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2023-08-07 14:33:59

Caramel & Crown Royal Apple Popcorn!

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Good morning ladies .

I promised you the video on that uh Crown Apple popcorn .

So let's get into it .

These are the items that you will need to do your popcorn .

I'm gonna do it actually two ways .

I don't know which way you'll prefer .

But anyway , uh these Kanda bites , I use these .

You can get a bag at Walmart for less than $2 .

I think it's like 1 89 .

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I'm only gonna use one bag today , but you need your caramel bites and if you ever use these caramel bites , adding a little flavoring to it just enhances it just a little bit .

So whatever kind of creamer you have at home will work just fine .

This is the kind that don what we have at home right now .

This is Donald's favorite .

So this is a hazelnut .

I'm just gonna use a little bit of that when making my popcorn .

Always use that dollar store popcorn .

I'm telling , I keep it on hand .

It is really , really delicious .

So we have the parchment paper , we have the popcorn and this is my bake baker's .

Uh what is it ?

A cookie sheet ?

See , it took me that long to come up with it .

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So , cookie sheet , if you could see that , that's very , very low heat .

I always use a heavy bottom pot when I make my popcorn and my candies and stuff .

You don't have to in this instance .

But anyway , so I'm gonna let that sit there and I've opened one bag of my caramels .

You want to do this over very low heat ?

You don't want to rush this .

OK ?

And so now what I'm going to do one tablespoon of the delicious creamer .

I'm gonna do two .

OK ?

Keep it handy because you may , you may need it again .

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So we're gonna watch that and we're gonna stir it frequently because you don't want it to stick and burn .

OK ?

So let me find my little , my little stir and I'm just gonna use this little thank you here , but I'm gonna see that even fair .

Hey guys .

So while I'm doing this , the popcorn is in the oven warming and the oven is on 200 degrees .

OK , guys , I know I forgot the most important ingredient .

The crown apple liquor .

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This was actually for when Donna and I brought it out of the basement and think a couple of people in the house got a little thirsty , but this is the one I told you guys we got from the commissary , not the commissary .

We got it from the PX on uh I think it was in Fort Campbell , Kentucky .

We got it for like 30 bucks .

It was a really good deal .

Anyway , we're not big drinkers so we've had it a year already .

Anyway , let's get back to cooking .

You don't want to walk away from this at all because it will burn .

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So even on my lowest setting , it's melting down pretty fast and so that two tablespoons of Kremer was just the right amount nice .

It looks really good .

Look at that .

Alrighty , I'm gonna turn this off because I'm happy with where it is .

Um .

Ok .

Ok .

So as you can see all of my corals have melted down , it looks really , really good .

I've turned off the fire .

Ok .

So now what I'm going to do is add my alcohol .

So OK , so this is 1/4 cup measuring cup .

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I'm gonna put half of this of Crown apple and my cornel half .

Ok ?

Ok .

Y'all see that .

Oh this crown smells so good omgomg .

We're gonna pour that over top like that gonna give it a nice stir .

It's gonna get a little angry at first but then it's gonna calm down .


If you're here to Marry two things .

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Caramel and Crown apple OMG .

Let's marry the flavors deli .

Can you say deli if it wasn't so hot ?

I'd taste it but I don't wanna burn my tongue but let see how nice and liquidy that is .

Now if you wanna be daring , you can go ahead and add the whole fourth of cup of crown apple .

I'm not gonna do that .

My honey bunny doesn't like it too , too liquored up and remember our popcorn was in the oven keeping warm .

Right .

So I'm gonna go ahead and pull that out and into another bowl .

I know it's a lot of little steps , but we'll get there .

So , hold on just one second .

Now , for this part , I'm gonna pull out my old wooden spoon .

She's been with me for a while .

I love when I make candies .

I use her a lot .

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I dislike her when I'm mixing .

It just helps out a lot .

Ok .

Now let's go ahead and mix up this popcorn .

So let's pour a little bit of it y'all .

I'm trying to remember everything .

So forgive and over .

I'm going off memory here .

I haven't made this in a while so you guys can see inside .

Ok .

So now I'm gonna take my normal mixture , right ?

Give it another nice little stir .

I'm gonna pour her over this popcorn just like that .

You wanna hurry up and work with this because you don't want it to start getting uh thick on you .

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So you're gonna wanna work pretty fast if y'all hear anything in the back that's Donald in the backyard .

He is uh playing around with that tent because I think I'm going camping this weekend .

