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2023-08-07 14:46:14

Winter Special Methi Chicken Recipe _ Chicken Methi _ How To Make Fenugreek Chicken _ Varun

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I'm using a classic Indian winter produce called Fenu Greek or , and what I'm making is Meg or Feek chicken or Mathy Chicken , whatever you call it , let's make it this one .

Trust me is one of the simplest chicken recipes ever .

You can convert this into a gravy into a curry .

That's a complete personal choice .

What I'm doing is making it a little thicker , almost like gravy so that we can of course eat this with Roti Nan or chapati .

But of course , you can also add in some more stalk of water and make this nice and runny with rice .

First things first in the pan goes oil and g once the oil and the gay both heat up .

And if you notice I've actually used a little more of the oil because I like it .

Little masala types .

I'm adding in seeds of cumin to this bay leaves and with this red onions which are roughly chopped , chop them up , dice them up , slice them up .

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That's a complete personal choice .

What you can also do is run this into a puree or a paste and use onion paste .

Simple allow this to turn slightly golden brown in color and to kind of aid that or help that .

I'm gonna add in some salt stir this well and allow this to just kind of begin caramelizing while that is happening .

Let's quickly make a masala paste for which I'm using or yogurt or curd in a bowl .

And to this , I'm gonna add in all the dry spices , all the dry masala to begin with some healthy or turmeric .

To this .

I'm gonna add in seeds of coriander which are crushed , lightly roasted and crushed chili powder .

As required .

You can take a chili that is well spiced along with a touch of color .

Well , this is the only time that I'm gonna use spices .

I'm not using green chilies or anything of that kind .

So this is kind of one for all to this .

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I'm gonna add in a teaspoon of ginger and garlic paste , which is fresh and to this some garam masala .

Let's mix all of this well , and keep it aside .

And for the interim , let's concentrate on the grounding of the onions .

Once the onions turn golden brown in color , I'll add in that .

The he mixture scrape this well , because of course , it has all the wonderful goodness of the spices .

Ginger garlic and the heat , mix this and cook this on high flame for at least a minute or till it starts releasing oil on the sides .

Like I said , it's absolutely quick , simple and easy .

Once the oil starts releasing the sides , I'm adding in chicken pieces .

This is chicken , which is like a curry cut .

Let's add in the pieces .

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You can give it a simple marination of just some turmeric powder and salt .

But this is just perfect as well with this .

I'm also adding in fresh fan Greek leaves .

These are picked , washed and chopped while picking the fan Greek leaves .

All you need to do is ensure that you only take the tender stems and not the thick ones or the tougher ones because that will leave an untoward bite which you're not looking at in this recipe mix all of this beautifully well together and allow this to cook on high flame for 2 to 3 minutes till the chicken kind of gets seared on the outside .

Once the pieces of chicken are seared on high flame , we lower the flame add in just like half a cup of water .

And this is only to ensure that the chicken one gets cooked and two , the masala do not get burned .

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We cover this and cook it on low flame for 20 minutes or till the chicken is nice and beautifully tender with this .

A chicken is done and ready off goes the flame and the steam needs to settle for 10 minutes and then we'll surface it .

Now , this straight goes of course on the dinner table and this goes amazingly .

Well , like I said with Nan Roti Fulla chapati , anything of your choice .

Just one thing for you in case and don't hold me for this in case you do not get me after winters .

All you can do is add in 1/4 cup of Kasuri me right at the cooking stage .

On that note , do not forget to like share and subscribe to get curried and for most such stunning recipes , stay tuned .


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