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2023-08-07 14:21:41

Understanding How To Escalate With Women (My PAINFUL MISTAKES)

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When we're starting out with the physicality , we want to be getting physical very subtly initially .

Ok .

The problem with most men is that they're not getting physical and they're not escalating early enough .

So by the time that it's actually time to go for a kiss and there's been no physicality .

There's this extreme pressure that you're gonna feel when it's time to just lunge in and go for a kiss with a girl .

And I struggled with this a lot .

When I was younger .

I think I even talked about it in calibration 101 .

There was , I had a specific instance with this girl , I think it was 2015 hot Colombian girl that I never got with and she actually just got engaged , which is a heartbreaker because I always thought I would get this girl one day , but I never did .

Um But we , she came to my show house and I spent the whole evening and night with her and I just , I never got physical .

The vibe was great .

Everything was good , but I never got physical with her .

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I eventually missed the escalation window and when it was time for her to leave .

I was like , ok , cool .

I'll walk you out to your car .

And then when we were outside of her car , I just felt like it was time to kiss her .

And so I just lunged at her and tried to go for the kiss and she actually turned away and gave me the cheek .

And in this moment , she still liked me , she probably wanted to get with me .

However , the lack of physicality up until that point , it made it feel awkward .

She was not comfortable with my touch .

She was not comfortable with me being this close to her .

And so for me to just make this huge move , this huge escalation of zero to 100 all at once .

All the girls thinking in that moment is how am I feeling ?

If it's , if I feel good , I'm gonna go with it .

If I'm feeling weird or un incongruent vibes , it's gonna be a reject of rejection , right ?

So the girl gave me the cheek , she got , you know , she just , she I think she made some bullshit excuse .

And then she ended up getting into her car and I said good night and she drove home long story short though .

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The next time we did hang out , we kissed within five minutes of meeting up by the way , which just goes to show you she was super into me .

She just didn't feel like kissing me in that moment .

And it's because of the lack of physicality because of the lack of escalation building up throughout the entire night .

So one thing I wanna point out , which is essential is we need to start the physicality as soon as possible because it's gonna get the girl comfortable with our touch .

It's gonna get the girl comfortable with us being close , the more comfortable she is with it , the more likely she is to reciprocate it and not only just reciprocate it , she's gonna allow us to escalate it further and further and further .

And it's gonna feel like a natural smooth progression .

And ultimately , when we do kiss , it's just gonna feel like it just happened even though it really didn't , even though we've reverse engineered the whole thing from the girl's perspective , it's gonna feel natural and smooth and it's not gonna feel like game .

That's the whole , that's the whole point of it all .

It's supposed to feel like a natural genuine connection .

Ok .

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So one thing really quickly , I just want to point out with day games ways that we can suddenly start introducing physicality is very simple .

It , it's a handshake , it's a slight hug .

It's uh a touch on the arm .

I , I , I'm really big on the , the hand on the shoulder .

That's just like something I do a hand on the shoulder or like when I lean in , it's like hand on the lower back .

All of those things that I just said are very easy ways to start introducing physicality and you want to be doing it as soon as possible because the longer you wait , the more the girl's gonna start to categorize you as a certain relationship , right ?

So , if I'm distant with the girl and I've never touched her , she's gonna , and the more time we spend that way , the , the more I'm gonna start to get categorized as this dude that doesn't get close , doesn't get physical and she's gonna start to see me that way .

And then if I were to get physical , it's gonna be awkward .

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So again , the sooner we could do it , the closer I can start the interaction to being in her proximity , the easier it's gonna be to escalate things .

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and quick announcement .

By the way , I just released my brand new 12 week mentorship program .

So for anybody that's interested in leveling up and achieving their goals with women and dating , click the link in the description , fill out the application and we'll be reaching out to you to discuss further details .

All right , I'll talk to you soon .


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