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2023-08-06 15:24:43

Smartest Path To $10,000_Month In 2023

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Alright , everyone .

Welcome to this youtube video .

If you are new to the channel , welcome in , in a center stage and I'm a 21 year old entrepreneur and millionaire .

I know it sounds like I'm bragging when I say that and for some people that would be considered bragging , but I think that is pretty relevant information for you to have since this is a video about how to make money .

As I said , I'm currently 21 years old .

I've been doing online business running multiple online businesses for the past four or five years today .

I'm making roughly $250,000 profit per month .

And as I said , I'm at the mark where I can officially call myself a millionaire .

So I guess that builds a little bit of rapport between you and I and I guess I can say I have somewhat of an idea of how you get to that 10-K a month profit mark because I got there four years ago .

Now , before we get into this video , I want to go ahead and say this video is not going to be talking about one specific business model and the five steps you need to take to get to 10-K per month .

With that specific business model , it's going to be talking about the different routes you can take and also the route that I recommend for you to take .

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Of course , depending on where you are in life and what kind of risks you want to take and just who you are as a person .

So with that said , let's get into the video .

But again , before we do that , I want to say , I want to send $250 to 1 of you guys on paypal or the equivalent in Amazon or Apple products to your doorstep .

And I want to send that to the person who leaves the best comment .

Ok .

So you can comment anything you want , you can comment how making 10-K a month would change your life .

You can comment what you want to be making in 3 to 6 months from now or just what your goals are in general , ok ?

We'll be reading through the comments , picking out the best one .

And as I said , sending $250 on paypal or the equivalent of Apple or Amazon products to your doorstep .

Now , with that said , let's get into today's video .

I think it's important that we start off by breaking down the basics and sort of look at our opportunities , ok ?

So if we go down to the very , very , the utmost basic level of this ?

What if you're a US citizen and you get employed on the floor in Walmart ?

Right .

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How much do you expect to make well off the bat a Walmart employee , the minimum salary for them will be between 14 to $15 per hour .

Ok .

So you multiply 15 with the amount of hours that you work per day and then you multiply that with the amount of days that you work per year and you'll get an annual or yearly salary of roughly 24 $25,000 per year .

Ok ?

Now you divide that by the 12 months to around a year and you'll get around $2000 per month .

Ok ?

So a full time 9 to 5 job in Walmart will pay you roughly $2000 per month .

Ok ?

That's only 20% of the goal that we have in mind , which is 10-K per month .

And not only do we want to make 10-K per month , but we also want to make that with freedom , right ?

So we can work when and where we want .

So a baseline job at Walmart will have you stuck in one position for the entirety of your day and you'll only be making $2000 per month , not very appealing to me , but I'm very happy that there are some people that do it because we need those people in our society and we will be without them to speak bluntly .

Ok ?

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So if that's not for you .

Well , what can you do if you still want to be employed and you don't want to take the risk of being an entrepreneur and starting business this , well , you can learn a higher paid job , right ?

You can learn a highly paid skill , something like learning to code which to my knowledge , you can learn to do on a pretty decent level in something like six months .

Of course , if you want to go really , really high level , it would take years .

But you can learn to my knowledge , to code pretty well in something like six months .

And the sort of minimum or entry level salary for a coder in the US is around $90,000 per month year .

Ok .

So you divide 90,000 with the 12 months there in a year and you're gonna get that , you're from the get go as a coder making $7500 per month , ok ?

$90,000 annually .

So now with a coding job , we're 75% of the way , right ?

We're 75% of the way towards that 10-K a month goal .

But we're still working a 9 to 5 and we're still stuck working for a boss that's making more than us .

Right ?

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We're , we're essentially still stuck helping somebody else to create their business .

Ok ?

Now , if you don't want responsibility and risk in life and if you're fine with working for somebody else then something like learning to code and getting employed as a coder will be pretty cool for you because there's also a lot of room to grow in that position .

Sure , you might start out by making 90 $90,000 annually , but I'm more than sure if you keep educating yourself and with experience , you can grow in the position as a coder to make 100 and 50 or 200 K plus per year as your annual salary .

So now you're making 200 K a year as a coder , that's a little bit less than $20,000 per month .

Ok ?

So now you're well above your 10-K a month mark .

But as I said , you're still working for somebody else .

Now , if you're like me and you know , you have a strong entrepreneur in your stomach and you want to work for yourself whenever and wherever you want and you just want to spend your time constructing something that will pay you more and more over time because it's your business then we have to look towards .

Ok .

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So now we've sort of briefly touched on your sort of life as a , as an employee , as a person that's employed by a boss .