He is preparing me for the RV .

Life .

All right .

So anyway , we'll get that in there nicely .

Now remember this is that bag of Brim's Dollar Store , uh , popcorn .

If you have not tried it , what have you been waiting on my friends ?

All right , see how you got that nice coverage .

And this was just one bag of caramel , one bag of corn .

It's pretty quick , easy .

And then I'll show you guys later how I bag it up when I'm making it for my customers .

If you decide that you want to start , you know , producing this for sale .

Ok ?

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So see how nice it covered doesn't take much .

And if you think this is too much caramel , then what you should do is go ahead and add more popcorn that's always leave some in reserve .

OK ?

All right .

So she's on , it looks like everybody , everybody got a full coating .

I'm just gonna put a few more timers in there .

So it is the whole bag because when you put this in the oven , it's gonna melt down a little bit more and it's gonna be a lot of liquid at the bottom and all the kernels will be fully covered .

I promise you .

All right .

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OK .

So at this point , we're gonna go in and let me put this away .

So at this point , you want to take your parchment paper as long as your cookie sheet is right ?

So you wanna put that down just like that and we're gonna spread this out as evenly as possible .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , if you don't have a nice size cookie sheet .

Uh Go ahead and use that aluminum pan .

I've , I've done it both ways .

Trust me , it'll still come out the same .

Wanna try to get it down flat if you can so that he can even evenly distribute throughout .

And again , I'm working kind of slow , but you should try to work a little faster than I'm doing .

I'm moving slow this morning for something .

But , ok , so our oven has reached two hun come on , our oven has reached 250 degrees .

We're gonna put this in the oven for 30 minutes , but we're gonna stir it every 10 minutes .

OK ?

So I'm gonna set my timer .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

She's in the oven and the timer has been set for 10 minutes .

I'll see you in 10 minutes .

It's hard to do all this with one hand .

So let me try to do this quickly .

So we're gonna give it a nice stir around just like that .

Just a quick stir around and press it right back down and I'm gonna put her back in the oven .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

My husband is a lover of all things pecan .

OK ?

So on my next stir , I'm gonna add a few of those in for him .

You don't have to do this step .

But that's how we like it here , guys .

One of the popcorn kernels fell off and I tasted it and it is amazing .

You don't need to add more than an eighth cup .

Of alcohol , but if you choose to , that's up to you .

Sorry guys , it's hard to do this with one hand Donald is making a video for the main channel right now .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And we're gonna stir it up just a little bit more and now I'm gonna Sprinkle just a few uh cons over it for my husband just took a couple of handfuls .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is how he likes to eat it back in the oven .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

881.739 --> 945.14

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're gonna let these uh right now they're still warm .

So what we're gonna do is let these air out until they're cool .

You could put them in the refrigerator or you could just let them air out in the open until they're completely cooled off .

And at that point , they should be very crunchy and delicious .

Right ?

Family .

You know , I had to get my taste tester .

Hey , taste testers .

So this is crown apple cornel popcorn .

Put a few few pecans in there for you .

OK .

So go ahead and taste it for the family .

Feel like candy apple because it's the , it's the Crown apple with uh melted caramel .

Caramel .

Mhm I love it .

Yeah , it was good .

You love it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , I don't know what else to say .

This is good .

This , this was mine .

Yes , honey .

I'm gonna bag it up for you .

Oh , thank you very much again .

00 good .

OK .

Family .

So you heard it here first ?

He loves it .

And so I'm gonna go ahead and bag it up .

Let me show you which bags I use and I'll include a link on Amazon as to where you could purchase them .

This is only if you want to sell it .

You know what I'm saying ?

Uh You can go to the dollar store and get those clear bags and zip tie it and call it a day or you can get a clear container .

You know the cereal boxes from uh he can't stop chewing y'all .

It's addicting .

Uh just any airtight container will hold these for a while .

Ok .

So let me show you the bags that I bought when I make these four customers .

This is the bag .

These are the bags I use , I use all different ones .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So when I use this bag , I would print out a Hennessy label or a clown apple label and I will put it across here but since it's for the house , it's just for the house .

See that and these bags are really cheap .

I think you get like 100 bags for 19 bucks , something like that .

And so this is what I do when I'm making them for other people and not my family .

You don't want to overfill it then just like that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Got a nice seal bag of crown apple popcorn .

All right then .

Thank you for watching .

I hope that you love this video and we will see you in the next One .


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