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2023-08-09 10:26:45

The Easiest Crispy Korean Fried Chicken (2 Ways)

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So the subject of fried chicken stretches far and wide across nations across the world , but there's only a few in particular that are the best , in my opinion .

This is one of them .

OK .

So today we are of course talking about Korean fried chicken .

Now , this is a little bit different than what most fried chickens are .

A lot of us are thinking of the thick breading that comes from southern fried chicken .

The type that's , you know , marinated in buttermilk and blah , blah , blah , blah , blah .

Now don't get me wrong .

I love buttermilk fried chicken , but you get a thin wispy crust and it's fried twice for ultra crispy skin and of course dressed in a beautiful spicy , sweet red sauce .

We're gonna do two different versions , the whole chicken and the greatest fried chicken sandwich of all time .

So with all that said , let's make this shall we ?

Now , Korean fried chicken is what it is for both its iconic frying method and its goong forward sauce as any smart person would do .

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Let's begin by getting sauced the f up in a small container at a quarter cup or 85 g of goi three table spons or 45 g of catch up two tablespoons or 33 g of M and two tablespoons or 24 g of dark soy sauce .

I know we're already starting off with a bunch of ingredients .

Please just be patient .

Two tablespoons of 42 g of honey and one tablespoon of 15 g of brown sugar .

Give it some whiskey business until thoroughly combined .

Then toss it into a small sauce set that over medium heat while stirring occasionally until the sugar is melted and it comes to a gentle simmer .

Now , once that's going let that simmer and reduce for about 4 to 5 minutes or until syrupy mix in four cloves of grated garlic , then pour it into a container and whisk in 1.5 tablespoons or 20 g of rice vinegar .

Ok .

So now we can make our Korean style fried chicken .

I prefer to use wings only about £2 or 900 g of wings which have been separated and had their wing tips removed .

Obviously , you can do this yourself with whole wings or just get them like that from your butcher place your wings into a bowl , season them with two teaspoons or 6 g of kosher salt and a little bit of fresh cracked black pepper .

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One tablespoon or 8 g of fresh grated ginger toss all that together , cover it with plastic wrap and let that cure in the fridge for at least one hour and up to overnight when you're ready to fry , dab those wings a little bit with some paper towels .

Since they've released some moisture from the salt that was added , then add them back to the bowl .

Cover them with about one cup or 100 and 65 g of potato starch or corn starch .

I'm using potato here because I gotta keep it og toss those to coat generously and look , we don't need a soup super thick 25 inch coating , right .

All we want is a nice thin coating that coats every single square inch of this wing .

I want no bald wings .

Ok .

Papas rule of the day from there fill a heavy bottom pot about halfway up with fry oil like canola or vegetable heat it to 350 °F or 100 and 75 °C .

Then fry all of your wings in batches until they're a very light golden color .

About 3 to 4 minutes .

Don't worry about cooking them all the way and don't worry about getting any color yet .

Place them on a wire rack as you fry each batch .

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Then once all of your wings are fried , increase your oil temperature to 375 °F or 100 and 90 °C and fry your wings a second time .

Now this is the key here again in batches to avoid overcrowding the pot and just fry those bad boys until you get a gorgeous golden brown quy crust .

But another 4 to 5 minutes drain those guys on a rack between batches .

Then once all of your wings are fried , they should look something like this .

That right there is what a Korean fried piece of chicken should look like a thin lacy crust that now coats an ultra quy skinned piece of chicken beck to be sauced .

Now immediately place your hot fried wings into a bowl , coat them generously with your sauce , tossed the coat thoroughly , then place your sauced up .

Love the wings in a bowl or on a plate , cover them with sesame seeds in some thinly sliced green onions , then grab your wings and fly away to a better place .

Now we did our wings but maybe we take it a step further with a jaw dropping , gorgeous Korean fried chicken sandwich .

And if that's not a flex , I don't know what it is .

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Now in a medium sized bowl , whisk together one cup or 240 mL of buttermilk and one tablespoon of 14 g of kosher salt , then add four boneless skinless chicken thighs .

Now look , you can bread now or you can marinate them in this overnight .

By the way , let's put that to the side and make our slaw to do that .

Start by thinly slicing half a head of green cabbage .

You should get about 3.5 cups of shredded Freddy cabbage .