And as I said , if you don't want any risk in life , you just want to go the comfy route , then that's for you .

Ok ?

But if you are like me and you're willing to take on that risk to gain the freedom that entrepreneurship gives you when it's going .

Well , then let's look at what your opportunities are .

OK ?

Now , my first venture into the online business world was roughly five years .

Go back in 2017 when I was a 16 year old kid with a face full of pimples .

And my first online business if you will was selling shout outs on Instagram .

OK ?

I did this through like a men's fashion Instagram profile .

It didn't have a lot of followers , 25 30,000 followers .

Granted , I could still sell shout outs on it , ok ?

So at the peak of this , I could make like $100 per day selling two shout outs per day on this profile .

OK ?

That was at the peak of it .

If I had kept doing it , maybe I could have taken it to five K per month , ok ?

But at the peak of me doing it , I was making $100 per day or roughly $3000 per month with this , OK ?

As I said in some days , it was a little bit lower .

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And if I wanted to , I could have scaled it maybe to five K per month , but it wasn't really skill who passed that level .

Granted , you know , as a 16 year old kid , not really wanting to not really feeling ready to talk to clients physically , still being very shy and moderate as a person making $100 per day , just selling Instagram shout outs working one or two hours per day on that was pretty cool .

Right .

Because I'm making $3000 per month with that working 1 to 2 hours per day on it .

As in comparison to the Walmart worker , working from 9 to 5 , like eight hours plus per day makes less than me .

Right .

So it was pretty cool for a 16 year old kid to just be able to type some messages on Instagram with his iphone and make $3000 per month of doing that .

Um Working 1 to 2 hours per day , much better than the the Walmart position if you ask me , however , I was not making anywhere close to what a full time coder would make with the entry level salary of $7500 per month .

So I could definitely not call myself a rich , but that was sort of my first venture into the online business world .

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And that was really what made me realize that it was indeed possible to craft or create your own business online .

And so I would much rather have done that making $3000 per month from my iphone than I would have liked to work a full time job as a coder and making more than 2.5 .

Right ?

I would much rather do that because it would , I would have the freedom and the scalability of it .

Ok .

Granted , it was not very scalable , but it was still complete freedom , very few working hours .

And yeah , just the opportunity to do it from wherever in the world .

After a while of selling these Instagram shout outs .

I got tired of it mainly because it wasn't scalable .

And so I started looking towards business models , online , business models that were more scalable .

And that's when I discovered Shopify dropship right now .

I'm definitely not doing Shopify dropshipping today .

But uh it was pretty fun and I learned a lot doing it primarily .

I learned how to market products online .

Ok .

I had saved up , you know , a few $1000 from , from selling these shout outs and just other small things I had done throughout my life .

And so I had just a little bit of capital to invest in shop if I drop shipping .

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And I'll tell you within the first month or two doing drop shipping , I had burned through all that capital .

It got to a point where I could make , you know , between 3 to $500 per day with my shop if I drop shipping store .

So now we're talking 9000 to $15,000 per month .

But keep in mind this is revenue , not profit .

Ok .

So that means even though I might be making $300 a day or $9000 per month with my shop , if I drop shipping store , maybe 30% of that was , you know , in reality profit .

So on a good month , maybe I could do 3 to $4000 in profit .

And there was quite a lot of work , you know , related to doing it all the back end , logistics , shipping out the orders , issuing refunds , keeping the website up to date , keeping the stock , you know , um , how many items you had in stock , like making sure that your inventory wasn't sold out from the supplier , communicating with the supplier .

There was a lot of back and logistics that you had to keep track of .

And so I got tired of that eventually as well because not only was my profit margins really , really low and I had to , you know , push money into this for it to work .

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Not only those two things , but I also just genuinely did not enjoy the business model .

I was selling crappy China products to people all over the world with three week shipping durations .

It just left me feeling a little bit of shame when I look myself in the mirror in the morning .

Like I was genuinely not feeling good about this business model , even though I could have scaled that to 50 or maybe even 100,000 plus dollars per month .

I would have felt pretty trash doing that because it was not , was not creating any value in the world .

And so that's when I thought , well , I've learned how to market products online pretty profitably by doing drop shipping .

So how can I take this ?

Newly acquired skill set and actually use it to create some value .

That's when I got the idea of sort of taking that knowledge and applying it to other businesses who actually sold products that I liked .

Ok , that's when I got the idea of starting a social media marketing agency , right ?

So essentially taking my marketing knowledge when it comes to e-commerce and selling products online and helping businesses with good products , sell more of that product .

