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2023-08-06 15:33:44

Our Experience at Best Public Speaking Institute in India - Review _ Pep Talk India

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Hello and welcome everyone .

You are watching Pep Talk India's video and you know , my name .

So I'm not going to introduce myself or rather I have bought something really , really special for you and that is a troop of our students .

So today I have bought the students who are here to learn to speak in English fluently .

So let's hear from them how they have been doing here so far .

All right , let's do it .

So her name is Prat and she's gonna talk about herself herself .

Yeah , do it .

So my name is Prat , as I'm told and we currently , I'm doing my graduation uh in English honors and I love to travel .

I love to dance also where no had any performance or any event .

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Well , first of all , my name is Nick uh as you say , and I am a management student and uh after graduation , I want to become a CEO of your own company or of some other company ma'am .

I think Google is better .

Yes , ma'am .

This guy is faking literally la la .

Hello , ma'am .

My name is , I am .

I am from Brenda .

They are here to speak .

Of course to learn to speak in English fluently and effectively because they understand how English is going to help them create their own business to become CEO and of course to be a government teacher .

All right .

So let's , let's ask the next question .

So uh so far you were here to of course learn English language effectively .

So far .

How has been your journey here ?

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My experience in PAP talk is very good .

Now , I am improving and I am so much confident to talk with anyone in English .

Oh , lovely .

Ok .

What about you ?

And hello ma'am .

My name is and I live at Vikas .

My journey of India is very well .

Uh It's a fabulous because when I came first time in the class , I didn't speak any single word with my trainer and my and sir , but today I am very confident because I am speaking very good in English .

My purpose of making this video with them is not just to tell you , oh , they are improving .

Oh , they are literally learning .

It is also to bring transparency to let you understand that most of the time when you hear people saying learn English in 30 days or you can learn English any time you don't really need training for that .

It is just a hoax .

So let's hear that .

What is it that is so unique about their training at India every day .

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We got a chance to stand in front of students and in front of trainers , which means every day you get a chance to stand and speak .

Otherwise , generally , what happens is this traditional training , teacher , teachers and students only the students write , but here it is where you get a chance to speak every day .

The great thing about what I really think about this India team is when you have 34 different trainers involved in three months of your course , it makes really , really , you know , sense that each individual will one or the other way , learn from one or the other trainer , right .

All right .

So this is it about today and they are learning , they are still student of India .

They haven't finished their course , which is why they are making a couple of mistakes .

They will be surely improving .

And uh yes , I didn't force them to come down here to talk about it , but they're really happy to talk to the world .

They are learn and understand that it is not 30 days training .

It is not something that you have to be afraid of .

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It is not something where you should literally think that sitting back at home and you can learn .

So , yes , you too understand that .

If you really wish to learn , you need a good group of trainers .

I mean , experts of the language .

So come down here .


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