Then in a bowl canine , half a cup or 100 and 13 g of Kopy mayo , a quarter cup or 40 g of kimchi , which has been very finely chopped .

You know , you want it pretty fine .

It doesn't need to be like a paste .

But I also don't want it too chunky .

A half , a bunch of very thinly sliced green onions .

Kosher salt to taste the juice of one whole lemon and a splash of shira dashi , which is optional , but it's great if you have it and it has MS G which we all know papa love and you , you'll , it's good .

Yummy .

I like it .

Now , we skull that together until thoroughly combined .

Then add your thinly sliced cabbage and toss to coat that looks like a slaw if I ever sell one .

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Now when you're ready to fry your thigh in a medium sized bowl , add one cup or 100 and 55 g of all purpose flour and three quarters of a cup or 100 and 28 g of potato or corn starch with that to combine .

Then take your butter soak chicken thighs and toss them in the flour .

Make sure to press the flour mix into the chicken to coat every crevice .

You really want them to have some nice flaky layers like this .

Now , from there , you're gonna fry those in that same setup of oil as you saw before .

But this time starting at 375 °F or 100 and 90 °C .

Then just fry those one or two thighs at a time flipping occasionally for about 6 to 8 minutes or until a beautiful golden brown and an internal temperature of 165 °F .

Remove that from the oil and on a wire rack that once all that's done , place your chicken in a bowl and toss to coat thoroughly with your goji jong sauce from earlier .

Now , albeit an untraditional crust , this looks too good to complain , right ?

So look , this plate up is very simple .

Get yourself a toasted brioche bun brioche specifically , trust me , mound up your slaw on the bottom of that bunun rat .

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Thy top it with sliced pickles which by the way , remember what we talked about with the sliced pickles in the Popeye's chicken video .

Always cut your pickles lengthwise .

That way you get pickles in every bite .

Once you've got your layer of pickles top that with your gorgeous gocha glazed chicken glimmering in all of its glory .

Add your top bun to crown the king and let us commence our taste test of this .

Incredible .

Thy fried chicken .

I mean , look at it .

I just can't stop looking at it .

We've got our wings and we've got our chicken sandwich .

Green fried chicken sandwich .

I wanna eat this more than I want to eat this , to be honest .

But look , if you're a wing person is wings too just for you this has been sitting for like an hour and a half .

I doubt it's crunchy anymore , but it was originally crunchy and it should be crunchy even after being sauced .

So let's find out this is still crispy and it's super fire heat .

You know what's good when you don't know what to say and you just start pointing at it .

You're just like throw your arm out .

It's so good .

You do this right .

This stuff will stay with beef .

It's sweet .

It's salty , spicy .

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You got the goa jungle fermented , fermented .

I can't even think .

Now let's talk about this hulking sandwich .

This is a big man .

I added more slaw on top because I like it with a lot of slaw .

But normally you would just put it on the bottom .

Listen carefully , fellas .

Oh my God .

I think I found my uh my last meal .

This is it did something bad .

Get one more meal or somebody or something comes and gets you .

You only get to eat one more thing .

And that is this chicken sandwich and you know what ?

You'll be just fine passing away .

It's sandwich time sandwich .

Look , my two of them men behind the camera are here to taste test this chicken sandwich because it's so freaking good .

Everyone should try it , please .

Gentlemen .

Yeah , I don't have words .

This is incredible .

I previously stated that the sandwich was the best sandwich I had that Josh has made this tops that I think I'm gonna have to go with this .

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You want to know what else is one of the fried chicken kings of the universe B guys in that .

Is it ?

So we made Korean fried chicken .

We had a beautiful sandwich piled high with slaw pickles .

Quick beat , spicy , sweet chicken bun that hurt my jaw .

And then we had the traditional sort of chicken wing version that a lot of people know and love .

Obviously , you can do this with , you know , thighs and whatnot , which was discussed .

But the point is this fried chicken recipe , if you've never had it before or if you've never made it at home .

So basically , whoever you are , you need to make this .

It's so simple .

It's extraordinarily easy .

And it is incredibly rewarding .

As always , you guys know how I feel about things that are rewarding , which is everything on my channel .

If you make things from my channel , you will feel rewarded and appreciated and loved .

And um yeah .

So with all that said , Papa , love you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you enjoyed this video or you learned something , leave a like subscribe and I will see you next time .


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