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2023-08-06 16:01:20

Tying a Boatshoe Shoelace Knot

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Mr Gray here today , I'm gonna show you how to tie a boat shoe , shoelace , knot , both shoe shoelace , knots look really good .

Typically on , I would say what I would call a rounded shoelace or I guess a puffier shoelace one like this .

You can do it on flat shoelaces , but it doesn't have the same pop .

If you ask me , it can be done .

It's all possible .

But once again , it just doesn't have that same look .

One thing I like about it .

You know , it , it doesn't untie , it doesn't drag the floor and it also gives me the ability to wear my shoe without actually having to tie them .

So I can actually get into my shoes much quicker .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're gonna start actually by untying this one that I've already created .

So to start a boat shoe , shoelace knot , you make a loop and you wanna make that loop as close to the shoe as possible .

You actually want more shoe string at the end out than you want loop .

So you kind of make the loop somewhat small .

Then you take that , that shoelace end and you wrap it around the bottom and then you pretty much , you just gonna keep wrapping till you get to the top of the loop .

So you wrap around the last wrap and you keep going till you run out of slack .

And as soon as you run out , just a a and you have a little bit of slack at the tip of a shoelace , you just wanna barely stick it into that loop .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And then what you do is you take the whole shoe string and you slide it up and it locks in the edge of that , that shoestring .

Once that's done , you have your boat shoes , shoe lace knot .

Why don't you try your shoelace ?

Not today ?


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