Right ?

So I ventured into the agency business model .

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Three weeks later , I have my first client paying $1800 per month for the past three or four weeks .

I've been building a new business .

Hey guys .

So I just finished the meeting and I closed the clients .

So that is basically a $4500 deal signed today .

And within 3 to 6 months I was making 10 to 25 K per month .

Now , keep in mind when you make 10-K a month with an agency that's like $9800 profit , maybe even more than that because you have virtually zero operational expenses with running an agency .

Ok , sure .

You might have to pay for your domain , hosting your website , et cetera and a couple of Softwares , but it's not going to run you more than 20 or $30 per month .

As compared to drop shipping , we would need , would say to go into drop shipping .

I would not recommend doing that unless you have at least 5 to $10,000 cash that you're ready to sort of burn in the process of attempting to make it work .

Ok .

With the ac business model , you needed zero startup capital because there's no expenses .

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All you had to do was find clients , make contact with those clients have a meeting off your service and then close them as a client and start delivering that service for them .

The app budget of course comes from the pocket of the client .

So all you have to do is manage their ads .

Ok ?

Now a baseline or I would say entry level client , when you're first starting up , your agency will pay you around $2000 per month .

Ok ?

Now it's gonna take you roughly 2 to 3 hours of work per week to serve that client .

Ok ?

So 2 to 3 hours per week times four , let's round up to 10 hours per month .

Ok .

That was a loud car .

It must have been a Ferrari or something like that .

Maybe Maserati sound like a Maserati regardless you're now working 10 hours per month for a client that's paying you $2000 per month , right ?

So you divide 2010 , obviously , that's $200 per hour if you really , really want , sort of an estimated figure of how much you're making per hour .

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But in my opinion , with this business model , with the business model , you're not exactly trading your time for money because the work that you do for your clients , you can do from anywhere in the world at any time of the day , whether that be seven in the morning , four in the morning or three in the afternoon , it doesn't matter .

Sure .

You will have to have a meeting with your clients every 2 to 4 weeks with bigger clients maybe once a week .

And so you have to sort of align your time zones with them just for the meeting .

But when it comes to the actual work that you're doing for the client , it doesn't matter where or when you do it .

Ok ?

And so in reality , to get to 10-K per month profit with an agency really isn't that difficult .

All you need to do is sign five clients that pay you two K a month each , ok ?

And obviously that is easier said than done , but I guarantee you that signing five clients at two K per month each .

So 10-K profit with an agency is way way , way easier than it would be to make a 10-K profit per month , doing something like drop shipping or selling shoutout on Instagram or affiliate marketing .

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All of those things require much more management and require you to work many more hours in front of your computer .

The beauty of the business model is that you can sign five clients paying two K per month each .

The amount of workload you have is very minimal and your profit margins are around 98% to begin with .

It's the business model that allowed me to first get to 10-K profit per month .

And it's the biggest part of the reason that I can call myself a millionaire today .

So to round everything off , once again , if you want the security , security of employment , keep in mind , you can always be fired from a job .

But if you don't want to take a risk of starting a business and you just want to feel safe in a working position where you're working for a boss that tells you what to do .

Well , Walmart , not very appealing , you're making two K per month , but learning a valuable skill like coding could be appealing to you because you can make , as I said , from the get $7500 per month , but it's a position with room to grow and you can probably get to 200 plus $1000 in annual salary doing coding if you get really good at it .

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But you know , running an agency getting to 10-K per month is something you can do with .

I would say as little as a month of studying and one or two months of work .

So within three months , I would safely say that you could arrive at 10-K per month with your social media marketing agency .

That's profit .

Why can I say that ?

Well , because I've seen hundreds of people do it .

And also hundreds and hundreds of my own students get to that 10 to 15 K per month mark within 1 to 3 months of starting .

So , in my opinion , the smartest and quickest route to getting 10-K per month profit today is starting easy .

If you want to do something like drop shipping , feel welcome to .

You're just gonna burn through a lot of cash and do a lot more work to make 10-K profit per month as compared to the DC model , which is so streamlined and so lean and fairly easy if I'm being honest .

So yeah , if you were in doubt about which direction to go prior to watching this video , I hope this gave you some clarity .

Once again , I'm sending $250 on paypal to the best comment or the equivalent in Apple or Amazon products to your doorstep .

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It's really up to you , make sure there's an Instagram handle or somewhere we can contact you in case you win .

Um But yeah , best comment is going to win and except for that , I really hope you enjoyed the video if you did .

So please hit the like and subscribe button .

And uh yeah , we'll see you in the next video .


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