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2023-08-06 15:59:39

The Aperture Knot - How to tie a tie

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Hey , you guys Lynwood here and today , I'm going to show you how to do the aperture knot like the shutter of the camera .

So stay tuned and thumbs up if you like it .

If you haven't seen my last video , you can click right here as always .

And we're gonna go ahead and get started here in just a moment .

So I'm gonna move closer so you can have a better look , not closer but closer .

I don't know where that accent came from .

Alrighty .

So this is the aperture knot and you can wear it one or two ways .

You can either wear it like this here or like this here .

So stay tuned .

I'm gonna take this baby down and we will get started .

Stay tuned all the way towards the end for this last little bit here .

I think you just might like it .

All right .

So here's my right side .

My blade sits at about my belt line .

Here's my left side with my tail .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna go ahead and pinch off here in the middle and bring it to the center and then bring my tail right on over the top behind and up through the center and back over to the left side from here .

I'm going to fold this baby in half and leave it this way for the remainder of the knot .

So I'm going to then go ahead and bring her around the back up and over just like so and through the center yet again , I'm just going to go ahead and loosen up just a little bit right here .

I'm keeping the tail folded .

I'm gonna just insert directly through this portion here .

The challenge with this knot is keeping it folded and neat .

So take your time tying it until you get a bit quicker and better with it before you start trying to like just zip straight through it .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Once you've gotten that through , brought , oh my gosh , English is failing me all day today .

So once you brought that through , we're just gonna go ahead and place the tail in through this loop here .

Notice I'm not really folding that time just basically bending it back and forth .

And once I've done that , I'm gonna go ahead and insert through this loop right here .

Oh Sweet Jesus .

I'm taling all up in there .

There we go .

Keeping that baby folded , keeping it folded .

I can barely see what I'm doing there .

Yeah , that's what the problem was .

Ok .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So from here , I'm going to then and start one last time right through this bottom portion here and up through the middle .

Now , the thing that I like about this , especially with that last little piece at the end is that it kind of is a great knot for a photographer for one thing because , uh you know , the shutter basically is a part that opens up and allows the light to get in .

So you have a certain degree of exposure to your film .

And um it's really neat in that aspect .

So at this point , you guys can kind of see the finished look of the knot .

Now , we have a gym here that I found at my local craft store .

But if you can't find those , you can always use fancy buttons like these .

Here they work just as well .

So I'm gonna go ahead and take it .

This is the first look for the second look .

There's like a little loop right here .

I can insert my finger all the way through .

So I'm going to go ahead and take that baby and slide it right on up in there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And when I do so I can just spread those out just like a shutter would and be able to give you a peep of something else right on in there and there you have it .

Now , of course , you can go with whatever color you like in there , get creative , you can put other items , put a quarter in there , whatever float your boat .

But hopefully you guys like it .

Let me know what you think in the comment box .

Below .

And , uh , thank you guys so much for watching .

As always , I greatly appreciate your viewership and until next time , take care and God bless .

You're fancy now .

Bye bye .


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