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2023-08-08 12:46:53

How To Make Waffles Easy Simple

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In today's video .

We're taking a look at how to make waffles easy and simple .

This is so easy .

Anyone could do everything that we use on the video .

We're gonna leave a link on the description and these are the things that you're gonna need .

And first we're gonna mix the dry ingredients .

One cup of all purpose flour or 100 and 20 g , two tablespoons of sugar or 24 g , one teaspoon of baking powder or 4 g , a quarter of a teaspoon of salt or 1 g .

Let's go ahead and mix them all together .

You can see how in the box scene we have your back .

You haven't fully woken up and we already had you on a full out hard core whisking forearm workout .

Now we're ready for the wet ingredients .

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We're gonna need two large eggs .

Now we wanna go ahead and mix it .

Well , one cup of milk , which is about 245 g or nine ounces .

And our last ingredient is four tablespoons of melted butter or approximately 56 g .

And now we're ready to mix all our wet ingredients .

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Come on camera guy .

This is a family show .

Now that you exercise your forearm , we can go ahead and mix both dry and wet ingredients together .

You came to make waffles and now you have Mussels .

We go ahead and oil up your waffle machine and set it to your desire .

Browning .

Once we see it's picking up heat , we're ready to add our batter and how much you use will depend on the size and type of your waffle maker .

We close the machine and flip and a pro tip .

We like to add less even though we'll get a smaller waffle than adding more and having a spill that now in an early morning , you're gonna have to clean up .

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And if there's any partners or family members in the house , you already know how that's gonna go and you haven't had your coffee yet and you're thinking about starting a full on war .

We say to you peace , my friend .

Once we have the ready button , we can flip it again and we're ready to open today .

We congratulate you .

You went from a black belt in pancake making in our previous video to a full on waffle ninja .

Don't forget if you like the video , please give us a thumbs up .

That really helps if you have any questions , place them in the comments section below .

Don't forget to subscribe .

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Thank you for watching .

And here's a link to our latest video


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