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2023-08-06 16:09:01

How To Kiss a Woman (She Will Love This)

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Ok .

What about Space Mountain ?

Space Mountain .

I love that , but I liked it .

You remember when they did like years ago and they had the red hot chili peppers playing in it .

Hang on just one second .

You're so cute .

I have to kiss you right now .

Hey , man , it's Christian Hudson from the social man .

And today I'm gonna show you how to kiss a woman in a way that she'll absolutely love .

This is a moment that a lot of guys get freaked out about .

But if you do it , like we're gonna show you and you've got zero chance of getting rejected and it'll be insanely hot for her to experience .

And the reason that it's so exciting for a woman is because you're creating sexual tension that releases all sorts of feel good chemicals in her brain .

Once you move past your nervousness , you'll also find that as one of life's truly great pleasures and you'll want to do this in a place where you're standing up and we can get close to her breaking in and out of her space .

So it might be at the , when you're dancing or when you're playing some sort of game like bowling or ski ball .

You move close to her and you'll put your armor on the small of her back when you're speaking to her .

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And if this is the first time you've touched her , well , go back and watch some other videos to see how that works out to come in and speak softly into her ear and tell her something .

Let's watch a demonstration of how this might look .

You'll notice that I'm looking deep into her eyes as I approach her and I'm backing away as my face moves towards her to gauge how receptive she is .

And if she's not retracting from me , but rather she's holding the space and present and the sexual tension or even better if she's moving back and forth and along with me , that's a sign that she probably loves it as much as I am .

So you'll back away , you'll come in a few times and you're always looking her in the eyes and then when you're so nervous and so excited about this girl's beauty , you're gonna slowly slowly move towards her lips and once you're there , don't rush things , let the kiss build up for a bit and then pull away , look her in the eyes , continue to laugh with her and of course , when she laughs , go and kiss her again .

Now as for what to say , you gotta let it come naturally to you in the moment , you can tell her a secret , you can tell her a dumb joke .

You can even tell her that you're looking for an excuse to just look deeply into her eyes .

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The key to turning a woman on is to show her not tell her , let her feel it .

So as long as you're confidently breaking and exiting her space and talking as I showed you , she'll feel it .

So this is an utterly simple way to go for a kiss .

And if you want more videos like this and you gotta make sure to subscribe to this channel and even better , you can come and join my community so you can get some of my premium training programs for free .

I'd love to see you over there .

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