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2023-08-08 12:49:32

How to Tie a Tie Van Wijk Knot

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Hi , I'm Patrick Nova .

This is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single necktie not known to men and I'm bringing them to you .

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I'm bringing you the uh Van Wick .

It looks like a triple tiered uh necktie .

It's got adds a new dimension to neckties .

I haven't seen uh too many that sort of incorporate this idea .

So it's pretty cool .

I bet you no one else is gonna be wearing it .

It's the Van wick done by some designer .

Anyways , I'm gonna show you how to do that step by step .

Let's get at it .

All right .

So this is how we do it .

We're gonna drape it over your neck .

The seam side is gonna go towards your body .

So we have the face , its face out .

Uh It deceivingly uses up a lot of material .

Uh So my belly button is way down here .

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So the short end is way up here .

Uh We're gonna be using or we're gonna be tying it with the big end .

And uh yeah , let's have a closer look .

So basically this is like a four in hand knot just doing it three times .

We're gonna take the big end cross over the little end and we're gonna wrap it around three times and I wanna keep two fingers in here .

I wanna keep enough room .

So it's gonna go around once twice and then the third time .

And then from here , the tricky part is with the same hand that you've been working with .

It's feed it up through the top of your neck knot here and then feed it down through what you've been keeping with your two fingers .

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So I'm gonna try to pinch that with my two fingers and then pull them out with a pull this whole piece down with that so we can pull in the big end a little bit to tighten that .

And that'll spread out our three loops that we made .

And then , uh with the little end , we can cinch it up to our neck and then I lost my , my tear .

There we go .

So that's how you do the Van Wick if you can do the four in hand and then we can almost call it a triple , uh , four in hand knot , but it's called the Van Wick Knot .

I hope you enjoyed that .

Let me know what you think .

I'm Patrick Novotni .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is my youtube channel and I'm doing how to videos on every single neckie knot known to man and I'm bringing them to you .

So if that's the kind of thing you're looking for .

Then please subscribe and thank you for watching .


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