatile and sexy .

All right .

No laces , super clean and sexy .

The toe .

Once again , it shouldn't be too super pointy .

And here's an example of a Chelsea that's a little bit more rugged , right ?

It's got the suede , which is going to add richness and texture to your outfit , but it's got the lug sole .

All right , it's got the good year .

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Well , with that stitching guys , this is a perfect Chelsea .

That toe box .

Not too pointy , not too square , absolute perfection .

These three boots guys come from Thursday boots .

They are the highest quality , best price , sexiest boots on the market , period .

I'll link them down below .

I hate it when a guy wears running shoes with jeans .

So now let's talk a little bit about sneakers .

All right .

I agree that running shoes with jeans absolutely looks terrible .

In my opinion .

A much better option is a pair of like inspired sneakers , possibly like bands or Chucks Hua Adidas .

There are a lot of incredible retro style brands that are going to look amazing .

The downside to the retro sneaks guys is that they're still super casual .

And so if you want to elevate your style , your sexiness a little bit , what I recommend is invest in a super clean , sexy pair of leather sneaks , right ?

The white minimal leather sneaker is something that every single dude should invest in should own .

This is an example of a perfect white leather , minimal sneaker , right ?

The silhouette very nice .

The toe box , not too big , not too bulky .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The leather on this is Italian Nale leather .

All right .

It's from Thursday boots .

These are absolute perfection .

Yes .

Thursday makes super sexy six sneaks .

But check it out .

Here's a new pair that I just got that I have fallen in love with the color is caca , right ?

It's got that like gum sole .

Super sexy .

The leather laces guys .

This is absolute perfection .

Here's another example guys , this color is coffee , right ?

It's got a little bit of patina , a little distressing on the toe .

That brown perfect .

I tried to get these last time but they sold out they're back in stock and so I had to grab them .

Speaking of incredible .

Here's another pair , right ?

The black leather , the white sole , just perfect .

Super sexy .

The leather guys .

That's the thing .

These are crazy in terms of comfortable in terms of quality .

You guys , if you've ever tried a pair of Thursday boots , you know the crazy ridiculous quality for the price .

And the reason is because they're direct to consumers .

They've cut out the middle man .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Well , they're minimal leather sneaker collection guys saying crazy high quality the price under 130 bucks .

I am literally obsessed with these sneakers .

I love them so much .

And so when I saw that they actually had a high top that they just came out with , this is the premiere high top , right ?

It's got that like patina with the toe .

It's a toffee color and I was like , you know what ?

I love all the other ones so much .

Let me just get them and try them because that's the thing guys .

It's about stepping outside your style box .

If you are in the market for a new super sexy sneaker guys , you got to hit that link down below and go check them out guys .

If you haven't checked out Thursday sneaks , you got to hit that link down below but do not wait .

They sell out of these so crazy quick .

They can't keep them in stock because the price guys , the price for this level of quality is insane .

I literally have minimal leather sneakers that I've spent three times as much , but these are actually better quality and more comfortable .

So guys , if you're interested , hit the link , grab a pair .

These are perfection Crocs .

I hate them .

I feel like they look like you're going to kindergarten .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I just don't like them .

I get that .

They're comfortable .

I just don't like them .

Like , people get like charms for them and stuff like charms , charms for your Crocs .

Frocks .

I had a pair a long time ago and they were great yard shoes .

Like , mow the grass and stuff like that .

I didn't realize that some of you do .

Actually not .

You , you , you aren't wearing you .

Like , I know you aren't wearing Crocs .

You're , you're not , you're not , you're not wearing Crocs .

Are you Crocs and spies ?

No boat shoes ?

No Crocs .

Boat shoes in your face .

What ?

Listen , here's the deal .

I , I have been trying to tell you that boat shoes are a lot of things stylish .

Not one of them .

I don't like shiny business shoes .

So if they're like super shiny and like patent leathery and tight , oh , I don't like it .

So I'm going to have to agree in part with Courtney .

All right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I agree that super shiny , like patent leather , I hate personally , I think it's like kind of nasty and even if you're wearing a tux , you can take it down a little bit in terms of the shine of your shoe and still look amazing .

I am also not a huge fan of laces on my dress shoe for me .

What I would recommend is some type of loafer or double monk .

Here are two examples of the highest degree or level of shine that I would recommend in terms of a dress shoe All right , the black and the brown , simple clean loafer .

Now , the one thing you need to make sure is that when you are matching a belt with the , regardless of , if it's the right color , you got to make sure that the finish is the same .

Let me explain .

So check it out .

Notice that the shine and the finish on both leathers with the belt and the shoes are the same .

I do not like when men wear like snakeskin like printed shoes they ever , I mean I have .

Yes I have and I know it's not good .

So like look at me shoes .

Yeah , look at your shoes .

Yeah , trying to show off shoes .

Agree .

Fairies and sketchers .

All sketches were definitely not created equal .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Some were created like not too bad , right ?

Definitely comfortable , but some were created really ugly .

I cannot stand dirty shoes , dirty shoes , gentlemen , there is a deal .

A lot of you are going to be rocking those white sexy minimal sneakers , but you got to make sure that you keep them clean .

All right .

This includes the laces , the leather , but also the soul , the quickest and easiest thing that I have found that keeps those soul super squeaky clean guys are the magic erasers .

All right , they are amazing for keeping those white minimal sneakers super clean .

All right , if the laces get like super funky and discolored , it is a good idea to actually replace them .

But the bottom line .

It doesn't matter what shoes you're rocking .

If they're dirty , they're nasty .

Girls don't notice your shoes says nobody after this video .

Hopefully because now you realize that yo , apparently they are looking and if your shoe game is weak or whack , you are definitely missing out on those super sassy spicy ladies .

Gentlemen , I love you .

I think you're amazing even if you're wearing flip flops because I don't think they're that bad .


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