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2023-08-07 14:35:59


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Hey guys , welcome back to Quina's kitchen .

I'm Keanna for those of you that are new to my channel .

Welcome .

My name is Keanna .

In today's video .

I'm gonna share with you all a real quick and easy way that you guys can make flavorful holiday candied popcorn .

So let's go .

OK .

In my instant pot here , I'm added in a half a cup of popcorn kernels .

I had already put in five tablespoons of canola oil .

So I went on ahead and gave it a good stir and that was just to make sure all the kernels were completely covered in that oil .

And this did not take any time to heat up .

Guys , I set my instant pot to saute and after a minute or so you can see my popcorn started to pop .

Literally this thing heat up just that quick .

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So after I noticed it was starting to pop a little bit , I went on ahead and I put my top on here and I just let it pop .

And after about , I wanna say two minutes or so guys , my popcorn was done , but I just stopped here so that you guys can hear my popcorn popping .

So here it is here , guys , I just made perfect popped popcorn in my instant pot .

So I went on ahead and poured that into a bowl and then I made up another batch because I didn't know exactly how much to put in my instant pot .

And I didn't want to burn my popcorn .

So I made two separate batches of this popcorn .

But after I got that second batch in , I started on my candy .

So in my pot here , I went in with a half a cup of water , two cups of sugar , a half a cup of corn syrup .

But you guys already know you can find this full recipe down below .

I then added in two tablespoons of butter .

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So what we're gonna do now is continuously stir this mixture , mixture mixture .

OK ?

Guys do not stop , just keep stirring .

OK ?

Whatever you do don't stop , just keep stirring .

And once you notice that your candy came to a boil , you wanna stop stirring and just let it boil for five minutes .

So we are almost there .

You guys can see the bubbles or the boiling is actually starting to come through .

And this right here is one of those what they call a full roll boil .

It's pretty much a boil that you can't down .

So you guys see how you can see through that .

It is almost done .

So I wanted to show you guys real quick real quick .

The candy flavor that I'm gonna be using it is this English Toffee by Laura Ann .

I don't know if you guys heard of this , but when I say this is potent , guys , you only need one dropper full of this .

So now you guys see how you're not able to see through the um mixture .

Your candy is now done .

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I went and with my flavoring .

So we're gonna give this a good mix and I'm just gonna stir it for about a minute or so just to make sure my candy flavoring is added throughout my candy mixture .

So I'm gonna separate this into two bowls because we're gonna make red and we're gonna make green and I'm using the red out of the tub because I ran out of the red that was in the bottle , but I did have green that was in the bottle .

So that's what I went in with , but it don't matter what it is guys , as long as it's a gel food coloring , you are good to go .

So I went on ahead and mixed up my green first and you wanna gradually add this candy onto your popcorn .

Do not pour it all on one time .

OK .

Don't add it all at one time because it's just gonna kind of cut down your popcorn and that's not what you want .

Gradually add it on , give it a mix , add on more , give it a mix , add on more .

You guys got the picture , I'm sure .

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So after you do that , go ahead and get it onto your cookie sheet that you lined with parchment paper and set it to the side because we're gonna get these into the oven .

So now I'm working on my red and I'm gonna do it the same way .

Gradually add that candy on .

Give it a mix , add more candy , give it a mix until you get it all on there .

And then we're gonna do the same thing with this .

We're gonna get it onto our cookie sheet , spread it out and get it onto our cookie sheet .

I have my oven set to 2 50 we're gonna bake these at five minute intervals , guys , three times .

OK ?

It should be a total of 15 minutes that you wanna bake this in the oven after you do it in between each time .

Guys just give it a stir and once you see that your parchment paper is dry and you don't see the candy on there , you will know that it's done .

So here it is here , we're gonna go ahead and , and here it is here guys .

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All of my just wanted you guys to Tennessee after taking it out of the oven , I put it in the oven a total of three times and you guys look at that and I wanna go ahead and jump .

This is so good .

So that is it for my video guys showing you all of how I made this Christmas holiday candy popcorn .

Now remember you can color this popcorn , whatever color you want to color it .

Just get creative with it guys .

So I hope you all enjoyed my video .

If you did , please give my video a thumbs up , support my channel by subscribing and until next time guys , you take care .

Bye .


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