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2023-08-08 12:48:24

Proper Tie Length of a Full Windsor Knot

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Achieving proper tie length is a very difficult process and this can realistically only be done using trial and error along with three tips I will provide for you before we start .

Please review one of the videos listed in the description to learn about what I call the tie hole , tip , one , the magic button , create the tie hole XX over this button here .

And yes , we're gonna call it the magic button .

I couldn't come up with anything better .

This is to have a frame of reference for when we tie the tie a second or third time or fourth or fifth or sixth crossing here or here on subsequent tries will affect time length dramatically .

Also take note which side of your neck , the fat side of the tie is on to start line up the skinny end of the tie about at your rib cage when tying a full Windsor a little lower for other knots like the half Windsor pratt or four in hand .

I'm dying .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The full Windsor make the X over the magic button , creating the tie hole .

We now take the fat end and go out of the hole behind the hall in across and out , then finish it up .

Taking a look at the belt cam .

We can see that this time the tie is too long by about two inches or five centimeters .

Now , before you take the knot apart and try again , recall which side of your neck has the fat end of the tie tip .

Two , drop a breadcrumb on the fat side , grab and hold the tie above the knot here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Keep holding this spot as you pull the knot apart .

When making the X again , line up the spot you're holding over the magic button .

So now you'll be pretty close to where you started the first time .

Here's where we're gonna change the tie length .

Remember how much you want to shorten or lengthen the tie and mark a new spot for me .

That's about two inches or five centimeters .

When shortening the tie , mark the new spot below the knot and above the knot to make it longer wherever you place your new mark , make sure it's on the fat end side .

Just for an example , I'm going to go shorter than I need to .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

We tie the tie again by going out behind n across and out , then finishing it up .

We can see that we are now too short .

Well , I kind of did that on purpose .

Too short is actually better than too long because it allows us to use tip three .

Pull on the fat end with both hands .

Grab the fat end of the tie and tug gently .

You may need to reshape the knot as you go by squeezing on the bottom of the knot and or pulling the top two ends apart , the fat end may also shift to the side .

So feel free to readjust that as well by pulling on the fat end from side to side .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now you can pull on the skinny end and tighten the knot around your neck , checking the belt cam again .

We can see that we are still too short .

You can try using tip three again , but pulling on the fat end will only get you so far .

Well , if at first you don't succeed , tie tie again .

Yeah , I just came up with that .


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